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October 6, 2021

25+ creative coupon code ideas to make your customers happy and boost sales

Did you know that those who use coupons spend 24% more than people who don’t use coupons? This figure should be kept in mind by all firms when developing their own digital marketing campaigns. Therefore, you should start by introducing discount promotions if you want to raise conversion rates, boost ROI, and improve consumer engagement.


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Coupon campaigns are easy to set up and track. Moreover, they may help you with all parts of your promotional marketing plan. For that reason, in this blog, ArrowTheme will go through amazing coupon code ideas. Besides that, we also show you how each campaign kind works and what benefits you may expect if you use it in your own company. Thus, let’s take a look at how coupon campaigns function before we go through some efficient coupon code ideas that you can implement for your own business.

How do coupons work?

Coupons are given out by businesses to raise the worth of their items in the eyes of customers. A product’s or service’s value proposition can be changed in a variety of ways. On the other hand, coupons change the value proposition in terms of cost. Coupons can be valuable in a variety of ways:

  • Percentage discount: This form of coupon could provide a consumer a 20% discount on a product or their basket.
  • Monetary value: This type of coupon is worth a set amount of money. Customers can use the coupon to buy any products up to the value of the coupon.
  • The value of a specific product: This form of coupon can only be redeemed for that product. Besides that, a single product has no value.

Public Coupons

These are coupons that can be used by anyone. Businesses can show their coupon ads through public channels such as their website’s front page or newspapers. Despite the fact that they are technically public, they still have a number of restrictions.

For example, public vouchers are frequently limited to one use per customer. Moreover, they’re usually restricted by geography as well. Because these coupons are open to the public, they typically provide smaller reductions than more personalized personal coupons.

Personal Coupons

Unlike public coupons, personal coupons are sent to clients via private channels such as emails or in-app notifications. Besides that, they’re often customized with customer-specific offers and distributed as part of reactive marketing efforts.

Prize Coupon Codes

Public and personal coupons are more common than prize coupons. Prize giveaways and gamified promotional efforts are used to distribute them. This can be a random procedure based on a gamification mechanism. Furthermore, the codes given out in McDonald’s Monopoly promotional campaigns are a good example.

Top 25+ creative coupon code ideas

Back To School

Back to school is a popular time for shops to offer customers discounts. It’s all about getting those youngsters back to school and on their books. Big items include school supplies, books, folders, everyday office supplies, and larger items such as desks and filing cabinets.

Back-to-school Coupon code ideas include:


When the start of the school year comes, create a WooCommerce promo that offers half-price express shipping. As a result, it will assist you in attracting last-minute shoppers!


Valentine’s Day is a big shopping day, especially for the flower and chocolate industries. However, it’s also a big day for other gift ideas such as accommodation, adult toys, massage services, and couples experience packages. There’s an opposing holiday for singles. Therefore, you must use that viewpoint to grab both couples and singles!

Valentine’s Day Coupon code ideas include:


Create a client loyalty program to entice customers to return for future gift purchases!


Although not everyone celebrates Christmas, it’s always a good time to get a good deal and enjoy the global holiday spirit and admiration of loved ones.

For Christmas promotions, here are some Coupon code ideas to consider:

  • JOLLY15

Surprise your Christmas shoppers with coupons for unique end-of-year product discounts that are automatically applied.


Halloween isn’t celebrated everywhere. However, it’s a significant occasion that’s growing in popularity, even in Australia. With the right coupon deal, you can absolutely make things spooky.

Halloween Coupon code ideas include:

  • SPOOKY15

Set up your WooCommerce coupons. Therefore, they can’t be utilized before or after the Halloween deadline.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday

You must have been living in a cave if you haven’t heard about the enormous Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions. The  Thanksgiving sales tradition in the United States has evolved into a global trend of retail sales goodness.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Coupon code ideas include:

  • BF[YEAR] – (eg. BF2019)

People love getting a deal during Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. Therefore, make a few BOGO (Buy One, Get One) WooCommerce coupons this year. They have a high aesthetic appeal while still coming in a reasonable profit for your store.

