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May 17, 2021

Shopify google shopping app: Top 10 best apps to drive more sales for your Shopify stores

Shopify google shopping app is fast becoming an important way to skyrocket your sales and also spread your business. If you want to add the distinctive functionality to your Shopify store, don’t miss this post. We will recommend to you the top 10 Shopify google shopping app, including free and paid extensions.

1. Shopping Feed for Google

shopify app

This app allows the shop owners easily showcase your Shopify or Shopify plus products across multiple surfaces such as Google Search, Google Shopping, Assistant and (soon) more. Besides, the app lists products on the Google Merchant Center either one by one or in bulk, as per your needs. You may also change the product feed from the Merchant Center to several Google Programs for selling globally.

Salient Features 

  • Easy Product Listing
  • Track the revenue generated through the Google Ads
  • Set up goals to track conversions and overall performance
  • Update the order tracking details from Shopify to Google Shopping
  • Integrates withGoogle Merchant Center, Shipstation, Shipwork, Shipwire, Google Ads, Google Shopping

2. Clever ‑ Google Ads & Shopping

shopify app

Thi app is one of the leading Google Adwords automation tools. It supports you to develop Google Shopping, Search, Display and Remarketing campaigns without any issues. Besides, the installation process is easily and just take you some minutes to complete. Then your ads will be delivered throughout the Google advertising network.

When the app has been installed and your Google Ads have been released, the app can start to optimize your campaigns by making the most of your budget. Also, the module comes with the features that can change the bids you’re using to make sure the best results and the most clicks/conversions for your online store. On top of that, this module also supports you to create seasonal campaigns. Therefore, you can create sale campaign for events like Black Friday and be assured that the adverts will only be shown during this time.

Salient Features

  • Generate your Google Shopping feed with ease and keep it up-to-date with easy syncing.
  • Free banners and ads generated when you want to remarket to audiences who’ve already visited your site.
  • Easy to install and set up.
  • App automatically adjusts bidding and more to ensure that your budget is spent wisely.

3. Google channel

shopify app

Google channel enables you to create smart Shopping campaigns in just some easily steps, enabling you to spend more time on other activities like email marketing or servicing your shoppers.

When you’ve associated your Google Merchant account to your Shopify account, you can easily and effortless sync products in your Google Shopping Feeds. Besides, this powerful app also enables you to manage your campaigns from within Shopify. You can easily set up a daily budget and the tool will optimize your bidding and ad position to guarantee you’re getting the best results. On top of that, this module will look at results and over time will start to showcase your advertisements only where they perform best (Gmail, YouTube, Google Search, etc.).

Salient Features

  • Developed by Shopify.
  • Manage products and campaigns from within your Shopify dashboard.
  • Optimize campaigns for your products with the help of the app.
  • Monitor the results of all Google Shopping campaigns.

4. Facebook, Google Shopping Feed

 shopify app

This app is everything you need to win all Shopping Channels with fully optimize Product Feeds. Using this app, you are capable to sync, list and optimize all your product feeds to Google Merchant and Facebook Catalog. More importantly, feed filter and feed schedule function allows you manage your feed better and save a great amount of time from manual work. In conclusion, the app offers the most money and time-saving way to bring more exposure opportunities, attract more customers, and drive big sales for your store. Why do not you give it a try?

Salient Features 

  • 1 step Facebook Shop onboarding
  • Sync, list, optimize all your product feeds to Google Shopping and Facebook Shop
  • Optimize your Product Data Fields and Category Specific Fields
  • Exclude/ Include specific products while syncing to Google Merchant Center and Facebook Catalog
  • Schedule your feed
  • Sync up to 10,000 SKUs for FREE. Save up 90% of time from manually

5. Feed For Google Shopping

Feed For Google Shopping

Once you’ve linked your Shopify store with the Merchant Center, the tool will do most of the tasks for you. You don’t have to submit a Feed URL and set other details. Plus, when changes are needed, the tool will automatically push them to Google without delay.

You can also easily create some great promotions through the app. With this, campaigns can be for all your catalog or for just a few, choose products. Besides, products can be picked by using Robust filtering and Bulk edit functions that are included within the tool for the quick management of your Google Shopping campaigns.

The dashboard is a great element of this module. It comes with distinctive features that are best suitable for managing Google Shopping feeds. This comes with adding custom labels to your products to provide more details to customers who are shopping via Google.

