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January 1, 2022

Shopify QR code generator app: Top 3 best apps to optimize your Shopify stores

QR codes are commonly used for commercial purposes. A two-dimensional square barcode that can store encoded data is known as a QR Code. The data is usually a link to a website (URL). You may be wondering how we build  these codes. Don’t worry. With the help of Shopify QR code generator app, You can easily create these codes without the assistance of anyone else. These apps offer a variety of features such as hiding URLs, vCard contacts, and much more within a simple image known as a QR code. Thus, this blog today is perfectly suited for you. In this blog, ArrowTheme listed Top 3 best Shopify QR code generator apps to optimize your Shopify stores. 

Shopcodes by Shopify

Shopcodes, as its meaning name, assists you in creating QR codes for your products. Your customers can use QR codes instead of traditional searching to save your customers time and have better shopping experiences. Furthermore, the app enables you to launch a promotion by offering discounts to customers who purchase using Shopcodes, thus encouraging your customers to use it and make an order. In addition, you can use Shopify analytics to monitor your store’s conversion rates and traffic using Shopcodes. Furthermore, you can easily customize the Shopcodes to fit your wants and needs via the app dashboard.

Elfsight QR Code by Elfsight

Elfsight QR Code is a powerful tool that allows you to instantly lead your visitors to any website, percentage of a URL, location, email, any file, and more. Thanks to this Shopify QR code generator app, you can make it easier for users to contact you, upload files, find locations, and much more. Moreover, it is easier to insert texts into your tool. Besides that, you are able to choose 8 frames freely. Additionally, using the QR Code, 

Super QR Codes by toolstr

Coming to the next Shopify QR code generator app is Super QR Codes by toolstr. Super QR Codes by toolstr offers users lots of new functions. The first feature I want to mention is no URLs to remember. Thanks to this feature, both users and customers don’t need to remember any URL. All of your promotions and sales are available with a single scan. In addition, you are able to add the QR code to your email footers. As a result, customers can direct to your collection or products. This is a plan to build loyalty by applying a discount code. Not only that, creating QR code-based marketing strategies may help to increase your sales.

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