Spring Cleaning

After winter, you’ll be looking for cleaning supplies such as standard cleaning solutions, vacuums, mops, decorations, cushions, and other items to brighten up your home. Retailers have a huge potential to advertise a variety of household things.

For Spring Cleaning promotions, consider the following Coupon code ideas:


In WooCommerce, provide a seasonal discount to a category of goods that appeals to Spring customers.

Free Shipping

Do you provide your customers with free shipping? Therefore, you can use  a free shipping offer as a motivation to encourage consumers to place larger orders. It’s commonly used in phrases like “free shipping on orders over $100.” Therefore, you can build auto-apply coupons with Advanced Coupons. Those are ideal for semi-permanent promotions like this.

For Free Shipping discounts, here are some name suggestions for Coupon code ideas:


You may offer customers in your WooCommerce business is free shipping.


When duel with “being overstocked,” stocktake sales are a typical method to transfer huge volumes of stock. This is the perfect marketing strategy. Those coupons are especially effective at attracting customers.

For stocktake sales, consider the following Coupon code ideas:


Stocktake is all about moving large amounts of inventory. Therefore you can offer a discount based on a cart total threshold. This will encourage customers to spend more.

Welcome coupons

You can offer a welcome coupon with a little discount on their first order when a consumer visits your website for the first time. Therefore, y ou can display the discount as a pop-up on your site. Besides that, you also can send it to the customer through email when they input their email address.

You can consider some Coupon code ideas as the following:


Building brand loyalty begins with a memorable first interaction with new clients. Adding a discount to a purchase also raises the chances of a sale. In case you’re searching for a quick and easy method to attract new consumers. So welcome coupons can be an useful tool. Furthermore, you care able to customize these coupons by location. However, in most cases, a simple welcome discount will drive a new customer’s interest.

Flash sale

With a 72-hour flash sale, you may increase site traffic and sales. To maximize the incentive, time the sale around particular occasions and give free shipping.

Moreover, adding a clear time restriction to your flash sale will create a sense of urgency among your clients. This will encourage them to shop. Another common and effective strategy to encourage orders is to provide free shipping.

While free shipping has always been a powerful inducement, customers are coming to anticipate it as a given. Companies like Amazon have followed this trend by including free shipping as a basic feature with programs like Amazon Prime. Free delivery isn’t a must-have, but you should at least think about swallowing some of the expense to make your offerings more appealing.

New product coupons

A new product coupon can help raise awareness about a new product. This voucher may provide a limited-time discount on your new item. It can also be linked to larger marketing activities surrounding the debut of a new product.

To target your new product coupons, use data about existing customers’ product preferences and purchasing habits. Moreover, you can change your messaging to attract your most loyal consumers. As part of the voucher offer, you may also request reviews and ratings.

Offering clients a deal on a relevant new product will help you do more than just raise sales numbers. Because it will also increase brand loyalty among your current customers. Moreover, positive feedback and reviews can also help you retain enthusiasm after the original launch of your product.

VIP Coupons

Give a unique VIP coupon worth 50€ to your most valuable loyalty program members. Besides that, you should set a high loyalty point requirement to preserve exclusivity.

Furthermore, you will need a loyalty or promotions platform. Thanks to it, you can reward, store, and track loyalty points earned through transactions. Therefore, y our customers will feel more appreciated if the incentive is more attractive. You can also personalize your messages to make your consumers feel appreciated even more.

One of the most efficient ways to influence customer purchase behavior is through loyalty incentives. Customers might be enticed to spend in specific ways by offering rewards that are specifically matched to their interests and preferences.

It’s critical to make your most valuable customers feel appreciated for their business. They won’t feel compelled to spend more if you provide them the same rewards bdue to lower-level loyalty members.

Cart abandoned coupons

If a consumer abandons the checkout process, you can send them a voucher for a 10% discount on one of the items in their cart. However, this is only good for the following 24 hours.

In case a customer is unsure about a purchase, cart abandoned coupons can help you close the deal. They’re also a great way to find out whether the consumer has a problem or recommend a different product that they may prefer instead.

