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January 9, 2022

Shopify bundle app: Top 10 best apps to raise revenues for your Shopify stores

In fact, there are many ways to increase sales for ecommerce stores without spending too much on product marketing. One of the most effective solutions you should know is creating a bundle of products. Simply speaking, you can combine the related items into a single package and encourage customers to purchase it by providing them a lower price compared to buying each product. If you don’t have any idea to build great bundles for your store, let Shopify bundle app resolve for you. Selling bundles is a smart approach to sell less popular things with high profit margins alongside more popular things with lower profit margins. From these reasons above, Arrowtheme will review for you Top 10 outstanding Shopify bundle apps to boost revenues for your store in this blog. Let’s take a look right now!  

Top 10 wonderful Shopify bundle app for ecommerce stores

1. Bold Bundles ‑ Product Bundles

Shopify bundle app

The first Shopify bundle app we highly recommend for raising revenues for your Shopify stores is “Bold Bundles”. First and foremost, this app assists you in matching related things. As a result, you’ll sell multiple products with each order. Besides, your customers can feel that they save as much money as through buying bundles that suit their needs. And, this app will demonstrate for them to see that. Specifically, buyers will receive a specific percentage discount based on the type of bundle they expected. Moreover, this app offers a new feature is a NEW item bundle type. To put it another way, it appears to be a buy one, get one deal. Above all, your business will easily drive more sales thanks to this oustanding app. 

2. Bundle Products and Discounts

best Shopify bundle app

If you’re seeking a powerful app that can support your Shopify store boost revenues effectively, let’s take a look at “Bundle Products”. Firstly, through this Shopify bundle app, you can sell many products in a single order with only a few clicks. Besides, you are able to use bundles to offer discounts wherever on your store page. Therefore, it will encourage potential customers to purchase more products and meet their all demands. What’s more, this app allows you to create product bundles for events in particular, as well as enable or disable that option. Not only that, you have complete control over the appearance of your product bundle. Then, you can customize it as you want to make it stand out from the rest. 

3. Upsell Bundled Products

awesome Shopify bundle app

“Upsell Bundled Products” is the ideal choice for any shop owner who wants to raise profits for their Shopify stores. Not only to boost profits, but this app also helps you to increase conversion rates by integrating multiple products into a single order. Moreover, clients will also be able to see how much money they are saving by purchasing packaged products thanks to this Shopify bundle app. Best of all, with only  a simple click, your customers can easily add the bundle of products they want to their shopping cart. As a result, purchasing will become easier and more enjoyable than ever. 

4. Bundles

wonderful Shopify bundle app

Coming to another excellent Shopify app you need to install for your online store is “Bundles”. In reality, this app is considered as one of the most useful programs for selling more things by combining them together into an order. On top of that, thanks to this app, the bundle procedure becomes extremely simple. Simply speaking, you won’t have to make any modifications to your template or liquid files because this app will take care of everything for you. Besides, it can determine the price of each package depending on whether or not each product in the bundle is costly. Not only that, this app also assists you in decreasing out-of-date inventory. 

5. Bundle Builder

outstanding Shopify bundle app

Why don’t you try using “Bundle Builder” for your ecommerce store? Firstly, this awesome Shopify bundle app allows you to quickly create bundles and assign names to them. Thus, whenever a customer places an order, you can sell multiple items. Besides, this app provides a wide range of different languages available. Thus, you may select your native language to generate it completely. Best of all, you have many freedoms to customize its design to match the interface of your brand. Not only that, it also allows you to easily and rapidly add a fixed price or percentage discount to products to secure the clients’ benefits.

6. Dealio


If you’re running a store with multiple products and want to boost sales effectively, let’s consider “Dealio”. In fact, “Dealio” is really a smart sales promotion tool for any shop owner who wants to attract more and more potential customers in the shortest time. Simply speaking, as a shopkeeper, you can use this app to create discounts such as “Buy two, get 15% off” or “Buy one, get one.” More than this, you can link different items in a deal, allowing you to sell more things while also providing a better price to your customers. Additionally, this stunning Shopify bundle app also enables you to modify the widget’s colors and fonts. Hence, you will easily make it more appealing and consistent with your brand. 

7. The Bundled APP By Appiness

flawless Shopify bundle app

Creating a bundle is the smart way for any online store to raise revenue. And, “The Bundled APP By Appiness” will help you do it. In reality, this Shopify bundle app contributes to the success of an ecommerce store by providing great service. First and foremost, this app was created to assist shop owners in better controlling all aspects of the product selling process. Besides, it also helps you in tracking the amount of items. Then, you may easily alter the minimum number of different products and variants in your Shopify shop. All in all, thanks to this app, your customers will receive the best shopping experience whenever they visit your store. 

8. VITALS | 40+ Apps in One


Are you interested in a Shopify app that contains more than 40 sub-applications in it? If yes, we highly recommend for you “VITALS | 40+ Apps in One”. On top of that, there are a lot of unique features integrated in this app. Besides, it performs the function of a review picker, collecting client feedback and forwarding it to store managers. If you’re following it, you can quickly examine customer’s shopping trends, favorite items, and gauge the efficiency of the marketing campaign. Moreover, this app is also a useful tool for converting money in case you’re planning to expand your business in multiple nations throughout the world. 

9. Advanced Bundle Products

advanced Shopify bundle app

Coming to another Shopify app for generating profits for online stores – Advanced Bundle Products. In fact, “Advanced Bundle Product” is known as the wonderful Shopify bundle app for any ecommerce store. Firstly, with this app, customers are encouraged to add more items to their cart that are related to the one they are viewing. Then, clients can select to add a single item from the bundle to their cart and define the number of standalone goods within a bundle by using this app. Moreover, it is friendly and simple-to-use with both developers and newbies. And, in order to build a bundle, you just need to add a grouping tag to the primary product and then select related items. 

10. Products List Variants Viewer

app to generate more sales

Received a 4.9 rating on Shopify app store, that’s why “Products List Variants Viewer” is trusted by so many retailers. In fact, this app is a vital tool for all shopkeepers to show product variants in a collection with a “Add to cart” button. First of all, this Shopify bundle app allows you to display all product variants right on product pages. Besides, thanks to this app, customers can also add the selected variant to their cart without visiting the product page. Best of all, this app will bring your prospective clients the highest satisfaction and convenient method to shop online when entering your site. 

The final line

To sum up, as similar to another Shopify apps, Shopify bundle app is quite useful for creating and building a flawless ecommerce store.

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