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April 14, 2021

Opencart bookstore theme: Top 10 best themes having outstanding user-friendly interface

As you know, the road to succeed always has the appearance of books. Books are one of the most essential parts in people’s lives because they include a wide range of information and knowledge. Then, book business is always considered a potential area in the market. If you’re planning to launch a professional bookstore, this article is for you. Arrowtheme reviews Top 10 astonishing Opencart bookstore theme with an outstanding user – friendly interface. Let’s explore with us right now!

Top 10 best Opencart bookstore themes

1. Journal 

Opencart bookstore theme

Coming to the topic of the book, the best Opencart bookstore theme we wanna suggest for you is Journal. In fact, Journal is one of the most advanced opencart themes with outstanding user – friendly interface. Besides the perfect available layouts, Journal allows you to make changes to your site with the support of the “Powerful Admin Panel”. This is thanks to a wide range of customizable options for you to create a unique website to stand out compared to competitors. 

What’s more, this theme is very smart thanks to the integration of more than 33 modules and a lot of best in class functions. Best of all, this theme is very useful and effortless to use. This is because it covers all problems about coding, so that you can operate your site well without touching a single line of code. 

2. SmartBook – Opencart bookstore theme


Right from its name, SmartBook is the significant Opencart bookstore theme especially for book online stores. To be honest, this theme includes everything to meet your requirements about opening a professional store. On top of that, SmartBook comes with 4+ pre – built homepage layouts for you to choose and all of them are customizable. This is thanks to the “Layout Content Builder” extension that allows you to adjust everything from layout, position and modules according to your favourite. Furthermore, SmartBook is a fully responsive design. As a result, your site will have a friendly and perfect interface on every kind of device. 

3. Koparion 

best Opencart bookstore theme

If you’re looking for an astonishing Opencart bookstore theme in order to gain high profits, let’s have a glance at Koparion. At first, with the friendly and clean design, Koparion is exactly the ideal choice for bookstores. Accompanying with outstanding interface is the combination of advanced functions. Thanks to that, this theme can adapt to any business demand as well as possible. Besides, Koparion offers you 6+ types of layouts for you to choose. And, all of them are displayed in the most attractive way according to Horizontal or Vertical Mega menu directions. What’s more, “Daily deal module” is in charge of displaying the countdown timer for special goods. As a result, it will push customers to buy your products in order to get the discount price. 

4. Comohos – Opencart bookstore theme


Coming to Comohos and the result achieved will make you surprised. Firstly, Comohos is one of the best multipurpose opencart themes in the market. Hence, it is suitable with a variety of ecommerce stores, including bookstores. With 28+ pre – made homepage templates, this theme brings you a lot of unique choices to adapt to your products. Besides, Comohos supports Responsive Web design. As a result, your site will have a stunning look regardless of any device. 

Other highlight features of Comohos:

  • Based on BOOTSTRAP3, HTML5, CSS3, etc
  • Product quick view
  • Advanced admin theme options
  • Mega menu allows you to display items in the impressive way
  • Carousel revolution slideshow. 

5. Steady 


Wanna distinguish your website from the rest yet still keep the user – friendly interface, you should take a look at Steady. Firstly, Steady is based on the newest version of OpenCart 3.0.x and it inherits all functioning features of Opencart platform. Besides, this theme has a good looking and clean design. Then, it is suitable with many types of products, especially books. Moreover, this opencart bookstore theme also features “Advanced search”. Following that, customers visiting your site can effortlessly find the products they want in some seconds. Above all, it will create them the highest satisfaction and make clients come back many times in the future. 

6. Poco – Opencart bookstore theme

Poco - Opencart bookstore theme

Coming to Poco and you can experience a professional opencart bookstore theme yet have an outstanding user – friendly interface. Firstly, if you have no knowledge of coding, don’t worry about it. Just only by a few simple Drag and Drop operations, then, you can activate Poco perfectly without any line of code. Best of all, Poco is on the fastest loading page speed top. As a result, customers will have many amazing experiences when visiting your site. 

7. Noriva 

excellent Opencart bookstore theme

If you find a flawless Opencart theme with a user – friendly appearance, why don’t you take a look at Noriva. At first, Noriva is suitable with many kinds of products, including bookstores. Besides, this opencart bookstore theme supports the latest version of Opencart 3.0.x, then your website is highly protected and very easy to use. Addition to, it inherits all best functions of Opencart platform and it has an attractive display on every type of device with the Web responsive design. Furthermore, Noriva lets you deal with foreign customers all over the globe owing to the combination of Multi – currencies and multi – language. 

8. Shoppica – Opencart bookstore theme

user - friendly Opencart bookstore theme

In case you’re about to launch an effective online bookstore, let’s consider a wonderful opencart bookstore theme named Shoppica. On top of that, Shoppica is a 100%  responsive theme. As a result, your website will always look stunning on every type of modern device. Best of all, Shoppica is also famous thanks to no coding required. Well, try to imagine you don’t have to struggle with many hard lines of code. That’s extremely simple and amazing! Moreover, this opencart bookstore theme covers over 40 Builder blocks such as: Mega menu, Brands, Newsletter, Gallery and so on. Above all, you can effortlessly make every page possible with the right tools. 

9. Zeexo – Opencart bookstore theme

Zeexo - Opencart bookstore theme

Zeexo is appreciated if you’re finding an exceptional opencart bookstore theme. With a big number of skins, up to 88 models, this theme will correspond with 88 types of online stores, including bookstores. Of course, you have many freedoms to control and customize not only the homepage but everything you want with “Powerful theme options”. Not only that, the highest page speed loading is the outstanding feature we must mention. With 99% speed, this opencart bookstore theme will surely bring clients the best satisfaction when entering your site. What’s more, Zeexo also supports Multi – currencies in order to help you access more and more international customers all over the world.   

10. Metro Shop

Metro Shop - Opencart bookstore theme

A good opencart theme is a theme that not only helps you to create a profitable business store but it also reflects your brand in the customer’s mind. And, Metro Shop is exactly an amazing demonstration for that view. Firstly, this opencart bookstore theme is coded with HTML5 and CSS3, then it is very easy to use without touching any coding. Moreover, this theme provides more than 40 background templates, 150+ elements and 500+ types from Google fonts for you to match with your site. Besides, Metro Shop is a fully responsive design. As a result, your website will look perfect on all modern devices and very friendly to clients. 

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