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January 9, 2022

Shopify dashboard app: Top 10 best apps to improve profitability on your Shopify store

As you know, analyzing data is an essential part of your company’s process. You can’t begin to search for development or optimization opportunities without first looking at data and determining what can be changed. In order to keep track of all your data, you should build a powerful dashboard. A dashboard can display a variety of information, including marketing performance, budgeting, and even the stage at which orders are being processed. In fact, there are a lot of ways for collecting and showing data on your website. However, if you are running an e-commerce store, you should ask a Shopify dashboard app for help. With these reasons, Arrowtheme will review Top 10 Shopify dashboard apps for you to improve profitability on your Shopify store. Let’s refer to them right now! 

Top 10 flawless Shopify dashboard app for online stores

1. Conversific Store Analytics

Shopify dashboard app

With any store owners seeking a simple yet professional Shopify dashboard app, we highly recommend “Conversific Store Analytics”. In reality, this app was built to assist you with the most difficult challenge a store owner faces – data analysis. Thanks to this app, you can resolve all problems about analyzing data yourself without asking any expert for help. Besides, you are able to understand your e-commerce data with only some simple clicks. What’s more, this app will let you know which products should be promoted because of the profit they bring and vice versa. Not only that, it also advises you should sell your products on which marketing channels and which you should avoid.

2. OrderMetrics


Good data analysis will bring high profits for online stores. And, in order to achieve this goal, you should take advantage of “OrderMetrics”. In fact, “OrderMetrics” is considered as one of the most wonderful Shopify dashboard apps in the market. To begin, if you want to collect data from Shopify, Amazon or Ebay, etc, let this app do it for you. Besides, this app aggregates data from all sales and marketing platforms into a single dashboard for you easily to manage. Moreover, it automates the conversion of your account currencies to a single forex of your choice and monitors daily fluctuations. Additionally, this app also lets you know how much money you’re earning from product-specific Facebook ad campaigns. 

3. Profit Calc: Profit Dashboard

best Shopify dashboard app

The next Shopify dashboard app you should know to install for your online store is “Profit Calc”. First and foremost, with “Profit Calc”, you can easily display all of your accounting data in one easy-to-understand dashboard. Besides and also the most outstanding features of “Profit Calc” is it allows for simple integration of ad debts. Hence, you can keep track of all of your most important ad costs in one location. In addition, its effects enable you to adjust your product prices in order to obtain an accurate cost of goods purchased. Best of all, your “fees by item” and your Shopify account can be synced automatically as soon as you install this app. 

4. Lifetimely: Profit & LTV


If you’re seeking a great Shopify app for you simply manage your database, let’s take a look at “Lifetimely”. Firstly, “Lifetimely” was created with the goal of supporting shopkeepers in monitor patron lifetime value and your happy customers’s behavior. Besides, with Shopify statistics, shipping, price, and ads records all under one roof, you can easily follow your real-time profitability. More than these, by displaying your earnings margins in real time, “Lifetimely” will help you make difficult decisions in a simply way. Not only that, this Shopify dashboard app offers various smart features. One of them is Lifecycle Grid, which helps you better understand your customer base and monitor your retention efforts from the past until now. 

5. Polar Analytics

outstanding Shopify dashboard app

Coming to another Shopify dashboard app for effectively improving profitability on your Shopify store – Polar Analytics. To begin, this app provides you with actionable marketing insights for your website. And, it assists with multichannel analytics. Hence, you can gather all of your marketing data in one location for a comprehensive review of campaign successes and plan more excellent campaigns in the future. In addition, you will also improve customer satisfaction and the business’s lifetime value. As a result, your business will surely grow beyond your expectations. Best of all, you will have the opportunity to access over 17 different internet connections including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Tiktok Ads, etc via this app. 

6. Analytics

perfect Shopify dashboard app

Right from its name, “Analytics” is a flawless Shopify app for creating a simple yet smart dashboard. And, this app proved that the claim above is not incorrect. Can say this app is really an essential analytics tool integrating a large amount of data into a series of dashboards. Thanks to that, you can see the data in numbers as well as make wise decisions to help your business become more developed. Besides, “Analytics” comes with over 100 analyses available to you. All of which can be segmented, contribute to estimates and projections, and be benchmarked. Not only that, you can also send an email with all of the analyses to others.

7. By the Numbers

By the Numbers

Next is an astonishing Shopify dashboard app named “By the Numbers”. First and foremost, thanks to this app, you can see how your business is doing according to the KPIs you’ve set. Besides, this may include a variety of factors such as revenue or consumer behavior on your website. What’s more, you can use hundreds of reports to monitor information from your entire website, including sales, clients, and goods. Additionally, this app will send you weekly email reports for you to effortlessly see all of the important data in the shortest time. From this information, you can compare various times in the company’s history to see whether growth or downturn has occurred. 

8. The Canary Sings

powerful Shopify dashboard app

In case you want to build an easy-to-understand dashboard without any money, you should take a look at “The Canary Sings”. Firstly, this app allows you to gather analysis information from all your promoted channels including Shopify, Facebook, Oberlo accounts. Then, you will have a real-time and accurate overview of your website in a dashboard. In fact, this Shopify dashboard app works by providing you with a numerical depiction of your website’s profitability. Of course, data is constantly changing, and this app will help you update the latest information during the day. Furthermore, it also enables you to establish a minimum clear point for adding any additional orders for the day. Hence, you will increase your store revenues with ease. 

9. Ignite Metrics

great Shopify dashboard app

“Ignite Metrics” is a clear example of a great Shopify dashboard app for optimizing profitability on Shopify stores. In fact, this app was manufactured to support you get down to the basics and see the necessary data to grow your business. Thanks to “Ignite Metrics”, you can see the most relevant data in real-time. Hence, it will help you maximize your store’s sales and discover more value in your present orders. Besides, this app features a central hub that allows you to see an overall of your store’s performance. Best of all, this app is fully compatible with all types of devices. Despite using mobile phones or laptops, you still log into and operate your store. 

10. Better Uptime

awesome Shopify dashboard app

It would be a mistake not to mention “Better Uptime” in this list. In fact, “Better Uptime” is an excellent Shopify dashboard app that is very helpful in managing your Shopify store’s database. To begin, this app will be responsible for keeping track of your website and notify you if it goes down. Besides, it comes with a free service that includes voice call warnings whenever your website has a signal of facing unexpected problems. Not only that, it also provides regular 30-second checks to guarantee your site is operational. With these smart things above, we are sure that your e-commerce website will always be protected and run fluently. 

The final line

In conclusion, Shopify dashboard app plays a crucial role in displaying and managing all important information of your ecommerce store. Arrowtheme hopes you are able to choose the most ideal dashboard app from our article. If you face any problem or have any questions on this topic, let Arrowtheme know and we will solve it for you.

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