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January 9, 2022

Shopify size chart app: Top 10 fantastic apps to create an unlimited number of product size tables for your Shopify stores

Size charts are really a necessary part for any online business, especially for clothing stores. Thanks to that, customers can easily find and see the most suitable size suit for them. And then, they will make a wise buying decision and get the highest satisfaction when shopping. In order to do that, one of the most effective ways you need to know is using a Shopify size chart app. This app helps the size guides’ addition to the store’s website become easier. Then, it will enable consumers to buy the fit items and meet all their requirements. With these above reasons, today Arrowtheme will review Top 10 fantastic Shopify apps to help you create an infinite number of product size tables for your store. Let’s take a look right now! 

Top 10 best Shopify size chart app for Shopify online stores 

1. AVADA Size Chart FREE!

Shopify size chart app

In case you’re seeking a flawless Shopify size chart app for generating an infinite number of product size tables, let’s consider AVADA. On top of that, AVADA is regarded as an innovative app that can help shop owners solve major issues. In fact, this app uses size guides to support online retailers minimize return rates. Best of all, although this app is free, it comes with a wide range of advanced features for you to develop your store. What’s more, AVADA offers 11 available stunning templates that can fit with any type of business. 

Highlight features of AVADA:

  • The size chart button can be placed anywhere on the website
  • Let photos and videos be attached to the size chart
  • Both size chart guides and designs can be easily customized
  • Keep track of the total number of clicks for each scale. 

2. Size Matters

best Shopify size chart app

The next Shopify app we need to suggest for you is Size Matters. First and foremost, this app is an easy-to-use app for creating size guides for your items. Besides, depending on the available information, you can create their own size chart with ease. Not only that, it also allows you to choose from a variety of chart templates and customize the background color as you want. Hence, it will make your site stand out among the crowd and capture customer’s attention at the first visit. Best of all, it allows for the development of numerous table sizes. Therefore, your buyers are not put off by the long text of detail. 

Outstanding features of Size Matters: 

  • Create as many size tables as you like
  • Allow you to search for required sizes
  • CSS-based customization to suit with your store 
  • Emails are used to keep the latest information.

3. BF Size Charts & Size Guides

ideal Shopify size chart app

Coming to another Shopify size chart app we highly recommend for you to install for your e-commerce store – BF Size Charts & Size Guides. First of all, thanks to this app, you can build an infinite number of size charts that look fantastic on your product pages or collections. Besides, these size charts it created can fit with every type of online store such as  shoes, tops, caps, necklaces and so on. Moreover, you can use this app to customize size charts by adding names, details, or photographs. As a result, it will make your store have a stunning look in the customer’s eye and build the trust in their mind. 

Awesome features of this app:

  • Generate a variety types of size charts
  • Texts as well as pictures can be added to the size chart
  • Include a link to your size chart in your product description
  • Enable you to freely make changes to the size chart according to your favourite.

4. Ultimate Size Chart

outstanding Shopify size chart app

If you’re looking for a Shopify app to create an unlimited number of product size tables for your stores, can’t miss “Ultimate Size Chart”. In fact, this app is an inexpensive yet great solution that can perform all of the functions needed by any online business, especially clothing and accessories. Besides, the best thing about this app is the simplicity of its installation. And, it also provides shoppers with fast and accurate sizing details so they can make educated decisions. Best of all, customers can benefit from the size charts produced by the app for each object.

Highlight features of Ultimate Size Chart:

  • Automatically convert units for your size chart
  • Activate the option for a floating size chart
  • Pre-made size chart templates are available
  • Compatibility for third-party applications. 

5. SMS | Apparel Size Recommender


“Apparel Size Recommender” is the ideal choice for any shopkeepers to build an unlimited number of product size tables. To begin, this best Shopify size chart app will help you avoid customers just going to the store without buying your products. Following that, it will ask your customers four questions to determine the right size for them. Then, this app will make it simple for them to decide the size to purchase. Besides, it also allows you to build size charts for individual clothing pieces, which is perfect for multiple – selling stores. 

