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December 28, 2021

Woocommerce bundle products: How to create it and why you should consider use it

With any Woocommerce website, adding bundle products to the catalog is probably the simplest and most effective approach to group together a few similar products. Thanks to them, you can discount the entire bundle or individual goods to make the offer more appealing. In this post, Arrowtheme will give you the reasons why you need to use Woocommerce bundle products and instruct you how to create it successfully. Hence, let’s explore with us right now!

what is Woocommerce bundle products

What are bundle products?

Product bundles refer to a collection of individual items or services sold together. In fact, the things that are typically presented together are usually complementary. 

Moreover, the most attractive thing is the package price is less than the total of the prices of each item separately. Best of all, product bundles bring a lot of benefits for both the shop owner and the buyer. Specifically, shop owners can improve the average ticket of each transaction by selling multiple things together. Meanwhile, users can buy diverse items that they are interested in for a lower price than if they bought each product separately. 

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Why you should consider using Woocommerce bundle products

In general, bundle products enable you to market your products in a variety of innovative ways. Besides, you can experiment with the margins you earn from each product and combine them with complimentary or related things to build more profitable transactions. What’s more, the more good service/ products you provide, the more consumers come back to buy from you. As a result, employing WooCommerce bundle products can help you increase sales in not only short but also long term. 

In addition, putting together product or service packages can help you and your clients save a lot of time. For example, if you own a store that sells formal clothing, you could want to bundle a suit, a tie, a shirt, a pair of shoes, socks, and a belt to provide them a complete package. Best of all, thanks to it, you will ​not have to spend as much time with each consumer explaining all of their options. 

Furthermore, a huge number of businesses now offer product packages because they provide both immediate and long-term benefits. In the following section, we will instruct you how to create Woocommerce bundle products successfully.

How to create Woocommerce bundle products?

Method 1: Generate WooCommerce  bundle products by using Grouped products

First and foremost, you can create product bundles in Woocommerce thanks to using WooCommerce’s Grouped items. To begin, you must navigate to Products >> Add New in your WordPress dashboard and create a single product to build a Grouped product. 

How to create Woocommerce bundle products

After that, you must give your product a name and then pick the Grouped product option under the Product Data section. 

create Woocommerce bundle products

Your product has now been transformed into a Product bundle. However, because the package only contains one item, it’s the best time for you to expand it. Then, you must add the names of the products you wish to include in this bundle to the Grouped Product option on the Linked Products tab. Most importantly, you must keep in mind to first develop all of the items before combining them. 

Linked Products tab

Plus, the product images and descriptions, gallery images, product bundle categories, and so on can all be added after that. When creating your product package, you should give your users as much information as possible. Moreover, using your photographs and descriptions will ensure that shoppers can quickly comprehend what products are included in the bundle and how they look. In particular, remember to publish the new grouped product after filling in all of the information. 

In addition, you should check the front end after publishing to ensure that all of the information, including the prices, is correct. Although this is the simplest method, it does have some drawbacks. There are no ways to specify and show individual bundle prices, for example, and there are no preset discount options for each product in the bundle. Hence, you will need a separate plugin if you want additional freedom and settings. 

Method 2: Using plugins

Coming to the next way you must know to create Woocommerce bundle products is to use specific WooCommerce plugins. In fact, there are a lot of useful tools, however, in this instance, we highly recommend WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce for you. This is a free plugin that includes all of the tools you will need to create product bundles for boosting your sales. For more details, it provides a number of possibilities for putting together clever bargains. You can, for example, include a certain amount of products in your bundles or allow your consumers choose how many they want. Furthermore, you can also include set products, sale pricing, discounts, and other pricing choices for your Woocommerce bundle products.

You may also adjust particular options for the bundle products page, which is a neat tool. What’s more, customizing the Add to Cart and Checkout messages, as well as modifying product bundle data, images, and brief descriptions are included. 

In order to use this plugin to build product bundles, you must first install it. Then, you must go to Plugins >> Add New in your WordPress dashboard and search for WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce in the top right search field. On the plugin card, you have to click Install, then activate.

Create Woocommerce bundle products with WPC Product Bundle

If you want to use this tool to create a product bundle, you must go to Product >> Add New and create a new product. To continue, you have to add a name and description for your product bundle, then select Smart Bundle from the Product Data menu. 

