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January 1, 2022

Shopify add to cart app: Top 10 best apps to create the great shopping experience

Are you an owner of a Shopify store? Do you have difficulty in boosting sales despite a large number of visits to your stores? You can promote your sales at present by installing a Shopify add to cart app. Let’s Arrowtheme help you by reviewing the top 10 best Shopify Add to cart App 2021

Why do you need a Shopify add-to-cart app?

In the first place, Arrowtheme will introduce the benefit of a Shopify add-to-cart app. An add to cart app makes the add-to-cart button more visible and eye-catching so it betters the customer experience. As a result, these apps increase the conversion rate of your stores and promote your sales significantly.

Followingly, based on 4 criteria: outstanding features, prices, ratings and reviews on Shopify, our experts suggest the top 10 outstanding Shopify Add-to-cart App 2021.

1. Add to cart button ‑ Nice (by Goldendev | Nice)

Price: $9.99/month. 30-day free trial.
Add to cart button – Nice is a great app for improving your add-to-cart button and buying buttons. This provides your stores with a fixed button and cart so your customers can add products to the cart easily. In addition, the Shopify stores owners are able to customize the cart to suit your stores. Moreover, this app was very favoured because it sent to the owner a report about customers’ checkout conversion after installing.

Shopify add to cart app
Add to cart button – Nice

Highlight functions:
Firstly, it can be used by mobile phones
Secondly, increasing your sales by an impressive cart and add-to-cart button.
Thirdly, you can customize by choosing the colour, shape, style and position of the button and cart.
Next, it helps you hide your button when products are not available.
Then, owners who are not good at technology can easily install it.
At last, you receive a checkout conversion report to follow.

2. Shopify Add to Cart App: Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO (by Codeinero)

Price: From $6.92/month. 7-day free trial.
Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO is a friendly add-to-cart app for Shopify store owners. This app utilizes your customer time by the sticky add-to-cart bar and checkout bar. These tools will be designed so that customers can’t miss checkout. Therefore, it decreases the risk that customers forget to pay. In addition, your customers are also pleased by a direct buying from product listing without returning to the homepage. Also, customers can choose to skip the cart function by 1-click checkout.

Shopify add to cart app
Shopify add to cart app preview

Highlight functions:
Firstly, you can install easily without developers or hidden frees.
Secondly, this app boosts your sales by making the cart and add-to-cart button more visible.
Thirdly, you can receive support from this app through live chat.
Next, automatically suit for your shops.
Then, it uses animations to attract customers.
At last, the skip to checkout function.

3. Buy Me ‑ Buy Button (by Makeprosimp)

Price: Free available plan or from $2.95/month for more

Buy Me ‑ Buy Button was built to boost rate conversion and sales revenue by an outstanding “Buy Me” button. This app makes customers not forget the “Buy Me” cart button because it displays this button on all pages of your stores. In addition, it automatically matches your store’s theme and allows you to customize it whenever you need it. Besides, it provides both a quick buy from listing products and a one-click checkout option to save time. Moreover, customers can share the products link via social media.

Highlight functions:
Firstly, the “Buy me” button is visible on all pages
Secondly, a one-click checkout option to save time
Thirdly, a faster process of buying
Next, share products link via social media
Also, automatically match the shop’s them
At last, email support with a high response rate

4. Sticky Add To Cart & Buy Bar (by Today’s Project)

Prices: $3.95/month, 7-day free trial.
Sticky Add To Cart & Buy Bar is a Shopify must-have app because it raises your conversion rate and sales through the sticky buy now button. It makes it easier for customers to buy products from your stores because a buy now and add to cart button displays stickily on your pages. Also, by providing attractive animations, this app helps you retain more customers. Furthermore, you are provided with tracking systems (google analytics and FB pixel) to see the effectiveness. In addition, you can try this app for 7 days before buying.

Highlight features:
Firstly, a responsive and attentive customer service.
Secondly, customize your add-to-cart button and buy button
Thirdly, adding credible functions such as review stars, payment logos, …
Next, compatible with all devices including mobile phone
Also, the “Buy now” button encourages customers to checkout
At last, a tracking system to follow easily

5. Ultimate Sticky Add to Cart (by Conversion Bear)

Prices: $9.99/month. 7-day free trial.
Ultimate Sticky Add to Cart is a good add-to-cart app with good review and high stars on Shopify. This app increases your shop productivity by utilizing all the sales. By making the add-to-cart button visible on all the pages, it makes it as easy as possible for customers to checkout when they scroll down the page. Also, a special benefit of this app is helping you track your user through Facebook, Pinterest and Snapchat ID. Moreover, you can be noticed about which products get the most click on analysis reports.

