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April 12, 2021

Opencart premium theme: Top 15 exceptional opencart themes for any type of business

In the market, there are a wide range of free themes for you to adapt for your e – commerce website. However, as you know, the free theme has limited functions and its interface is also much worse quality than the premium version. In case you’re planning to launch a professional online store and gain high permanent profits from it, you have to use a premium theme for your site. In this blog, Arrowtheme reviews Top 15 exceptional Opencart premium theme for you. Let’s explore right now! 

1. Shoppica

Opencart premium theme

If you’re interested in doing online business and wanna take advantage of a premium opencart theme, you have to take a look at Shoppica. On top of that, Shoppica is a flexible multipurpose theme, then, you can use this opencart premium theme for selling anything you want. Besides, Shoppica is a fully responsive theme. Hence, your website will have a stunning look on every type of modern device.

 Moreover, in case you’re afraid of struggling with coding problems, you should use Shoppica. This is because, no coding required is the highest plus score of this theme. What’s more, Shoppica covers more than 40 Builder blocks such as: Mega menu, Brands, Newsletter, Gallery and so on. As a result, you can effortlessly make every page possible with the right tools. 

2. Zeexo – Opencart premium theme

Coming to an opencart premium theme we highly recommend in our list is Zeexo. Honestly, Zeexo will surprise you with a variety of skins integrated in this theme, up to 88 skins correspond with 88 types of online stores. Best of all, the highest page speed loading is the outstanding feature we must mention. With 99% speed, this opencart premium theme will surely satisfy customers a lot when they visit your site. Moreover, Zeexo also supports Multi – currencies in order to help you access more and more international customers all over the world.   


Other highlight features of Zeexo:

  • Quick view product while you are still on the current page
  • Countdown timer
  • Swap Image Effect
  • Add to cart popup
  • A few simple clicks to complete install content. 

3. MetroShop

Opencart premium theme

In case you’re looking for an opencart premium theme for developing your e- commerce website, don’t ignore MetroShop. At first, coded with HTML5 and CSS3, this is the reason why your site is always protected and activation is very easy. Besides, MetroShop includes over 40 background templates, 150+ elements and 500+ types from Google fonts for you to match with your site. Additionally, this opencart premium theme is an universal fully responsive design. Hence, your store will showcase perfectly yet keeps all its advanced functions on all devices. 

4. Poco – Opencart premium theme

exceptional Opencart premium theme

Let’s go on to another opencart premium theme named Poco, then, it won’t make you disappointed with the outcomes it brings. In fact, Poco is really an exceptional opencart theme which meets all your requirements to launch a professional store. Firstly, you don’t need to know any knowledge about coding, you still activate it very fluently with a few simple Drag and Drop operations. Then, you can easily change the style of any element from admin. Addition to, Poco features fast speed performance as well as friendly SEO optimization. As a result, your site will level up its rankings on search engines with ease in the shortest time. Best of all, you should pay attention to the Free Pro Page Builder of this theme. 

5. Boutique

best opencart premium theme

Boutique is an exceptional opencart premium theme that helps you to transform your dream store to become reality. This theme is very suitable with the topic of fashion. On top of that, Boutique comes with 20+ pre – built homepage demos for you to choose. Of course, the customization is very easy if you want. Just need some simple clicks, you can completely create your own unique website and knock out any opponent in your business area. Besides, this theme is fully responsive design. Hence, your store will have a resized ability to fit with any size of modern device, then, it will have a great look on all devices. 

6. Yourcart – opencart premium theme


Wanna find an elegant opencart premium theme, then, you should have a glance at Yourcart. Firstly, this theme is compatible with many opencart versions such as: Opencart 1.5.6, Opencart 1.5.5, Opencart 1.5.4 and so on. Besides, you can install Yourcart just by one click. And especially, you don’t have to know any coding knowledge, then you still operate this theme. What’s more, this opencart premium theme offers more than 42 awesome background templates for you to adapt with your items. Not only that, you can select the best color for each section from the Unlimited color option. 

7. Dazzling

Dazzling - Opencart premium theme

Let’s move to another wonderful opencart premium theme you must know to open an effective online store – Dazzling. With the flawless and clean design style, your website will actually draw customer’s attention at the first visit. Besides, this opencart premium theme is a 100% responsive design. Following that, Dazzling will help your site always have the best display on every type of modern device and compatible with many browsers. What’s more, Dazzling also features the “Advanced Admin Panel” that allows you to manage and adjust your site professionally with ease. 

