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January 1, 2022

How to add tables in WordPress posts and pages without HTML?

Are you looking for a way to include tables in your WordPress posts and pages? Tables are a fantastic method to present information in an easy-to-understand style. To build Tables in WordPress posts or pages you had to utilize a plugin or HTML code. For that reason, ArrowTheme will show you How to add tables in WordPress posts and pages without HTML in this article. We will also go through how to use WordPress to construct complex tables with sorting and search capabilities.

How to create Tables in WordPress without Plugins?

Tables in WordPress using Google Doc

To use this strategy, you must first create a Google document or sheet. However, we will use doc for this tutorial.

Go to Insert > Tables after you’ve finished creating the file. Then choose how many table rows and columns you want to include.

After you’ve chosen the amount of rows and columns you want, press the enter key. Fill out the table in Google Docs, then copy and paste it into the WordPress editor.

However, the disadvantage of this strategy is that you have limited customizing options. As a result, there isn’t much space for personalization. Furthermore, tables generated in this manner are rarely responsive. That is to say, the table may break on mobile devices.

Using Table Generators

WordPress tables are made up of HTML. When combined with CSS styles, it creates a visually appealing table. However, not everyone is a good coder. So online table generators are useful in this situation. With this,  you can build and design a table in them. Moreover, the HTML code for the table is generated. Therefore, the produced table can then be copied and pasted into your WordPress website.

Besides that, some online table generators go so far as to create responsive tables which work on any screen size. Responsive Table Generator Tool and Rapid Tables are two table generators worth trying.

Using the two ways above, you can easily create and add tables to your WordPress posts. The difficulty is that they can only do so much. Besides that, further functions are not available. Additionally, you can have technical issues using them, especially if you’re not a techie.

Using plugins is the simplest way to create tables in WordPress. To use plugins, you don’t need to understand how HTML codes work. Here are the top WordPress table generator plugins

How to add tables in WordPress posts and pages without HTML?

Creating Tables in WordPress Block Editor

Using the normal WordPress block editor, you may quickly add tables to your site. Create a new post or page, or update one that already exists. To add a new block, click the (+) sign inside the content editor, then pick Table

It’s under the Formatting area, or you may search for it by typing Table into the Search for a block field.

After that, this plugin will ask how many columns and rows you want in your table. The default value for both figures is 2. If you’re not sure about the exact count, don’t worry. Because you can add or remove table columns and rows later at any time.

You can type in the table cells. And then they’ll resize themselves based on how much text is in each one. You can adjust this option on the right-hand side in case you want your cells to be fixed-width.

In this area, you can also include a table header or footer. We’ve added a header to our table. Furthermore, you can change the background color to gray under the Color Settings tab in our example.

You just simply click on a cell at the position in the table where you want to add a new row or column. Then, select Edit Table.

On the right hand side of our table, we’re going to add a new column:

In the same way, you can delete rows and columns. Simply pick Delete Row or Delete Column from the Edit Table menu after clicking on a cell in the row or column you want to remove.

The text in your table’s columns is aligned to the left by default. Therefore, by clicking in a column and choosing Change Column Alignment, you can change this:

The three columns with numbers is center align in this example:

Moreover, by clicking Change alignment and selecting an option from the list, you can easily change the alignment of your whole table inside the post or page.

These options may cause your table to display outside of the regular boundaries of your post area. Some of these may appear strange on your site. So you should preview your article or page to see how they appear.

Here’s how our table looks when set to ‘Wide Width’ on the site:

It extends beyond the left and right edges of the post area. The Gutenberg editor’s table capabilities provide you a lot of control over how your tables are displayed.

You can use it to present your data in an easy way to your audience. However, additional functionality such as search filtering and custom sorting are not available in the table block.

It also makes it difficult to reuse a table in various places on your site, such as sidebar widgets or other pages. Therefore, a WordPress table plugin is required to develop complex tables.

Creating Tables in WordPress by using the TablePress Plugin

TablePress is the most popular WordPress tables plugin. It’s completely free. Besides that, it makes it simple to construct and manage tables. In case you’re using the older traditional WordPress editor, which doesn’t have table capabilities. So TablePress is also required.

The TablePress plugin must first be installed and activated. See our step-by-step guide on installing a WordPress plugin for more information.

In your WordPress dashboard, you can see a TablePress menu item. To make a new table, go to TablePress > Add New.

You have to give your table a name and decide on the number of rows and columns you want. And then, you may always add or remove table rows and columns. ArrowTheme will make a table with four rows and three columns:

To build your table, click the Add Table button after you’ve entered the table name, rows, and columns. Following that, you’ll get a screen with information about your table and an area in which you might add content.

Type the information you want into the table’s cells. The arrows above the data columns can be used to sort the columns. These will be sorted either alphabetically or numerically.