Shopify add to cart app
Ultimate Sticky Add to Cart

Highlight features:
Firstly, visible add-to-cart button on all pages
Secondly, the fast checkout option
Thirdly, decrease customers cart abandonment
Next, supportive teams for help
Also, various design options
At last, easy installation without developers

6. Shopify Add to Cart App: Sticky Cart (by Uplinklyby Uplinkly)

Prices: Free plan available or $9/month for the pro edition
Sticky Cart is an effective tool for Shopify owners to increase sales. This app gives you a sticky add-to-cart button on all page and devices to catch up with customers decisions. You can install it easily by one one 1-click and then, this app will automatically set up the add-to-cart button and cart animations to match with your theme on the store’s pages. With this app, customers are always reminded of their chosen products on the cart and can pay for these products immediately.

Shopify add to cart app
Shopify add to cart app design

Highlight features:
Firstly, it allows all devices to use
Secondly, a fast installation by one 1-click
Thirdly, increase ROI (return on investment) on your advertisement
Next, direct switch to checkout option
Then, a full report which integrates with Google Analytics
At last, good customer support service

7. VITALS | 40+ Apps in One (by VITALS)

Prices: $29.99/month, 30-day free trial
VITALS | 40+ Apps in One is a Shopify multi-function app, which included add-to-cart app functions. This app brings customers with a sticky add-to-cart button that allows the button to travel down the page, as your visitor scrolls down. In addition, it provided many other functions such as importing reviews from other apps, information about volume discounts, bundles, pre-order, cart reserved, … Also, it helps you convert prices in 160 currencies all over the world. In the near future, this app will update in-cart and one-click post-purchase upsells.

Highlight features:
First, sticky add-to-cart button
Secondly, an all-in-one app
Thirdly, many upcoming and updated function
Next, call-to-action button to attract customers
At last, optimize conversion rate and sales revenue

8. Add‑To‑Cart & Checkout BOOSTER (by TechSimple)

Prices: $6.49/month, 5-day free trial.
Add‑To‑Cart & Checkout BOOSTER is a great Shopify add-to-cart for store owners to boost revenue. This app provides you with 3 main functions: a sticky bar, a quick buy and 1-click to cart. It means that the add-to-cart button displays as visible as possible, customers can quickly checkout and buy the products on the products listing. Also, it optimizes for mobile devices so you can utilize it effectively.

Add‑To‑Cart & Checkout BOOSTER
Add‑To‑Cart & Checkout BOOSTER

Highlight features:
Firstly, special add-to-cart action
Secondly, optimize checkout actions
Thirdly, decrease abandoned carts
Then, better customer shopping experience
Next, good support services
At last, just 5 minutes for installing

9. Sticky Add To Cart by The GAF (by Great apps factory)

Prices: Free plan available and $3/month for more
Sticky Add To Cart by The GAF is a Shopify add-to-cart app that attracts more potential customers by using the smart sticky add-to-chart button. This app allows the button to appear at the right time and right place because it works to know when the customers scroll up and find an add-to-cart button. Also, it configures the stick add-to-cart bar and you can easily turn on/off it. Moreover, you can see the preview as the customers see it.

Highlight features:
Firstly, easy to configure
Secondly, provide with mobile, tablet or desktop devices.
Thirdly, change the position of the add-to-cart bar easily
Next, choose your custom style
Also, fast CDN based performance
At last, top-notch email support

10. Shopify Add to Cart App- ATClone ‑ Second ATC button (by Fuznet)

Prices: $3.99/month, 3-day free trial.
ATClone ‑ Second ATC button is an amazing Shopify add-to-cart app that creates the second add-to-cart button below the products description for your store. Therefore, it boosts the sales better. Also, you can redesign the button or requires this app to do it for you. Besides, it automatically syncs product variants and price. Having 3 days for a trial, you will understand more how it works in your stores.
Highlight features:
Firstly, second add-to-cart button below the products description
Secondly, customize the second button
Thirdly, show or hide the quantity selector and the variants
Next, customers can go directly to the checkout
Then, the add-to-cart button displays every time


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