Cart abandonment costs businesses a significant amount of money. Because customers leave your online store without making a purchase

Apology coupons       

In case a consumer complains about a service problem or a mistake in their goods. So you can offer them a discount to use on their next purchase. Therefore, you have to determine the value of the voucher based on the severity of the customer’s complaint.

When your customer support team receives a complaint, enable them to send out apology coupons using your CRM. Simple interaction will help you prevent further hurting the customer’s connection.

One of the most prevalent reasons clients avoid buying with a company is a bad experience. Client retention costs are likewise significantly lower than those associated with customer acquisition. Therefore, any investment in apology coupons will be well worth it.

Review or rating coupons

To get a review and/or rating on recently purchased items from your store, you can give customers a 10€ voucher. 

A week after a customer’s purchase, you can give them a follow-up email asking for a good review. Besides that, you have to  make the coupon reward clear. Therefore, your customers will know what they’re getting.

When it comes to establishing trust in a product, customer reviews are crucial. Consumers are more likely to purchase a product if they trust it. If given enough time, customers will usually submit evaluations on their own. However, review coupons are useful for obtaining the first few you’ll need to establish trust in a product.

Weekly/monthly discounts

Consider weekly or monthly discounts whenever you need a sales boost. This strategy is particularly effective on slow days or when you’re experiencing a sales downturn. For example, in case  you have a few sales on weekends,you can offer clients discounts on specific days, as AccorHotels did.

However, the majority of your target consumers receive their wages on the last day of the month. So you should take advantage of it. When conducting weekly/monthly promotions, you should do an A/B test to determine the suitable time to display offers. It’s fantastic if you can give your customers a little push at exactly the perfect time.

Newsletter subscription offers

This strategy is being used by a number of online retailers to expand their email lists. It is definitely effective. So let’s take a look at  Scream Pretty:

Customers who join up for the company’s email receive a 10% discount. To make the most of the email popup, they use the first person in the call to action button (CTA). This will give the impression that the consumer already has the freebie. This CTA can be copied or created using this guide: besides that, CTA button best practices. Furthermore, you may also use SiteKit to create an optin form right now.


Like, follow, share, comment on, or return to a brand are a variety of reasons. One of the most common incentives is the expectation of receiving something in return. As a result, allowing customers to share your brand is only half the battle for an eCommerce store. You must provide them a reason to interact. In this case, using a coupon like the one below is a smart decision.

You may utilize Better Coupon Box to give clients a coupon when they like or share your social media account.

Referral promos

Customer loyalty and repurchase intentions are the biggest benefits of referral discounts or coupons. A customer will buy from you again and again. So they’re the most valuable. For friend offerings, referral discounts or coupons are great. Moreover , you also can offer discounts to both customers who refer friends and friends who refer customers. Thus, let’s take a look at how Benefit Cosmetics did it:

Referral rewards can be in the form of percentage-off coupons like 10% off your next buy or fixed-amount coupons like $50 off your next purchase. Consider offering a free month if your store is based on a subscription model.

Product bundling offers

Bundling products has a number of advantages. Product bundling is a great strategy to boost the average order value of your customers. You will give your customers a better deal. Therefore, you can push them to make a purchase by combining related products and selling them at a discounted price.

To take advantage of product bundling, make sure that all of the products in the package make sense together. This post will show you how to use Boost Sales to produce a fantastic package in minutes.

Exclusive social offers

Give discounts or gifts to your followers if you want to establish consumer loyalty. This gives new customers an incentive to like, follow, or subscribe to your channels.

Maple Holistics provided a great reason for giving away a promo code: Valentine’s Day. You can utilize the same strategy to market your store and increase sales during the next holiday season. Otherwise, simply provide a discount to your fans to celebrate your achievements.

Exit intent offers

Exit intent offers have the ability to change a negative (leaving your business) into a positive (returning to your store) (buying, subscribing, etc). Therefore, you can use any bait, such as coupons, discounts, or gifts. This will get users to stay on your site longer and make a purchase. A good example is the exit popup seen below. A 65% discount is a powerful incentive that will attract the most discerning customer.

