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May 5, 2021

Shopify Blog app: Top 10 best apps to improve your store blogs as well as the SEO

Shopify Blog app is one of the most essential app that is favored in e-commerce industry. It is noticed that a blog is like an effective tool to connect customers and seller in a casual relationship by converting visitors into potential customers through creating a social network. Besides, a blog can also helps admin to update their news about products, events, sales, coupons, etc. days by days so that customers can update frequently. In this blog, Arrowtheme will recommend to you the Top 10 Shopify Blog app, including free and paid extensions.

1. Blog Studio

Blog Studio

Blog Studio is one of the most effective app for any store owners easy to design great stores and more interactions with customers by some simple steps. With Configure tags and meta descriptions, you can maximize your sales as well as SEO. Especially, the audients can leave their feedback about the blog and improve the customer’s satisfaction. By powerful advanced editor, it is super easy for the authors to edit the code directly without much knowledge about coding.


  • Generate beautiful blog articles from an intuitive drag & drop interface
  • Hundreds of built-in components such as bylines, headlines, buttons, pricing, “how it works”, maps, achievements, video, profiles, testimonials, images + more being added every week
  • Configure tags, authors, SEO title & meta descriptions and upload a featured image for your articles
  • Use the included advanced editor to edit the code directly
  • Powerful interface allows you quickly duplicate, create, delete and change the visibility of your blog articles
  • Generate brand new articles or edit your existing ones
  • Articles created from Blog Studio are fully responsive & mobile ready

2. BlogFeeder 

Shopify Blog app

BlogFeeder is extremely famous for their outstanding features. One of the outstanding features for this app is improving the content of the web on the same domain by importing an external blog. Therefore, it helps you to improve the conversions and SEO for your Shopify store. Especially, your products will be showcased perfectly on all the e-commerce platforms such as Facebook, Medium, and WordPress. Besides, you can select the layouts that you want to customize your store.


  • Automatically updated the blog content
  • Improve the SEO and the conversions by advanced editor
  • Enter the URL which the customers can find easilly
  • Import multiple feeds at the high speed
  • Increase the search ranking

3. Pro Blogger

Shopify Blog app

Pro Blogger app is an effective solution to increase the quality for your store blogs as well as the SEO. The Pro Blogger allows you to create the context about related articles or related products. Moreover, this module also automatically build internal site links that increase the SEO for your website. In addition, it allows your customers to show all their products in a responsive slider, which catches their eyes and makes they purchase more and more. Especially, this app is so an great solution for the users to public their posts on the multiple social webs such as Pinterest. Finally, there is one step for you to install free and easy.


  • Allow to display the related articles and products
  • Customize the article author by using short codes
  • Caption the Blog images with the best impression
  • Offer the advanced customization
  • One- click installation

4. Related Blog Posts

Shopify Blog app

Related Blog Posts is one of the most robust apps that lets you quickly and easily suggest to customers whenever they come to your store. Besides, this app also helps you to improve your SEO and creates more quality internal links to satisfy more customers. More than that, the customizable tools will help the users to design their own stores to display their products beautifully and professionally. At the same time, you can easily change the text size or color that is displayed in related posts. Last but not least, this app is freely installed, which increases your page speed and accessibility of the Shopify admin.


  • Set the number of related posts to display to improve readership
  • Use the featured image of a blog post to increase click-through rate
  • Change the text displayed if there are no related posts
  • Determine what blogs to display on (great if you have multiple blogs you want to keep separate)
  • Exclude posts if they use a specific tag
  • Exclude posts from showing as a related post (great to hide one-time promotional posts)
  • Style the related posts so they look exactly how you want

5. Blog Articles in Collections

Blog Articles in Collections

This app enables you to use “Blog Articles In Collections” to showcase your best blog articles in front of the right visitor, in the right collection. Besides, your customers will directly find out the information they need to better understand and select among your products.