Outstanding features of Apparel Size Recommender:

  • Its availability in many different countries including English, German, Italian, etc. 
  • Pose easy questions to assist consumers in determining what best suits them
  • Create individual size charts and connect them to specific items of clothing
  • Customers’ loyalty and profits will rise as a result of your efforts. 

6. Size Chart ‑ Clothes Fit Guide

great Shopify size chart app

Let’s take a look at “Size Chart” – one of the most wonderful Shopify size chart apps worth using in the market. First and foremost, you can save time and effort by taking advantage of this app instead of manually converting sizes and constructing individual measuring tables. In addition, this app has a simple user interface that allows you to quickly build size charts. And, it has several templates to make the process more and more easier for any shop owners. Best of all, there is no need to touch any technical knowledge to set up this app. 

Highlight features of Size Chart:

  • No coding is required for installation
  • Geo-detection and automatic conversion of measurement units
  • Easy installation with a few simple steps 
  • Widget icons can be customized. 

7. Perfect Fit ‑ Size Guidance

Perfect Fit

Coming to “Perfect fit” – an amazing Shopify size chart app for you to boost sales thanks to its shopping convenience. On top of that, it’s a strong size-suggestion tool. Following that, your customers can easily find the best size for them from your all apparel items. Besides, when entering this app, your clients just need to select their gender, height, and upload two images to your website’s widget. And, this app will take care of the rest of this process perfectly. It will analyze images, compare measurements to size charts, and show the ideal size for a product in a matter of seconds.

Awesome features of this app:

  • Very easy to install and use
  • Limit the return order rate
  • Enable you to freely personalize your size chart to make it as outstanding as possible. 

8. Uplara


If you’re looking for a free yet professional Shopify app to create unlimited product size tables , don’t miss “Uplara”. First and foremost, this app is the ideal solution for any customer to find the necessary products at a glance. Following that, based on their particular body shape and height by simply entering their favorite garment, this app will suggest them the perfect outfit. More than that, buyers can use “Uplara” to enter the size and brand of any product they’ve previously purchased. Furthermore, it will automatically convert the relevant size to the appropriate size for your product. As a result, it will build great trust and confidence for customers when they shop on your site. 

Highlight features of Uplara:

  • All customers can receive personalized recommendations
  • Fully responsive with every type of modern device
  • Customizable ability lets you edit anything you want
  • Friendly-recommender’s interface. 

9. Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender

excellent Shopify size chart app

Get maximum rating stars based on thousands of retailer reviews, “Kiwi Size Chart” is really an app worth trying. First of all, thanks to this Shopify size chart app, you can easily showcase various guide tables for each object as well as draw more clients. In reality, it is an excellent option for any business looking to enhance their store’s interface and provide convenience to their visitors. Best of all, by translating measurement units into commonly used units for a particular area, it will save a lot of time for you. 

Key features of this app: 

  • Installation with a single click
  • Provide buttons for a floating scale map
  • Recommenders for sizing
  • No coding required is its big score 
  • Support clients to choose the most suitable products just by a few simple clicks. 

10. MySizeID

wonderful Shopify size chart app

Can’t help but mention “MySizeID” in this topic. In fact, “MySizeID” always appears on Top best Shopify size chart apps in the market with its powerful performance. To begin, you just need to add this app to your product pages and submit your sizing tables to them. Then, your clients are also encouraged to download this app. From that, “MySize ID” can instruct them through a simple measuring procedure. Moreover, as soon as your customers provide their measuring information for this app, it will meet all their demands. Not only that, customers using the app can see their suggested size if you have “MySizeID” built on any of your product sites. 

Highlight features of MySizeID:

  • Reduced returns as a result of the fit 
  • Build the customer’s loyalty
  • Insights into size data and patterns that are accurate
  • Increased conversion as well as increased sales. 

In conclusion

To get success in doing online business, the size chart is not enough. In addition to creating a fantastic size chart, you should consider many other factors. So what are those factors? Let’s refer to Shopify apps right now! 

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