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May 17, 2021

Shopify catalog app: Top 10 best apps to improve the conversion rate for your Shopify stores

You want to optimize your sale. However, you don’t know how to do that. Don’t worry, Shopify catalog app will help you. Catalog apps for Shopify allow you to create a catalog-style listing from your online store. Therefore, your customers can see more of your store’s products only by one page. Besides that, you can also use Shopify catalog app to convert product listings into a PDF file which customers can download and review. It will help your customers to download your listings and shop when they cannot connect to the internet. As a result, your online Shopify store may increase the sales with ease. We know that. Thus, in this blog, ArrowTheme will bring to you Top 10 best Shopify catalog apps to improve the conversion rate for your Shopify stores. Let’s go

Shopify catalog app-Catalog Maker by Now in store inc.

Shopify catalog app

Catalog Maker by Now in store inc. is the favorite Shopify catalog app of many shop owners. Firstly, this Shopify catalog app helps you to understand the steps of creating a professional and attractive printable. Besides that, you are able to import Shopify items into a drop interface and user-friendly drag and drop interface with just a few clicks. Furthermore, the Catalog Marker allows you to include a tear sheet button on any product page with a few simple steps. As a result, customers are able to download the PDF version. 

Awesome features:

  • Firstly, increase your visibility with potential customers.
  • Secondly, provide an infinite number of catalogs.
  • Enable customers to print the product’s PDF edition
  • You will support whole sales by a professional catalog

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Wholesale Catalog Maker by Zination

catalog app Shopify

Wholesale Catalog Maker is one of the smartest Shopify catalog apps available. This app allows you to transform wholesale goods into products for your online store. This will provide you with a range of attractive features that will help you boost your sales. Furthermore, by Catalog Maker Studio, you have permission to create your own e-catalog. Besides that, you can also use it to build custom templates for your website or items. The second unique feature of this app is that it allows your customers to make more transactions in order to receive more discounts. Moreover, It is easier  for consumers to purchase items by using Wholesale Catalog Maker by Zination. 

Awesome features:

  • Firstly, easy to customize this app.
  • Enable you to sell wholesale goods on your website.
  • Encourage your customers to make more transactions in order to receive larger discounts.
  • Finally, make it easier for customers to purchase items by simplifying the order process

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Panda Catalog by Seller panda

Shopify app

Panda Catalog by Seller panda is the next Shopify catalog app for your online store. This Shopify app allows you to quickly and easily construct a beautiful product catalog with just a few clicks. Each product may have up to a hundred items shown, with each set having a cover page with photos and a brief summary. You can also decorate your catalog by using different fonts, pictures, and colors, as well as adding your store’s logo to match your theme. After you’ve finished making your catalog, you can either download and print it, or give your customers the catalog URL.

Awesome features:

  • Build a beautiful product catalog with ease.
  • Customers can either download and print your catalog or you can give them the URL.
  • Each catalog can have up to a hundred items.
  • Customize your catalog to match the theme of your shop.
  • Each product range should have its own cover page.

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Affiliates Catalog by Varinode, inc.

Catalog app

Coming to this Shopify catalog app, you have an opportunity to enjoy lots of cool features. First of all, the app allows users to import items from retailers into their Shopify stores. By registering for a retailer’s free account, your store will serve as an intermediary. Therefore, you can collect a commission for each purchase transaction. Furthermore, Affiliate Catalog is an excellent tool for improving the SEO of your product listing. Customers searching for keywords related to their desired items can find your stores on the first page of results.

Awesome features:

  • Shopify stores will import items from retailers.
  • Earn fees to increase sales.
  • Increase the number of products available in the store
  • Fulfill orders from outside sources.
  • Boost your product page’s SEO

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Digital Catalog Maker by Zination

Shopify catalog apps

Lookbook Maker, created by ZINation, is a simple PDF catalog as well as a shoppable lookbook creator. If you have any old PDF catalogs or booklets, you can update them simply by making them shoppable and interactive. By this Shopify catalog app, you can access a range of customers thanks to the embedded digital catalog. Furthermore, this app also allows users to share links to the new collection’s lookbook or digital catalog through various social media platforms or by email. You don’t have to be concerned about time when using the app because you can create a digital catalog in minutes. 

Awesome features:

  • Convert a PDF file into an eye-catching online digital catalog.
  • Within minutes, you can build an amazing lookbook from product images.
  • Customers should be able to buy products from the lookbook and digital catalog.
  • Increase profits by attracting new buyers.
  • Reach customers from any place.

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Shopify catalog app- Catalog Machine by Catalog machine

online catalog

Coming with lots of awesome features, Catalog Machine by Catalog machine will help your business success. This shopify catalog app can assist you with PDF or online catalogs, price lists, and line sheets. Additionally, you can also produce marketing brochures, wholesale line sheets, and datasheets for each product using the app. Catalog formats such as HTML and PDF are well-supported. You can conveniently import and synchronize Shopify items with just one click. Not only that, it also helps you share your catalogs on several social media platforms. Besides that, you are able to submit them via email for customers to download, and print PDF files. As a result, your sale can be boosted. 

Awesome features:

  • Shopify goods should be synchronized.
  • Custom catalog templates are supported.
  • Use social media to share PDF or online items.
  • Reduce the cost of printing, sales, and advertising.

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Exico Easy Catalog Builder by Exico software solutions

Catalog builder

Exico Easy Catalog Builder by Exico Software Solutions is a Shopify catalog app that allows you to quickly create beautiful PDF product catalogs. Moreover, Exico allows you to design front and back covers for your catalogs, as well as add social media links and company details, so your product catalog can look more impressive than ever. Furthermore, you have the thousands of customization options available, such as adjusting pricing, changing texts, fonts, and colors, and so on, as well as upload your own custom images.

Awesome features:

  • Quickly create a product catalog
  • Design the catalogs’ front and back covers.
  • Include social media links and information about your business.
  • Upload your own images.
  • Customization options include adjusting pricing, changing texts, fonts, and colors, and so on.

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Shopify catalog appCoral CC by Coral cc

Ecommerce webiste

Coral CC is a Shopify app that allows you to quickly create unique and interactive online catalogs. The app automatically gathers store information and assists you in building your own catalogs. These catalogs are then saved as PDF files that you can post on your website, import, or share with your clients so that they can connect with them without interruption.

Awesome features:

  • Unique catalogs can be easily created.
  • Catalogs in PDF format that can be downloaded
  • Allow customers to complete their shopping in one location rather than being redirected to different pages.

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Easy Catalogs ‑ Unlimited

PDF catalog

Easy Catalogs ‑ Unlimited is the Shopify catalog app you should not miss. This app will help you to build a PDF catalog within minutes. Furthermore, from more than six professional templates, you can choose any templates for your online store. Besides that, you are able to customize them with your own colors, pictures. 

Awesome features:

  • With only a few mouse clicks, you can build an infinite number of catalogs.
  • Make your catalogs of more than six models.
  • Have a digital purchase button on all digital catalog copies.
  • Copies can be sent via email or regular mail.

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Shopify catalog appFlook: From PDF To Flipbook

ArrowHiTech Shopify app

Any PDFs on your website are automatically converted into a digital flipbook by Flook. Customers can access documents such as catalogs without having to download them or leave the website. Moreover, customers can also be allowed to download your flipbook/PDF so they can read it offline or share it with other people via social networks. A zoom option and full-screen mode are both available to help visitors to your website see the product more clearly.

Awesome features:

  • Your catalogs will be converted into flipbooks.
  • Work well on any devices
  • Internal and external hyperlinks are supported.

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