Below the Table Content section, there are advanced choices. You can do things like add, remove, and duplicate rows in Table Manipulation

You can add a header and/or footer row in the Table Options section that will not be sorted with the data. It is easy to choose where the table name and description appear:

Finally, in Features of the DataTables JavaScript library, you can customize a number of settings. This allows you to construct responsive tables. Thanks to it, your viewers can filter, search, and sort.

Click Save Changes after you finish with your table. Your table can be included in any post or page. To use the shortcode, simply paste it into a paragraph block or utilize the shortcode block.

If you’re using the classic editor, just paste the following shortcode into your post:

You can return to TablePress in your dashboard and make changes in case you want to update your table later. Any posts and pages where you use your table will be instantly updated.

You can also import data from spreadsheets and CSV files into TablePress. Besides that, you may also export TablePress table data as a CSV file. Therefore, you can open in any spreadsheet tool such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Best 6 Tables in WordPress

TablePress Plugin – Tables in WordPress

Tablepress is one of the greatest beginner-friendly free WordPress table generating plugins. This plugin has 800,000 active installations and 3,000 good ratings and proving.

This plugin has a lot of customization options. Therefore, y ou can use it to add images, links, and media files. You may also alter the backdrop color of the table you build using it. Furthermore, you also can import tables directly from Google Docs.

The plugin includes features that allow you to make your tables responsive, filter rows and columns, and more.

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic – For Tables in WordPress

Supsystic table plugin is the perfect way for you in case you run an Ecommerce site and need a table solution to design your pricing chart and catalog. Moreover, this plugin is free.

Pagination, sorting ease, search, and a variety of other advanced capabilities of the plugin will attract you.

You may construct highly responsive tables with as many columns and rows as you like with this plugin. In addition, this plugin has an editor. Therefore, it allows you to build visually appealing tables for your audience.

The free version of the plugin is sufficient for the work. However, if you want to get more out of it, you can subscribe to the pro version for $39.

WP Table Manager

WP table manager is a premium WordPress table plugin. It allows you to build visually stunning tables in the same way that Excel does. Therefore, if you like to create tables in Excel, this plugin is quite useful.

If you already have an Excel table which you want to import into WordPress, this plugin makes it easy to do so. Without a hitch, you may execute mathematical computations on the table.

Other features worth noting include automated table backup, filtering, ordering, different language support, and much more.

League Table

This plugin has endless modification options. This makes it ideal for sports and sports betting websites. It’s also affordable, with the pro edition costing only $23.

Moreover, with it, you can import and export table data with a single click. Because it is multisite ready, this plugin will make your life a lot easier if you run a multisite.

The plugin doesn’t limit to people in the sporting world. Whatever industry you’re in, a league table will come in useful when you need to make comparison and price tables, data charts, and so on.

Superb Tables

Are you looking for something slick, responsive, adaptable, and SEO-friendly? Superb Tables are a good place to start. This premium WordPress table generator plugin has features to build gorgeous, responsive tables a breeze.

When it comes to pre-designed templates, Superb Tables offers a variety of color choices to pick from. Therefore,  you can make something beautiful even if you’re short on time.

Furthermore, this plugin has embedded Schema Markup. It is only accessible in the premium version. Moreover, you can quickly clone the table you make, change the typefaces, enable full-width mode, and more, all with the touch of a button.

Although it is a premium WordPress plugin, you may start with the free version. There are predesigned templates to pick from in the free version. The tables you design with the free version can be responsive at all times.

You can start with as little as $11/year when you’re ready to upgrade to the premium version. It’s perfect for a single user.

The business subscription plan with $67 per year will suit businesses. In addition, with $199, you can own this plugin for the rest of your life.

Visualizer from Themeisle

Visualizer  can do more than simply make tables. It can also make charts with a lot of interaction.

This plugin has 14 pre designed chart styles, including pie, bar, and line charts. Furthermore, all of them can be customized.

Perhaps you don’t want the chart on your website to be visible to everyone. Maybe you run a subscription-based website and only want paying customers to see your graph. So the visualizer allows you to set permission on your charts directly.

The cost per site starts at $59 per year. This also includes one year of customer service.

The product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you don’t have to worry about trying it out.

WP Table Builder

The only WordPress table plugin with a full drag-and-drop editor is WP Table Builder. It’s similar to using a page builder to make tables. You may design any form of table using the drag-and-drop interface, from comparison tables to price tables.

Text, image, list, button, star rating, custom HTML, and shortcode are its elements. These components are suitable to make attractive tables in WordPress.

A cell administration mode is included in the plugin. Hence, you can add/remove columns and rows, merge/split cells, and more. It also makes tables mobile-friendly.

It’s a completely free plugin. Therefore, it’s available for download from the WordPress repository.


Tables are an important part of the web. You may improve the UX of your website using them. Because readers will find it easier to understand the information you give. Using plugins is the simplest way to create responsive, visually beautiful tables. In this article, we looked at a variety of plugins that are worth checking out. So if you are still confused about this topic, let us know via CONTACT FORM. ArrowTheme will bring to you the best answers. 

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