8. Wokiee – Opencart premium theme


Don’t miss Wokiee if you search for an exceptional opencart premium theme for launching an effective online store. On top of that, Wokiee is a powerful multipurpose theme. So that, it offers a wide range of layouts for you to choose: 30+ Homepage, 8+ Shop Pages and 8 Product Pages. Of course, you have many freedoms to customize to meet your business purpose. Besides, let’s make your site become one of the most  flawless stores in the market thanks to the gradients and unlimited colors. Not only that, SEO optimization is also a significant feature of this theme. From that, your site can appear at the first result top on search engines. Above all, it not only increases its sales, but it also marks your brand in the customer’s mind. 

9. TechOne – Opencart premium theme

excellent Opencart premium theme

TechOne is a perfect example of friendliness and correspondence with products related to electricity. Comes with 7+ available homepage layouts for you to select. All available layouts of this opencart premium theme are designed very special and professional. However, if you don’t really like them, you are still free to release creativity to make your own magnificent site. Furthermore, TechOne is a fully responsive theme. As a result, your website’s appearance on mobile phones will look stunning and well – structured as well as on a bigger size screen of media. Addition to, TechOne supports 2 amazing types of Mega Menu. You can arrange your items according to Vertical or Horizontal directions, your site will still look perfectly. 

10. Journal


On the best – selling opencart premium theme top, Journal will surely not make you disappointed. Firstly, Journal is a smart theme and compatible with 2.3.x and 3.0.x versions. Besides, Journal comes with the professional design as well as the first – class features. However, this opencart premium theme also allows you to customize your entire website according to your favorite. As a result, your site will look extremely unique and stand out from the crowd. 

11. Unero

Opencart premium theme

Whatever you’re selling, Unero is the best Opencart premium theme you need to build a successful website. With the minimal and professional design style, we are sure customers can’t keep their eyes off your site at the first glance. On top of that, Unero provides more than 20 layout demos covering a lot of different styles and all of them are highly product – focusing. Best of all, just by one click and the installation is complete. Besides the outstanding appearance, this opencart premium theme also attracts users about various advanced features. For example, “Built – in Live Search” function helps customers to find their necessary products with ease and purchase them with ease. All in all, it will bring your potential customers a smooth and best shopping experience. 

12. Noriva – Opencart premium theme

Opencart premium theme

Let’s pay your attention to Noriva if you’re seeking an exceptional Opencart premium theme for your online store. With the modern design, this theme is suitable with many types of products such as: watch, bag, clothes, jacket, fashion and so much more. Besides, Noriva supports the latest version of Opencart 3.0.x. As a result, it inherits all best functions of Opencart platform and has a great look on every type of device with the Web responsive design. Moreover, this opencart premium theme integrates Multi – currencies and multi – language. Hence, it allows you to deal with many other different countries in the world. 

13. CyberWire

amazing opencart premium theme

If you expect an unique and exclusive Opencart premium theme, why don’t you take a look at CyberWire. In fact, it is one of the most advanced opencart premium themes that can meet all your requirements. Besides, this theme offers 17+ pre – built homepages for you to choose. Best of all, all of them are fully responsive and cross – browser compatibility. Its design is not only visually outstanding, but it also uses the latest coding trends with the use of HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 3. Above all, this opencart premium theme will satisfy even the most demanding clients. 

14. Perfectum

Perfectum is one of the best Opencart premium themes for you to consider. Coming with the combination of modern design and powerful backend, Perfectum will surely capture customer’s attention at the first glance. Moreover, Perfectum features the “Powerful Admin Panel”. As a result, you effortlessly navigate and adjust anything you want in your site owing to more than 300 configuration options and without touching any line of coding. 


Other highlight features of Perfectum:

  • Fully responsive design helps your site to have a great appearance on all modern devices.
  • New product Carousel
  • Cloud Zoom effect for product photo
  • Attribute Filter Module
  • 500+ patterns from Google fonts. 

15. Raiser – Opencart Premium theme

Raiser - Opencart premium theme

This Opencart premium theme named Raiser is a solution for anyone who sets a priority on usability and visual appeal. Because of the clean yet modern design, this theme is very suitable for many kinds of items. Best of all, this opencart premium theme is very easy to install and allows you to customize everything on your site as you want. What’s more, Raiser is really a specialist of SEO optimization. Following that, your website will have many opportunities to appear on first result top on search engines, especially Google. 

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