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April 9, 2021

Coffee shop Magento theme: Top 6 best themes for your perfect online stores

In this article, we have collected the 10 best coffee shop Magento theme to build an inspiring online store. These are all outstanding as well as have their own great designs. Let’s explore!

1. Coffee ($54)

Coffee Magento Responsive Theme is specially designed for coffee, chocolate, foods, restaurant, drink and cakes store. Above all, Coffee Magento Responsive Theme is looking good with colors combination. It is very nice with its clean and professional look.

coffee shop Magento theme
  • Featured Products Module – Admin Options
  • Bestseller Products Module – Admin Options
  • Latest Products Module – Admin Options
  • Manufactured/Brand Logo + Slider – Admin Options
  • Cloud Zoom Integration – Admin Options
  • Advanced Mega Menu Integration – Admin Options
  • Easy Shopping Cart Dropdown from header
  • Next/Previous product navigation
  • Custom Tab on product detail page

2. Claue 2.0 ($129)

Coming to the second Coffee shop magento theme you should know to build an ideal store is Claue 2.0. Truely, the position in this ranking also determines its quality. Claue 2.0 is one of the most suitable themes for Coffee shop because it is a powerful multipurpose theme. Besides, this is the advanced verison of Claue 1.0. Because of the newest updating version, Claue 2.0 has more features than the last version. However, you can not update your store from the Claue 1.0 to Claue 2.0. So you have to rebuild your new store with Claue 2.0. More importantly, this version provides a lot of high – level features and advanced extensions. Therefore, your website will look very unique and friendly to customers.

Claue 2.0 Coffee shop magento theme
  • Based on the Luma theme and meet all standards of Magento
  • Compatible with most third-party extensions.
  • One Click Installation and import demos
  • Dedicated Support 
  • Various homepage layouts
  • Mega menu – mobile menu
  • Fully compatible with Magento 2.4.x

3. Coffee Shop ($179)

This coffee shop Magento theme called Coffee Shop is a solution for everyone who sets a priority on usability and visual appeal. Some blocks have a split layout, which allows you to communicate your message with images and text. A large intro area plays the role of a tone-setter and also gives an access to multiple options arranged along an elegant, semi-transparent bar. 

coffee shop Magento theme
  • They include search, account, cart, currency and language switchers.
  • Product categories are with ghost elements fixed to the header while scrolling.
  • On hover, buyers can view more product images, wishlist, comparison option, and other details.
  • The theme is also with badges to mark out items of special interest.
  • Integration of a color switcher can help you edit the default palette in a single click.

4. Cofi Beans ($179)

CofiBeans is a beautifully designed Magento 2 theme with fully responsive layout. With this unique theme you can create an online Coffee Store in a few clicks. Above all, it comes bundled with all you need to build perfect and functional store. 

coffee shop Magento theme
  • Among the features of this theme, you also will find variety of prebuilt pages.
  • The theme is AMP-ready. To clarify, your store mobile pages will loaded with content nearly instantly.
  • Moreover, to help you to create easy-to-use navigation menu looking, the theme features a full drag&drop MegaMenu extension.
  • Furthermore, a variety of the elements you can display on your homepage include slider, banners, featured products.

5. Beansix ($179)

Beansix Magento 2 theme has a charming design that will inspire, and guarantee customer satisfaction. Moreover, this coffee shop theme is very easy to install and highly customizable. The theme comes bundled with a number of useful modules that allow you to display various types of content on the pages of your online store.

coffee shop Magento theme
  • Firstly, slider and banners you will be able to emphasize visitor’s attention on the most special offers and hot sales of your store.
  • Secondly, powerful search engine, product sorting options and responsive menu navigation.
  • Moreover, you will get the premium featured products module to showcase all the latest or featured products with product name, image and a shop now button

6. Coffee Shop by WT ($179)

This Coffee Shop Magento theme is for coffee houses, food points, bars, snack points as well as a number of other businesses of this kind. The theme also features a fully responsive layout built in brauns, which let every visitor dig deeper into the atmosphere of your store.

  • Firstly, the template supports all browsers, desktop and mobile devices.
  • Secondly, the products are organized into a grid-based view.
  • Thirdly, sale and new badges, clear pricing details and bold calls-to-action provide for a more effective online shopping.
  • Product images feature the cloud zoom option.
  • MegaMenu, advanced search and clever categorization make it easier to find the desired items in a matter of clicks.

Coffee Shop Magento Theme: This list will be updated

A suitable Magento 2 theme will boost your performance enormously as well as leave a lasting impression on your user. Don’t over-focus on your backend then completely forget your website interface. Everything needs to be balanced for the maximum success of your Magento store.

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