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August 26, 2021

How to find trending products for selling online to make money and 20+ trending suggestions in 2021

Getting items that customers want to buy is an important part of running a successful online business. And, in many cases, they are “trendy” products. Finding popular new products is difficult. Because by the time you seek a supplier, the trend has passed. So customers are no longer in demand. Therefore, other times you simply don’t know where to begin. For that reason, to help you get a successful business, this blog will mention to How to find trending products for selling online to make money. Moreover, ArrowTheme will recommend you 20+ trending suggestions in 2021.

Before coming to 20+ trending products suggestions in 2021, ArrowTheme will show you How to find trending products? Are you ready to explore? Let’s go

How to find trending products?

When find trending products for selling, it’s best to use a combination of strategies to have a better understanding of what buyers want. Therefore, don’t limit yourself to just one resource or tool from the list below. The more sources you research, the more knowledge you can discover to find trending products

So let’s explore How to find trending products

Using Google Trends 

If you’re worried about the trend of your product, you can research its popularity and trendiness by typing it into Google Trends. And then you are able to see search volume trends over time with this free tool. You can check whether or not a product’s search volume is increasing or decreasing. Additionally, you may see search volume based on your location.

For example, you want to sell yoga mats. So firstly, you have to go to Google Trends and type in “yoga mats” to see how many people are searching for them. This is what you’ll see:

As you can see, the number of searches for “yoga mats” increased in March. This also happens due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Therefore, people began searching for “yoga mats”. Because they had to practise yoga at home instead of a gym.

Google Trends is a tool that allows you to track how people’ interests change over time. For example, the graph above shows that while there was a little reduction in “yoga mats” inquiries in May, demand remains high compared to before spring.

Therefore, if your product’s search volume is declining, it’s not a good sign. Because this isn’t a trendy new product. So you should look for something else.

Look for popular items on online marketplaces.

You can also use current online marketplace tools to find out which products are the best-selling. Because there’s a lot of data to look through. Thanks to online marketplaces, you can know which types of products are the best-selling in the market.

Furthermore, look at marketplaces to see which products are the best-selling ones:

Besides the Best Sellers page, Amazon products that are currently trending may be found in an unique list of items. Therefore, you can see the most significant increases in sales ranking over the last 24 hours. It’s called Amazon Movers & Shakers. Moreover, it changes every hour. Using JungleScout can help you discover easier. This premium resource allows sellers to perform product research. Thus they may identify profitable and in-demand Amazon products. 

eBay Watch Count is another example of a website-specific tool. It allows you to see which eBay products have attracted the most attention. You can check how many people have clicked “Add to Watch List” or watched a specific item. And then you should focus on the products with the biggest number of viewers.

Examine the influencers in your industry.

Influencers can also be a wonderful method to find out the trending products. Therefore, you should pay attention to influencers in your industry. And then you can discover what items they promote and support on social media. Because they are usually the people who create the trends due to their big followings and social influence. Therefore, it leads to high-volume sales.

Look through trend magazines and blogs

You can look through a variety of trend magazines and blogs to find some ideas for trendy products for your online store. These will help entrepreneurs in developing successful items, especially if they are new and developing in the market. These collections are useful for gaining a clear handle on what people are buying. 


Mobile commerce: Definition, stats & trends with examples in 2021

Digital commerce: Challenges, upcoming trends and effective strategies with examples

Here are a few ideas for you to take a look at:

  • Trend Hunter: An online community of people from all around the world who want to share and inspire the latest trends.
  • Trend Watching: An independent firm of experts from all across the world.
  • Springwise: is a free newsletter that features new trend data and ideas from around the world.
  • Cool Material: is a men’s product trend and consumer goods discovery site.
  • Ecomhunt: is a product collection website that adds new hot products every day.
  • Uncrate, and Bless This Stuff: are popular curated men’s product websites and publications.
  • PSFK: offers retail research and insights.

These resources, like the others we’ve mentioned above, are useful for building a strategy. But they can’t tell you which product is a definite winner.

YouTube – a great place to look for new product ideas

Because YouTube is such a large search engine, don’t forget to view some videos. Therefore, to get the great idea for popular products, look up “trending items 2021.” Moreover, if you already know what you want to sell, you may use Google to look up trends. You are able to type “X trends 2021” or “best X in 2021,” where X stands for your product.