Create Woocommerce bundle products with WPC Product Bundle

Moreover, the WPC product bundle choices will be enabled, and you will notice more possibilities under the Bundled Products tab. 

Then, you have to utilize the search option in order to locate products that you wish to include in the bundle. Additionally, in case you want to add them in the package, let’s simply click on them. 

Create Woocommerce bundle products with plugins

In addition, you can also utilize the quantity selector to determine how many of each product you wish to include in the bundle. In reality, the price of the bundle will be calculated automatically based on the products and their number. You can, however, use the Discount option to add a sale price. 

Best of all, you just need to simply add a fixed or percentage discount. You must keep in mind that if both discounts are specified, the fixed discount will take precedence. Besides, you can also charge a delivery cost and keep track of the bundle’s stock. 

Woocommerce bundle products plugins

Then, by activating the Fixed price option and pressing the link to choose a price, you can deactivate the auto price calculation and create a custom fixed price for your bundle. After that, you will be taken to a new screen where you can customize the price of the Woocommerce bundle products.

customize the price of the Woocommerce bundle products

How to set up additional Bundle options?

Thanks to the WPC Product Bundle, you can put up additional bundle choices. Customers can select the quantity of each product in the bundle while also choosing minimum and maximum quantities, individual shipping rates or shipping fees for the entire bundle, and more. 

How to set up additional Bundle options

Most crucially, you must remember to publish your Product bundle once you’ve finished configuring all of the parameters. Alternatively, this plugin also comes with a slew of other features. You can, for example, edit the Add to Cart labels for bundled products, display or hide thumbnails, and change the quantity, among other things. Besides, let’s simply go to WPClever >> Product Bundles in your sidebar to access the WPC Product bundle possibilities. 

set up additional Bundle options

Method 3: Create Woocommerce Product Bundle offers using Coupons

With this way, you can include a coupon code that is only valid when certain products are added to the cart and the bundle price surpasses a certain threshold. In reality, customers will be more likely to buy more of your items if you do it this way. Besides, there are two major methods for creating product package discounts. 

  • First of all, offer discounts on various products to customers who spend a certain amount.
  • The other one is the discounts that can be applied to product bundles.

Now, let’s find out one by one right now!

Apply discounts to certain products and minimum spend

You can open the Coupons page by going to WooCommerce >> Coupons >> Add Coupon to create discount coupons that only apply when users buy specific products and spend a set amount.

Next, you have to give your coupon a name and fill in the blanks with general information like coupon type, quantity, and expiration date. 

Then, let’s go to the Usage restrictions page and specify a minimum amount that the user must spend in order to qualify for the discount. After that, you must make certain that your coupon is only valid for specific transactions. In order to do so, all you need to do is to go to Products and add the products you want to sell together. Your voucher will only be applicable for customers who purchase those products in this manner.

Apply discounts to certain products and minimum spend

Moreover, you also are able to exclude products and sale items. Finally, don’t forget to click the Publish button to publish your Coupon code, which you can then distribute to your consumers.

coupon code

Now you may put the coupon to the test. More essentially, you must examine what happens when the bundle’s products are added to the basket and the total exceeds the minimum amount you specified previously. What’s more, the reduction is applicable.

In particular, your consumers will see the notification on their cart page if the total in their cart is less than the minimal amount.

Furthermore, without actually establishing product bundles in WooCommerce, you may add discount offers for combined products this way.

How to add a discount for Woocommerce bundle products

For your WooCommerce bundle products, you can offer special discounts for the grouped products you have set. To do so, you have to go to the Products list for your coupon and add the grouped products there. Besides, the consumer will only receive the discount if they purchase the Product Bundle in this manner. 

How to add a discount for Woocommerce bundle products

Moreover, you can also provide discounts on all of the items in the Product Bundle category. In order to do so, you must go to the Categories option and pick Product Bundles. 


In conclusion

To sum up, Woocommerce bundle products are an excellent approach to increase both short-term and long-term sales. Best of all, customers can buy complimentary things for a lower price, while shop owners can increase revenue from each transaction. All in all, through this article, Arrowtheme hopes you know the comprehensive guide to create bundle products in Woocommerce in three different ways.

Alternatively, let’s take a look at Arrowtheme and our Woocommerce packages if you require any support in establishing your ecommerce store at a reasonable price. In particular, in case you use our Woocommerce packages, during this time, you will receive a fantastic discount of up to 30% for every of our services. You can get more information by filling out our CONTACT FORM. Then we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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