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January 9, 2022

Shopify trust badge app: Top 10 best apps to boost ecommerce conversion rates

As the potential of data breaches has increased in recent years, shoppers have become more cautious and distrustful about making purchases online. Thus,if your ecommerce store doesn’t create a certain trust for customers, they will easily pass you by immediately. In fact, there are a variety of great ways to help you build trustworthiness for your brand. However, in this blog, Arrowtheme will only mention the solution using Shopify trust badge app. With this app, you can attract new customers while retaining loyal customers thanks to the reliable trust badge it created. As a result, your ecommerce store will easily boost sales as well as drive more conversion rates effectively. With these reasons, Arrowtheme will deliver for you Top 10 worth-using Shopify trust badge apps in the market. Let’s explore them right now! 

Top best Shopify trust badge app for online stores

1. Trust Hero ‑ Trust Badges

Shopify trust badge app

If you want to take advantage of a free yet professional Shopify trust badge app, let’s take a look at “Trust Hero”. In fact, “Trust Hero” is meant to help your store achieve more store visitors’ trust. As a result, your business will easily increase revenue and boost ecommerce conversion rates. Besides, this app helps you build a great trustworthiness in the eyes of visitors by showing trust badges on your store. Moreover, people who have faith in the integrity of your store are more likely to become customers. This is because they feel more secure and confident in purchasing your goods. 


best Shopify trust badge app

Trust badge plays a significant role with any ecommerce store because it will decide the trust of their brands. With that reason, we highly recommend for you “TRUST” – one of the most wonderful Shopify apps for creating a reliable trust badge. In fact, whenever visiting any ecommerce site, online clients frequently spend less than 3 seconds to see if the website is trustworthy and should they buy it. This is why this Shopify trust badge app was created. To begin, it aids in the build of trust seals for your store, particularly on the checkout site. What’s more, it also lets you show reviews of your buyers, which reduces visitor security and consequently increases conversion rates. 

3. Free Trust Badge

Free Shopify trust badge app

Coming to another Shopify trust badge you should know if you want to increase your brand’s trustworthiness – Free Trust Badge. In particular, this app is the perfect choice for new businesses that have not yet created a lot of trust for customers. First and foremost, with this app, you can show a collection of payment processor badges to your store with ease. Hence, any customer entering your store will feel more secure and confident in its credibility. And, it will be more inclined to make a purchase decision as a result. More than that, you also have many freedoms to entirely modify the badge to completely complement the look of your store. 

4. VITALS | 40+ Apps in One


Receiving 5-rating based on approximately 2500 reviews on Shopify app store, “VITALS” will be the perfect choice for your online store. In fact, “VITALS” is considered as the most wonderful Shopify app in the market. This is because it covers up to 40 sub-apps and all of them are very beneficial and helpful with any ecommerce website. However, in this blog, we only mention its trust badge function. First of all, this app comes with a professional and appealing design that will grab any customer’s attention at the first glance. Thanks to it, your store will easily boost trust and conversion rate in the shortest time. Besides, it provides you with a free trial within 30 days before making a buying decision. So, let’s take advantage of this awesome Shopify trust badge app now! 

5. TrustedSite ‑ Trust Badges

outstanding Shopify trust badge app

In case you’re seeking a powerful way to boost ecommerce conversion rates effectively, you can’t ignore “TrustedSite”. In reality, “TrustedSite” is one of the most popular and advanced trust badge apps on Shopify platform. When your store integrates this app, you will ensure that your store visitors are aware that your site is secure. This is thanks to the trust badge that this app creates for your store. Besides, this app supports more than 20 languages which might be used to display these verification pages and trustmarks. Not only that, it also runs as a smart scanning machine. Following that, it will scan your site for malware, viruses, and other unwanted behavior automatically.

6. Ultimate Trust Badges

wonderful Shopify trust badge app

Coming to another free yet flawless Shopify trust badge app you should add for your online store named “Ultimate Trust Badges”. Firstly, there is no denying that this app is really a smart tool for increasing consumer trust. Besides, not only does it enable your visitors to shop with confidence, but it also improves the number of long-term customers. In addition, this app allows you to customize your trust badge as you want to make it suitable with your brand and bring customers the highest reliability when seeing it. Best of all, “Ultimate Trust Badges” is also fully responsive with every type of modern devices, especially is friendliness with mobile phones. 

7. Free Trust Badge Master

Free Shopify trust badge app

Another free Shopify trust badge app that you can’t miss is “Free Trust Badge Master”. In fact, this app gives you the easiest approach to increase your conversions without any hard effort and money. As you know, when an online visitor arrives at a website, they must do a lot of thinking before making a purchase. Because online shopping is not as reliable as buying in physical stores. And, if your store doesn’t have a stunning trust badge, you will surely lose a lot of potential customers. Moreover, you can use this app to display visible indicators that reassure clients that the shop is extremely honest. 

8. Trust Me

Trust Me

Let’s take a look at a Shopify app called “Trust Me” and you will be surprised with the result it brings. Firstly, with this app, you can provide your consumers a sense of security by telling them which licensed payment methods you have and how authoritative they are. By this way, you can give them a significant level of security. Besides, the payment badges will be available on any mobile device. Hence, it will bring customers the best experience and convenience when shopping on your site. Not only that, if you aren’t satisfied with its available trust badge, you can have the option to change the icon size to perfectly match with your business. 

9. Trustbadge: Reviews Toolkit

awesome Shopify trust badge app

To build trustworthiness with customers, you should use a Shopify trust badge app. And, one of the most outstanding we want to suggest for you is an app named “Trustbadge”. On top of that, through collecting and posting your product reviews, this app will help any ecommerce store gain the highest trust in customer’s mind. Then, it will easily convert to official clients, and generate more revenue as a great result. Besides, you can also simply and swiftly handle shop and product feedback thanks to this Shopify trust badge app. 

10. Badgify


Can’t help but mention the wonderful Shopify trust badge app called “Badgify” in our list. In fact, this app is really an essential tool that any ecommerce shop owner needs to increase sales and acquire greater consumer trust. To begin, this app covers a lot of appealing badges to your items such as: Newest products, Best Sellers, On-sale, etc. Besides, you can freely edit these badges to match it suitable with your store’s appearance and become stand out among the crowd. Best of all, this app requires little time and no Shopify Liquid expertise to set up. Furthermore, you can take advantage of it within a 7-day free trial. 

The final line

In conclusion, Arrowtheme hopes from our post, you can choose the best Shopify trust badge app for your online store. As a result, you can gain as many outstanding business results as possible for your store.

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