  • Include links to your Shopify blog inside any collections, by creating a new product slot
  • For each collection, chose which blog article you want to display
  • Select in which slot your blog article will be highlighted
  • Customize the design

6. DropInBlog

Shopify Blog app

To keep the customers and have more new ones, it is essential for any Shopify stores to empower their store with BlogFeeder app. This app is extremely powerful for their outstanding features. For example, it comes with robust features like SEO analysis, and automatically uses your store’s look, colors & fonts. Moreover, this app lets you simply embed products into posts directly from the editor. Your customers can now add to cart directly from your blog posts!


  • SEO post analysis as-you-type (no extra charge or plugins)
  • Embed your products into any post with a click
  • Customers can “Add to Cart” the products you embed in posts
  • Related blog posts
  • Highlight to share
  • Image management
  • Easily add YouTube and other videos to your blog posts
  • Add your own styles for a customized look
  • Multiple authors and categories
  • Schedule future posts
  • Duplicate posts
  • Import & redirect your old Shopify Blog posts

7. Related Products & Blogs

Related Products & Blogs

Related Products & Blogs allows you to display applicable products of your store on your Shopify blog posts. You can showcase applicable blog posts of your keep for your Shopify product. In addition to that, this app is fully customizable and installing.

You can improve SEO and location inner linking via merchandise & blog posts synchronization. Likewise, this app allows the store owners to present Blogs or present products with a slider function-rich way. With the support of this app, you can hold your users engaged for your weblog, by way of showcasing associated merchandise in a responsive slider that makes use of a weighted rule set to make sure the maximum relative healthy.


  • Make visitors engaged in your Blog
  • Can display as a Fullwidth Slide with other looks
  • Either auto-match or display in a Responsive slider
  • Can leverage your blog post
  • Support to caption your blog posts images

8. Blog Product Spotlight

Blog Product Spotlight

The most crucial thing on your Shopify store are your products! With Blog Product Spotlight, you can make your links to products and collections stand out on your articles. This Shopify Blog app makes your posts a robust marketing channel. It instantly provides your customers about the product information when they hover over a product or article link in your post.

As store owners, we were seeking for an easy way to incorporate product information in our blogs. Hence, a link moving the user away from the article didn’t feel like it was the best experience. your visitors might still be interested in your content which is an essential part in building customer trust.


  • Display product information for your stores products on hover, or on tap for mobile users
  • Turn on the lightbox feature, so the user can quickview & add to card products
  • Display related products below the article
  • Or display related articles below a product!
  • get more sales directly from your blog!
  • View analytics, and see which products are viewed / added to cart the most!

9. SEO Blog Optimizer

SEO Blog Optimizer

Improving your Shopify blog SEO has never been easier with SEO Blog Optimizer. This app automatically analyze your blog articles and instantly provide you a SEO score to measure your performance. Besides, the app’s interface makes it easy, even for non-technical users, to enhance the SEO and attract more traffic to your store


  • Automatic SEO Score
  • Google Preview
  • Quickly Update your Products
  • Realtime optimized SEO Articles Recommendations

10. Matcha Blog Creator

Matcha Blog Creator

Empower your blog to develop your community and grow your business with Matcha – the first CMS and blog creator built for ecommerce store. Especially, this app allows you easily share your content with your Facebook followers and email subscribers. Likewise, with Matcha insights, the owner store measure what content boost the most traffic, engagement, subscribers, and sales to make data-driven decisions.


  • Rapidly create blog articles optimized for your ecommerce goals of driving traffic, sales, and email conversions.
  • Segment your email list based on reader interest and embed beautifully formatted content previews into your targeted Mailchimp or Klaviyo Campaigns.
  • Schedule your content for distribution to your Facebook Business Page.
  • Measure the impact of your blog content on traffic, revenue, and email generation to inform your content strategy across the full marketing funnel.


And that’s it for the current best Shopify Blog app! With a little bit of researching work beforehand, you should be able to choose for yourself a suitable blog app that can be the best fit for your Shopify store. If you are considering a Shopify Blog app for your store, you should look for professional help from us. At Arrowtheme – we provide Shopify Development services to help merchants improve the customer experience.

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