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January 9, 2022

Shopify social share app: Top 10 outstanding apps you need to install for your Shopify stores

As similar as many other apps, Social share app also plays an essential role and a must – have function of any website. This app comes with a lot of advantages for any shop owner. And, one of the most important one is that it will help you access more and more potential customers through the referral of old ones. As you know, nowadays, social networks are the main channels that are very helpful for you to share and connect with customers. Then, if your website hasn’t had this function, it’s really a mistake. However, don’t worry because Shopify social share app can resolve this problem for you with ease. So, in this blog, Arrowtheme will review Top 10 awesome apps you need to install for your e – commerce stores. Let’s explore it right now! 

Top 10 outstanding Shopify social share app

1. Social Media Icons

Shopify social share app

Coming to this topic and the first Shopify social share app we highly suggest for you is Social Media Icons. On top of that, this app provides a wide range of free and stylish social sharing buttons. Hence, you can gain more followers for your website and social media pages with ease. Besides, you can add as many social media icons as you like with only a few simple clicks. Not only that, it allows you to customize everything to your social buttons according to your favorite. Following that, your website will surely stand out from the rest and draw customer’s attention at the first visit. Moreover, thanks to this app, your buyers can share your website on many famous social networks in the world. As a result, it will be the big opportunity for you to increase the shopping for your online shop. 

2. WhatShare

outstanding Shopify social share app

In case you’re seeking an app that helps you promote your website effectively, you should take a look at Whatshare. At first, this app is considered as one of the most outstanding Shopify social share apps in the market. Besides, not only it allows your clients to share products of your store on Whatsapp, but it also includes a WhatShare Bar on store pages and a Blog Share add-on on each blog post. As a result, it will be very easy for customers to describe your fantastics items with their friends. And then, they may become your potential customers in the future. Not only that, Whatshare also plays its role as a helpful report tool. This is because it tracks shared content and generates comprehensive reports for you on what is common among customers and their communities. 

3. AddThis Share Buttons

best Shopify social share app in the market

Let’s take advantage of AddThis Share Button and the result it brings will surprise you. Firstly, this Shopify app was created with the aim of helping shop owners grow their website with some free tools. And, in fact, it is used by millions of websites. Besides, social buttons of this app can help your website increase interaction on some of the world’s largest social channels. Following that, coming to this app, you are able to connect with over 200 big social networks in the world. Best of all, if you aren’t really satisfied with its available share buttons, you can easily customize them in order to make it compatible with your brand. 

4. Social Commerce sharing

Shopify social share app you need to install

Social commerce sharing has also received a lot of compliments about its excellent Social share function. On top of that, this Shopify social share app was built with the goal of increasing sales through referral marketing. Besides, thanks to this app, your clients can become brand influencers through their interactions, reviews, tips, and, most importantly, product referrals. Following that, this smart solution not only attracts more potential customers, but it also retains current clients with attractive rewards once they introduce any new customer. As a result, it will help you raise brand recognition as well as increase consumer loyalty. Best of all, you are free to customize your sharing buttons. Hence, they will match with your brand and look unique from the rest. 

5. Social Share Buttons

excellent Shopify social share app

As its name suggests, Social Share Buttons is an absolutely outstanding Shopify social share app for any shop owners to boost promotion. On top of that, with this app, you have a great opportunity to access more than 40 popular social networks all over the world. Best of all, it allows visitors that enter your website to share your content with just one click of the social buttons on any social media. Following that, you can choose the most suitable one for your website and take advantage of it to create more and more potential customers in the future. In addition, Social Share Buttons provides a bunch of shape options such as: rectangle, circle, rounded, etc for you to choose. 

6. Social Share Cart

effective Shopify social share app

Social share cart is one of the most effective solutions to spread your items to the world in the quickest time. At first, this app is widely used to post carts on popular social media like: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and so on. As you know, posting your shopping carts on social media will easily attract more customer’s attention and push them to make a buy decision as soon as possible. Not only that, when any visitor purchases your items, you can encourage them to share carts with their mates. Hence, while you can approach various potential customers, you still keep a great relationship with your current customers thanks to a lot of rewards for them. 

7. WhatsApp Chat + Cart Recovery

WhatsApp Chat

Receiving the 4.8 rating star based on hundreds of reviews on a big platform like Shopify app store, WhatsApp Chat is really a must – try Shopify social share app. Firstly, with this app, your clients will become helpful promoters for your website. In fact, it is primarily used for users to communicate and talk with one another. Besides, thanks to the Whatsapp sharing feature, your visitors can promote and share your online store on any social network. As a result, it will help you create more potential customers and boost sales easily. What’s more, WhatsApp allows you to send Abandoned Cart Connection messages directly to your customers or give them a special offer to push them to purchase your products fast. 

8. Wishlist + Share + Reminder

perfect Shopify social share app

Don’t worry if your website hasn’t had the social share function yet because Wishlist + Share + Reminder will resolve for you. At first, this Shopify app lets you use the free trial within 7 days before making a buy decision. Basically, this app will help your clients see how many other customers are adding popular items to their wishlists. Moreover, it has a lot of heart-shaped icons that allows you to add or delete items from your wishlist. In addition, this app also reports for you about the abandoned products on any customer’s cart. Following that, it will send them email updates when those wishlist items go on sale. Best of all, this Shopify social share app is  very easy to install and you will master it after a few simple operations. 

9. Checkout Share

Checkout Share

Checkout Share is an outstanding app you can’t ignore in case you want your website to be widely known. Can say, this app will help your store become more and more successful and prosperous as soon as possible. At first, it allows the buyers to finish their checkout, resulting in more repeat orders and a higher conversion rate. What’s more, when a customer finishes purchase, this app will show the Share widget on your Thank You page. Besides, it also provides them a discount code as a great reward to encourage them to make next purchases. Not only that, Checkout Share also runs as an analysis and report machine. Following that, you can easily monitor the effectiveness of the sharing network process. 

10. Mobile Social Share Bar

Mobile share bar

Coming to the last yet very advanced Shopify social share app called Mobile Social Share bar. Firstly, through this app, your visitors can connect with you via many types of applications like: Skype, SMS, Telegram, etc. Not only that, can share your website on a lot of popular social networks including Twitter, Whatsapp, LinkedIn and so on. As a result, you will have more opportunities to approach with many different customers and boost sales with ease. Besides, this app is also beneficial. This is because it can help you increase your conversion rate by allowing your customers to call or contact you while they are still on your website. 

Wrapping up

Have you chosen the best Shopify social share app for your Shopify ecommerce store through our article? If NOT, let Arrowtheme know and we will give you the best advice. Not only that, as a trusted Shopify partner, we provide Shopify packages that contain all Shopify services you’ll need if you are completely new to this platform. Best of all, we are running a sale program that allows you to save up to 30% on all of our Shopify services. Are you interested? If YES, let’s CONTACT US right now!

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