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January 8, 2022

Social share app: Top 10 best Shopify apps to you connect your store and customers to social media with ease

In the era of modern technology and the strong development of social networks, it would be remiss if your store doesn’t have a social sharing feature. As you may know, social networks are very potential places to grow your business. This is because there are a vast number of people active on them. If you’re seeking a solution that can help you connect your store and clients to social media, you have found the right place! In this blog, Arrowtheme wants to review Top 10 awesome Shopify Social share app you need to install for your online business. Let’s take a look right now! 

Top 10 flawless Shopify Social Share app for any online stores

1. Social Media Icons

Social share app

The first Shopify social share app we want to suggest for you is “Social Media Icons”. In reality, not as simply as an app, it runs as a smart tool to help you connect your store and customers to social media. First and foremost, this app comes with many free and stylish social sharing buttons. Thanks to these, you can easily increase the number of followers on your website and social media pages. Besides, it allows you to add as many social sharing icons as you want with some simple clicks. Of course, you also have many freedoms to edit them from styles, sizes to colors. Then, you can match them with your brand and impressive to customers. Best of all, you can approach more potential customers through sharing on many social media such as: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. 

2. WhatShare


If you’re seeking for a wonderful app that can help you get efficiency in promoting, let’s take a look at “WhatShare”. Firstly, you can use this app to let your loyal customers become your store’s ambassadors. This is because nowadays, WhatShare is one of popular social media that has the highest rates of connection opening in the market. Besides, it not only allows your customers to share your store’s goods on Whatsapp, but it also includes a WhatShare Bar on store pages and Blog Share add-ons on each blog post. As a result, it will be very convenient and effective for customers to refer your products to their friends. 

3. AddThis Share Buttons

best Social share app

“AddThis Share Buttons” is the ideal choice in case you expect to find an awesome Shopify Social share app. On top of that, this app was built with the goal of assisting shopkeepers to develop their website with some free tools. Besides, there are millions of websites that make use of it. Furthermore, this app’s social buttons will support your website in increasing engagement by sharing them on some world’s most popular social media platforms. Not only that, you have many freedoms to customize these available share buttons if they haven’t met your demands yet. Best of all, this app also has the fastest loading speed on the web. Hence, your clients will receive the best shopping experience on your site. 

4. Mobile Social Share Bar

outstanding Social share app

Coming to another Shopify app for interacting your store and customers to social media – Mobile Social Share Bar. To begin, your visitors can communicate with you through a variety of social networks such as Skype, SMS, Telegram, and others thanks to this app. Besides, by allowing customers to contact you with questions while they are still on your website, you can effortlessly increase your conversion rate. Furthermore, it also has the ability to adjust its tool behaviour. Then, you can have your button order rearranged. In addition, this app supplies various targeting options and shows rules. 

5. Checkout Share

Checkout Share

In case you’re looking for an outstanding Shopify social share app, you should have a glance at “Checkout Share”. First and foremost, this app lets the customers complete their checkout, resulting in more repeat orders and a higher conversion rate. Besides, it will display a pop-up on the View Cart Page. Following that, this is an ideal place to offer free goods with no shipping costs or a slight discount to your customers. Additionally, as soon as a customer makes a purchase, this app can show a Share widget on your Thank You page. Not only that, it also provides a discount code for encouraging them to return to buy more times in the future. 

6. Social Share Buttons

wonderful Social share app

If you don’t have any idea how to connect your business and customers to social media, let “Social Share Buttons” help you. To begin, your store will have many opportunities to access over 40 famous social networks thanks to this Social share app. Then, from those, you can choose which ones are relevant to your business and plan to encourage customers to share your posts on them. As a result, there will be more potential clients who can know about your brand. Then, you can easily boost sales without any hard efforts. Best of all, this app allows you to freely choose the shape of the button including rectangle, circle, etc. And, you can display them in whatever position you consider most attractive and easiest-to-see. 

7. Wishlist + Share + Reminder

excellent Social share app

To connect your store and clients to social media with ease, you should take a look at “Wishlist + Share + Reminder”. On top of that, thanks to this app, customers can easily generate their own list they want. Besides, through it, visitors will see how many other customers are adding popular items to their wishlists. Not only that, it also comes with a lot of heart-shaped icons. As a result, you can add or delete items from your wishlist with ease. Moreover, this Social share app can run as an advanced notify tool. From that, your customers receive notifications about the products they have added to the shopping cart but haven’t yet paid. Therefore, you can easily boost sales and gain higher profits. 

8. Social Share Cart

best Social share app in the market

Promotion is an important part for any shop owner to extend the brand widely all over the world. Firstly, this app is primarily used to share carts across various social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and so on. Besides, your e-commerce store will become more social as a result of the app. Simply speaking, you just need to post your shopping carts on social media. Then, you will grab other potential customer’s interest as well as generate more benefits. Not only that, you may also encourage your customers to share their shopping carts with their friends after purchasing your items. 

9. rBux: Referral Rewards


Coming to the next Shopify social share app that collects various compliments from a lot of online retailers – rBux. Firstly, rBux was created with the aim of helping shop owners to generate more sales through referral marketing. Besides, your customers can easily become effective brand influencers through their interactions, reviews, tips, product referrals, etc for your business thanks to this app. As a result, not only does rBux attract more potential customers for your store, but it also retains dearest buyers with attractive rewards for them after introducing any new customer. Not only that, you also have many freedoms to edit your sharing buttons as you want. Therefore, they will match with your brand and stand out compared to any competitor. 

10. WhatsApp Chat

awesome Social share app

Being last in this list doesn’t mean not good compared to the apps above and “WhatsApp Chat” proves it. In fact, this Shopify social app is considered as one of the perfect must-trying for any e-commerce store. This is thanks to numerous positive reviews on Shopify app store. First of all, when integrating this app to your website, your dearest customers will become useful promoters for your website. Besides, “WhatsApp Chat” is exactly the place where customers can communicate with one another with ease. Moreover, your visitors can promote and share your online store on any social network as soon as you install this app. From these features, it will help you approach more potential customers and increase revenue in the shortest time. So, let’s take advantage of it now! 

The final line 

How do you feel after reading the above article? Is it helpful and answers your inquiry? Arrowtheme hopes you say “YES” and then, we will be motivated to create more useful articles for your business. In addition to the Social share app, you also should know many other functions that can be helpful to develop your store. Let’s explore other Shopify apps.
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