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May 23, 2021

Shopify translation app: Top 10 best apps to appeal more the global audiences to your online stores

Making your Shopify store accessible to different countries is easier than you think with Shopify translation app. This app will gives you a reliable and easy way to automatically display and translate your store with ease. To help you decide on the suitable apps, we have curated top Shopify translation app based on rating, the number of reviews and unique features. We hope this list will help you in your research to choose the best suitable apps for your online store.

1. Translate Your Store

Shopify translation app

The WeGlot app is one of best choice in our list. One of the outstanding benefits of this app is the fact that it is completely free to download. Also, this app allows you to easily translate your Shopify store into various languages. Likewise, you can use this tool to automatically translate any e-mails or messages sent out to your shoppers

More than that, this Shopify app allow you to translates all your store content including checkout, email notifications and more. At the same time, it also provides you a fantastic SEO feature that support you in ranking your Shopify store highly in foreign countries.


  • No code installation
  • Instantly translated store
  • Intuitive dashboard to edit translations
  • Browser language redirections
  • Translated checkouts, email notifications and dynamic contents

2. Translation Lab

Shopify translation app

Translation Lab can smoothly translate your web page into more than 100 different languages. Also, it also offers users a fantastic SEO function that ranks their website highly for the foreign clients. While the tool automatically translates your webpage, you always take the control on the theme and appearance of your website. More so, it is very simply to make alterations to the translations. In this way, any errors can be fixed instantly. 


  • Manually translate every resource into multiple languages
  • AI translations
  • No coding skills needed.
  • Translation Lab is compatible with all major SEO apps.

3. langify

Shopify app

Once you install Langify app, you can start translating instantly without waiting for your theme to translate. This app will automatically detect the language of your customers and change to their preferred one. Moreover, it also support multi languages and enables you to import/export the translation data into/out of your online store. However, a weakness of this app is that the checkout page and notifications cannot be translated or in other words, it will be displayed in the base language of your store.


  • Detect consumer’s language automatically
  • Support all kind of languages
  • Allow import/export translation file
  • Provide full support of SEO
  • Available for image translation

4. G | translate


GTranslate is a powerful Shopify app that can automatically convert your Shopify store into another language thanks to Google translator. Beside, one of big advantages of this app is that it is free for downloads. However, it also supports a premium version that comes with complete SEO features. With this, this app helps you to increases the traffic by search engines from other countries and languages.

When the user visits on your website, they will be presented with a lot of styles to choose the language such as a dropdown menu, flags or a combination of the two.


  • Generate multilingual SEO, enabling your website to be found globally.
  • Automatically translate your store, with the power of Google.
  • The app isn’t blocked in China.
  • Multiple ways to support users to select the right language for them.

5. Translate


With LangShop, you can easily translate your website content with more than 100 available languages. This app supports you with the currency converter feature. With this, your customers don’t need to go out of your website to change the product price into what they currently use. Besides, this management process is very easily that you can manage everything on one page only with the analytics of translated content. On top of that, this Shopify app also support the translation for checkout page and SMS or email notifications


  • Automatically detect visitor’s language and currency
  • Support multiple currency converter
  • Easy to control multilingual content from one page
  • Available for analyzing translated content
  • Provide translation for checkout and SMS/email notifications

6. Uplinkly Language Translate

Shopify  app

Uplinkly Language Translate App allows users to translate text in a Shopify store into their mother tongue. By installing this app, you easily select which languages you would like your website to be available in. No matter where your customers come from, this app’ve got you covered. Besides, this tool doesn’t require code edit, so you don’t need to have any coding skills to install and use.

More importantly, with this app, you can easily customize the position of the translation icon or you can integrate Language Translate into your menu and footer for easy notice by shoppers


  • Easy to install and set up
  • Customers can customize their desire languages
  • Select from more than 100 languages
  • Don’t require code edit
  • Support to auto translate and boost your sales

7. Translate My Store


Translate My Store provides you a great SEO feature, ranking your online website highly for potential foreign shoppers. This too is completely easy to use and install.

Moreover, this tool provides you the opportunity to translate various sectors of your online store such as the product page, checkout page, and blogs. Although this platform automatically translates your web page, it is not uncommon for language mistakes to occur. In order to stop this, you need the option to pay an additional fee for a professional proofreader. 


  • Auto AI Translation
  • Multi-Currency + Region Based Pricing
  • Add a fully customizable language switcher on your store websites
  • Offer more seamless multi language experience without slowed page loading

8. Transcy


Transcy is one of the top best translation app in our list. It is a great and powerful tool to help your Shopify store grow faster. One of best the app’s feature is that it app automatically translates all webpages in just a few minutes. At the same time, you can manage your translation in a single place. This Shopify app also allows you to translate the entire store into over 100 languages in some minutes for all size businesses.


  • Use Shopify APIs & Google APIs
  • Third-party app functions to translate content in front-end apps like Product Reviews, Sales Pop-up, Information Box, Widgets,…
  • The media replacement function enables you to add a specific image for every translation,
  • Auto-update language translation
  • Customize language switcher to fit your store themes and have appealing website looks
  • Moreover, Transcy offers the Currency converter with no costs

9. Bablic Store Translation App

shopify app

If you are seeking for a Shopify translation app that can assist you to boost revenues by translating and localizing your entire store, this module is your perfect solution. Furthermore, it offers your customers a smooth and natural shopping experience by detecting and showcasing their native language automatically. Most importantly, you can easily making changes, adding new items or running promotions in multiple languages with ease.


  • No coding needed. Our user-friendly Visual Editor can translate pictures, buttons, popups, and more
  • Instant global reach. Enter new markets in minutes for more visitors, engagement, and sales
  • Translation choice. Free auto-translate, use your own translation, or easily hire one of our professional translation partners

10. Translate Language

shopify app

Shopify translation app enables you to have your website translated into more than 100 various languages. Also, it equips you with a great analytics dashboard that support you to track and optimize the conversions of your websites. As a result, you will know when a translation needs some more work on it. For the user to choose their language, you’ll be provided several options including a pop-up form or a button. Besides, you can easily change the place of the button easily within the settings menu, to locate it in the best position for your store’s design.


  • Translate your website in minutes and get a professional to proofread if you need it.
  • Several options available for the consumer to select their preferred language.
  • Easy to install and use, no developer required.
  • Great analytics that allows you to see where sales are being made.

We know that selecting the right app can be daunting. These are the best Shopify translation app we found during our research, and we hope one of them is the suitable one for your Shopify store. Also, visit the our store for more Shopify apps and Shopify themes to upgrade your Shopify store.

Wrapping up

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