There are five main conversion factors you’ll need to develop an exit intent popup like this for your store:

  • A tempting offer to entice people to act quickly. 
  • To demonstrate scarcity, a countdown timer is used.
  • To provide a mouth-watering explanation text on why the product you’re selling is worth their email. 
  • A powerful call to action that clearly demonstrates what clients will receive if they click the button. 
  • Exit-intent technology is a type of exit-intent detection system. Checkout Boost can help you design engaging exit-intent offers. 

Retargeting promotions

You can target the proper promotion with a retargeting ad. It is effective. Because it is only displayed to those who have previously visited your store. This implies that they are already familiar with your identity.

Consider an offer, as IKEA did above, to boost the effectiveness of your campaign. The ad serves as a reminder to return, while the deal works as a persuasion to buy.

Influencer offers

Influencers can help you provide a discount code. So let’s f ind the relevant influencers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. You can ask their permission to use your items on their blogs or videos. Moreover, you also can g ive your influencers a coupon code that they may pass on to their followers. Cosmetics and fashion firms like Pura Vida use this method all the time:

For both you and your influencers, this is a win-win situation. Similarly, you may make them feel as if they are contributing value to their followers rather than simply posting an advertisement.

Contest giveaways

Online competitions can help build a lot of attention and generate a lot of interest. This also will increase your sales. You can invite your followers to participate in a photo contest by asking them to submit a photo individually or by using your brand hashtag.

Besides that, you can ask your customers to share photos of their holiday gifts, memorable experiences from the year, the best/worst food they’ve ever had, or anything else that fits your goal. At the same time, provide a discount, a promotion coupon, or a free present to people who participate in the contest. You can also hold a giveaway to introduce your new products or collections to your fans. Following your account, clicking the like and share buttons, and tagging at least one friend are all examples of guidelines. Take a look at how the Instagram account @attitude living performed:

Pre-launch offers

Freebies are quite popular. So, if you can afford it, let’s give something for free. This is a fantastic way to introduce new products to customers and motivate them to return.

You can give out any free present you want, from discounts to product samples to custom-made gifts (keychains, bumper stickers, pens, and so on). Thanks to it, your customers will be grateful for your care. Moreover, they may remember you anytime they see your present.

Free return offers 

62% of customers are enraged and dissatisfied when they are forced to pay for product returns, according to a survey. As a result, offering a free return allows you to provide a more pleasant shopping experience for your clients while also effectively engaging them.

Furthermore, free returns are a sign of trust in your company. You’re so confident in your products’ quality that you’re willing to accept free returns. This is especially true in the fashion business, where sizing and quality inconsistencies may have been a stumbling barrier.

Therefore, you’ll make a stronger impression on your customers and obtain more repeat purchases if you reduce friction and hassle throughout the return process.

Consultant service offers

You can provide a free consultation for skin care, a free 15-minute shopping consultation, or free customer service. Simply provide any service that will assist your consumers.

When providing additional services, you should think about how you’ll arrange them. Do you want to run them on a regular basis, such as every Monday in April? Or are such services open to each customer that comes into your store at any time? Last but not least, make your services visible on your website and other channels. Also, provide your consumers and subscribers both email and SMS communications.

Popular coupon questions

It’s also beneficial to be aware of some of the most common coupon-related queries in order to maximize the effectiveness of your coupons.

#1. How can I receive free coupons?

The majority of buyers will check for relevant coupons before buying. Therefore, you should consider developing welcome coupons that can be found fast and simply via online searches. This will reach these prospective new clients easier. Besides that, you have to make sure the coupons are only valid for one use per consumer, and design a dedicated, SEO-optimized landing page to drive traffic to your website.

Customers like to receive coupons for free. So make it clear that your coupons are available without any strings attached. Allow first-time consumers to use their welcome vouchers on any product. If you do, a monetary value coupon could be a better option than a percentage discount coupon.

#2. How do I obtain unique promo codes?

Many customers want to know how to receive unique coupons. Unique coupon codes are sent out to specific persons rather than public coupon codes, which are available to anybody.

These people are frequently members of loyalty programs or high-value customers. A loyalty program is the ideal approach to attract clients seeking unique promo codes. They enable you to customize your coupons and other offers to your clients’ individual interests and buying behaviors.

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