Salient Features

  • Easy to use interface that allows you to get an advanced campaign going on Google Shopping.
  • Updates are immediately sent to Google Shopping feeds to prevent confusion.
  • Run campaigns for the whole store or just a few select products.
  • Add custom labels to products for better placement with Google.

6. Google Ads & Google Shopping

Google Ads & Google Shopping

This software utilize AI to look at your Google Shopping campaigns and optimize them. Besides, the major advantages of this module is that it will manage a lot of the marketing efforts for your Shopify store. This saves you significant amounts of time and enables you to focus on other areas of your business, to improve customer service and perhaps develop other marketing avenues. More importantly, your adverts campaigns can also be geo-targeted, so if you’re not an international business, you can restrict bids to those countries. And with the machine learning functions, the module will automatically use the best advertising avenues for your brand, so you don’t waste money advertising products

Salient Features 

  • Everything from setup to managing Google Shopping and other advertising is taken care of within the price.
  • No additional costs, you select the monthly fee and this will be used for bids and the service fee.
  • Experts in PPC campaigns take care of the rest.

7. Google Shopping Feed


This app is very easy to install app will email you after you’ve installed with the feed URL you can use. The feed is updated every day, so if there are price changes, this can be very useful. Besides, if you operate in numerous countries or with several currencies, then you can create a feed for every currency. This enables you to show the price that you’ve set for the items for the currency and not the converted price that Google usually shows. Any product with variants will also be shown such as colors, sizes and more. All variants have their own image as well.

Salient Features 

  • Have Google Shopping feeds created for you.
  • Works with Google, Bing and Facebook.
  • Generate a feed for each currency
  • Load custom labels, Google Product Category, etc from Shopify Shopping App
  • Generate a feed for each unique language

8. Facebook, Google Shopping Feed


Shopping Feeder is one of best Shopify google shopping app in our list. First of all, the app assists stores in increasing the number of sales and improving more revenue. Furthermore, you can use synced functions with Google product listing ads, Facebook dynamic ads, Bing product ads and more. These attributes enables customers to approach more quickly to their favorite products because the app can check the historic visit of customers whenever they revisit. Secondly, shopping feeder offers a money-saving method to manage the marketing campaign. With the support of this app, the shop admins can pop up advertising on other relevant websites to enhance the product recognition in shoppers’ mind.

Salient Features 

  • Improve more revenues
  • Improve the quality of conversation with customers
  • Update marketing campaign automatically
  • Attract new shoppers
  • Increase the rate of customers’ response

9. Google channel


Shopify’s Google shopping allows the shop owners to update your products in the merchant center. With this, you will get a list of product feed that you can make any alternatives on the prices or discounts of the products. Therefore, you can save time and you can turn to other works to enhance your marketing campaign. Besides, the tool helps to generate smart and quick interface as well as synthesize to the merchant center. By this, you can easily choose a group of items with the featured brand and good prices to attract customers. In addition, the stores’ admins can easily design landing pages on their own to optimize the maximum space for discounted products as well as adding keywords related to the items to serve for customers’ purposes

Salient Features 

  • Update products in Merchant center account
  • Launch an effective marketing campaign
  • Assess the results of marketing campaign
  • Customize Google Ads
  • Design neatly and professionally

10. App for Google Shopping Feed


The Shopify app helps you create campaigns with AdNabu, and they assure that all campaigns on Google Shopping will have all the best practices for getting the most out of Google Shopping. This app comes with a couple of attributes including automated discovery, segregation and optimization of high performing and low performing keywords. Therefore, you can make the most out of your budget. The module will also look at what negative keywords should be used to your campaigns to stop your campaign from showcasing with the wrong keywords. Especially, the tool will also protect you from duplication of keywords. It will also improve ROI by optimizing bids right down to the individual items

Salient Features 

  • Track your keywords to ensure that your campaigns are properly triggered by searches.
  • Automatically suggests negative keywords to guarantee your products aren’t showcased on the wrong keywords.
  • Make the most out of your budget with ease.
  • Developed by a Google Premier Partner.

These are the best Shopify google shopping app we found during our research, and we honestly hope one of them is the right one for your store. Visit the our website to browse even more Shopify apps and Shopify themes for your online business.

Wrapping up

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