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March 25, 2021

Top 10 best free Shopify themes to make your online shop stand out

E commerce is soaring these days. Your customers can buy almost anything without leaving their home, through the ecommerce websites. If you are about to open an online store on Shopify with limited budget, you could choose free themes. Therefore, here are some recommended free Shopify themes to make your online shop more stand out.

1. Express

This free theme is perfectly designed to fit an eCommerce website featuring an event of any kind. Some of the best features include event information, speaker profiles, sponsors, schedules, etc. All are very well structured, so that it’s easy to navigate around the site.

2. Narrative

The Narrative theme was designed to feature a product and highlight all of its benefits as well as features on a single page. However, this is not to say that you can’t add more. You can, but works best for single products.

  • Customizable content sections on home page
  • Mobile-friendly designer
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media icons
  • Drop-down navigation support
  • Built-in styles and color palettes
  • Free theme updates

3. Debut – A flexible one in free Shopify themes list

Debut is distributed and supported by Shopify itself. Most important, it’s customizable, super-fast, easy to navigate, and flexible enough to suit a broad range of stores, regardless of how big your inventory is. Moreover, it looks great on both desktop and mobile.

  • Built for small catalogs
  • Hero video
  • Designed for visual storytelling
  • Fixed navigation
  • Vertical slideshow
  • Wide layout

4. Venture

Venture is a free Shopify theme that has a clear outdoorsy vibe, so it’s a great solution if your product targets the sports and adventure categories.

5. Boundless

If high-quality photographs are your site’s strong point, Boundless might be a good option. This free theme makes your product photographs the highlight of your online store. Because it’s quite minimalist, you can use it no matter whether you’re selling bikes or candy.

6. Simple – A solid one on free Shopify themes list

If you’re looking for a solid alternative to Shopify-distributed themes, Simple is a great option. Above all, the theme doesn’t require coding skills. It also has a fast page loading speed, which is an important way to reduce store abandonment.

7. Brooklyn

Brooklyn comes with a mobile-first responsive design approach. So, you can expect great navigation even on a mobile device.

8. Supply

If you’re a merchant with a large inventory and multiple collections, Supply could be the Shopify theme for you. This theme will make you shine if you’ve got more than 50 products, over 5 collections, or large menus.

9. Minimal – A minimal but strong one in free Shopify themes list

Minimal has been around for a while. Moreover, it’s still a free yet powerful alternative to the options offered by Shopify. Moreover, using high-quality images, you can transform this basic theme into an online store that feels expensive while keeping your costs very minimal.

10. Fashe

Fashe is a Shopify theme developed by Colorlib. Above all, the strength of the theme is the minimalist design that works well for different categories, from bakery to electronics.

Free Shopify themes: This list will be upadated

To sum up, great design is an essential factor to a successful eCommerce website. You can create a beautiful Shopify store with a variety of themes, even the free ones.

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