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January 9, 2022

Shopify store locator app: Top 10 best apps to drive in-store sales for your business

A business with a clear business address will create the trust of customers many times more than a vague or no address. Then, if you are running a store and want to drive brand’s trustworthiness, one of the most necessary things you should consider is Store location. In fact, there are numerous ways to do that, however, today, Arrowtheme will only mention Shopify store locator app. Can say, this app will make it easier for prospective customers to find your physical store, resulting in increased your in-store sales. If you still don’t know which app to use for your store, let this blog below help you. In this blog, Arrowtheme will review Top 10 astonishing Shopify store locator apps for you. Let’s explore right now! 

Top 10 best Shopify store locator app for online store

1. Bold Store Locator

Shopify store locator app

The first Shopify store locator app we highly recommend for you to increase in-store shopping for your business is “Bold Store Locator”. To begin, this app allows you to configure the most precise location of your store by adding a locator segment to it. Besides, this app can import an address, zip code, postal code, etc. Thanks to these, it can easily help your store avoid the customer’s traffic spikes during their access and quickly direct them to the nearest store. Moreover, it will post your opening or closing business hour exactly as well as optional driving directions to your store. Additionally, when driving to shops, it will automatically recalculate the distance and time, and will update the information to customers on a regular basis.

2. Store Locator ‑ W3

best Shopify store locator app

If you’re seeking a Shopify app that can help you effectively drive in-store sales for your business, let’s take a look at “W3”. In fact, there is no denying the excellence of W3 with a lot of smart features as well as great performance. To begin, with this app, shopkeepers have access to a large data center and can upload several location areas of their stores. Then, customers are directed to these physical agents with simple directions. Besides, if you’re doing multi-stores, this app will let you know which one has the highest traffic and the real-time customer stay longest. As a result, you can come up with suitable promoting programs and generate more revenue with ease. Best of all, this app also allows you to use absolutely Free within 7 days before making a buying decision. 

3. ProMap ‑ Store Locator


As its name suggests, “ProMap” is a wonderful Shopify store locator app you should consider installing for your online store. First and foremost, ProMap is a useful tool for directing customers to your store’s address quickly. Then, as a store owner, you have access to an unrestricted data warehouse and can use a CSV file to import the location of their physical store into its map. Besides, thanks to this app, you will know the most accurate and popular information that customers are looking for about your store. Hence, you can rethink marketing strategy as well as deliver more goods in a specific market, then boost sales with ease. What’s more, you can easily adapt to all customer’s demands with a lot of new features including a tagging filter. a personalized pin and so on. 

4. Lifter Store Locator

awesome Shopify store locator app

Don’t forget “Lifter Store Locator” because it’s not inferior to any Shopify app in the market about the effectiveness in navigation customers for your store. Simply speaking, it runs as a tool supporting physical store sales. This is thanks to directing customers to the nearest store location where offline desired items are sold. Besides this, store owners have permission to conduct searches on their most frequently visited branch. Then, you can make a smart decision to distribute a large number of products in that region. Thus, increasing sales as a result. Furthermore, visitors with limited geographic awareness will benefit from the additional simple direction instructions thanks to this app. Best of all, no coding required is the biggest score of this Shopify store locator app. 

5. POWR Map + Store Locator


Coming to another flawless Shopify store locator app named “POWR Map”. First of all, with this app, your store as well as event locations will be displayed on your website. POWR Map, in particular, allows you to add several locations to your page and move between them quickly. Besides, this app comes with 3 types of maps such as: satellite, roadmap and hybrid maps. From these, you can select the most suitable one for your site or jump between them. As a result, it will bring your clients the highest satisfaction and give them a variety of experiences. Not only that, it supports languages all over the world, allowing you to use your native tongue with ease. 

6. Stockist Store Locator

outstanding Shopify store locator app

Let’s take a look at one of the most outstanding Shopify apps for locator stores – Stockist Store Locator. Firstly, it was created with the interface and function was best optimized compared to any other apps. Besides, this app offers you unlimited choice and customization to blend in with your shop’s website framework thanks to its large selection of map themes. And, thanks to the super-fast pace, customers can gain access to and scan the desired location via its address in just a few minutes. In addition, this app is especially smart because of the ability to automatically correct spelling errors. Following that, even if your customer misspelled your store location, it will still adjust it for the correct result. 

7. Store Locator by Storemapper

wonderful Shopify store locator app

“Store Locator by Storemapper” is proud because it’s the pioneer app in the navigation area. In fact, this app was built with the aim of assisting shop owners in gathering comprehensive data and ranking their retailers based on “searching results.” Firstly, it directs buyers to the physical wanted store and provides details about the store’s vendors, agents, and items. Besides, it also helps sellers to explore which areas are still untapped and are being searched the most. Hence, you can easily choose the ideal place to launch another store in order to gain more and more profits. Not only that, your requisite data will be automatically added from the various information warehouses of Google, Shopify, etc with high speed instead of update from CSV files as is customary. 

8. Simple Map

Simple Map

If you want to create more in-store sales for your business, “Simple Map” will be the ideal solution for you. At first, “Simple Map” is a useful tool that helps you effortlessly show your store position on a map. And, you can use this app to add a map to your store page, for example. It will, in particular, automatically display your most recent orders on the map, with a total of 500 orders. Besides, thanks to this Shopify store locator map, your buyers can know how to get to your physical store. Thus, increasing the likelihood that they will visit. Not only that, this app also enables you to insert items and brand image markers in order to develop your store as well. 

9. Rebase

excellent Shopify store locator app

Why don’t you have a glance at “Rebase”? It is one of the most perfect Shopify apps in directing customers to your physical store. To begin, as soon as you install “Rebase”, your location information will automatically synchronize with your Facebook and Business pages. Hence, you don’t need to worry about the incorrect data and save a lot of time to set up. Besides, “Rebase” can help you generate product page feeds with a variety of available designs and layouts. More than those, through this app, your customers can build wishlists and add their favorite pieces directly from the collection tab with no effort. 

10. Maps by Develic

best Shopify store locator app

Last but not least is a Shopify app that is no less competitive than any of the above apps – “Maps by Develic”. First of all, “Maps by Develic” is a must-having app with any Shopify store. This is because it allows you to embed a Google Map with your store’s location on your website. Then, it will make customers feel easier when finding your physical location. Moreover, with just a simple click, you can activate Google Map Directions to your shop. Additionally, you can also change over 20 other settings. Then, you will make the map display more personalized and match with your store’s theme. Best of all, this Shopify store locator app provides users with a 7 days free trial. So, let’s take advantage of it right now! 

In conclusion

In short, Shopify store locator apps we review above are all perfect, and depend on your requirements, you can choose the most suitable one for your online store.

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