Unboxing videos often have popular products. Simply do a search for  “unboxing” or “unboxing” + your product category on YouTube. And then you’ll find several popular products in the results. Furthermore, remember to look at video reviews as well. Simply search for terms like “unboxing” or “unboxing” + your product category on YouTube. Take a glance at some of the most current videos as well. Moreover, you should see videos with a high amount of views that are relatively new (less than a week old).

Look for popular online stores’ trending sections

Products can be filtered not just by product kinds, colors, or brands, but also by trendy. Make use of these filters! This tip is especially valuable if you sell clothing. Because industry players often update the latest fashion trends on their websites. 

For example, Missguided includes a “Shop by Trend” option. Snake print, faux leather, and milkmaid dresses are all in style right now. Additionally, some of the items are labeled as “#trending” or “going fast”. Therefore you should pay careful attention to these.

Besides that, you can check through the platform’s blogs or other related pages like “Editors’ picks” or “Inspiration.”

Using Subreddits related to shopping.

For example, Reddit is a social news discussion website. It allows users to vote on information submitted by other users. On Reddit, there are numerous communities (subreddits) dedicated to a variety of topics, including shopping.

Users on Reddit talk about and recommend products, as well as post discounts and coupons. Therefore, you may learn a lot about what people are looking for when they shop online by reading such subreddits.

Other these pages you can consider as:

To select subreddits and see the most trending products, click the “Hot” button:

Pinterest suggest

You can use Pinterest to get ideas for customers’ hobbies, as well as to plan purchases. DIY, home décor, food, travel, health, beauty, fashion, and events are the most popular categories on Pinterest. Users can store ideas to their Boards, contribute their own Pins, and explore Topics. The number of times a Pin has been saved is shown. This is useful for determining which products are most popular among Pinterest users. Besides that, you can simply type keywords into the search box or browse the Topics menu to get what you’re looking for.

On wish list websites, check out the popular sections

People choose items they want to buy or receive on wish list websites. Some of those websites also have popular goods. These goods have been added to wish lists numerous times. As a result, you now have another place to seek for hot product ideas!

You can also check for items on websites like Odditymall, Uncommon Goods, or Amazon’s Interesting Finds page. They highlight unique gift options.

B2B marketplaces

Wholesale marketplaces for businesses are other places you should not miss. Not only will you be able to find trending products there, but you can also find a supplier or manufacturer for those goods.

Therefore, you should seek the sections like “Hot Buys,” “Most Popular,” and “Top 20 Products,” and search them by categories, orders, or countries.

Furthermore, here are a few B2B marketplaces to check out if you’re looking for hot items:

Using Think with Google tools

Think with Google is a project that offers tools for studying customer behavior as well as articles. Thus, it helps you understand more about the industry. With its support, you can:

  • Find out what your potential clients are interested in
  • Looking for trending products 
  • Determine your target market and audience
  • Consider your competitions

So that is all about the best ways to help you find trending products. Move to find out the next part now.

Trending products suggestions in 2021

Here is a list of products that are attracting customers all over the world.  

Trending Hair Accessory Products in 2021

Hair removal with lasers

For women, hair removal can be an inconvenience. If they shave, it will regrow in a few days. If they wax, it will reappear in a month. Therefore, this popular item solves an age-old problem. So you can build your online store with.

Regarding Google Trends, Hair removal searches have been increasing rapidly. Therefore, you can create a store that focuses on the problem and provides the solution to promote this trend item. You also can create video advertising to show how your product solves the issue. Furthermore, Instagram influencers can help you to promote your product on their accounts. Do both, if possible.

Scarf for the head

We’ve seen categories for head scarves appear on big fashion websites like ASOS in recent months. This product is especially popular during the summer, when most ladies keep their hair up. This popular item is a must-have for your store. In your women’s fashion or accessories store, it can be smart to establish a full collection of various styles.

Moreover, you are able to promote this product in a variety of ways. In case you run a hair accessories store. So you can make a video or a visual blog post showing different hairstyles with your scarves. Therefore, people will want to buy it to have the same appearance. Thus, you can also run advertising on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Furthermore, you may also contact influencers and ask them to post images with your scarf. And then they can share them on their accounts with a direct link to your page. Besides that, using hashtags can also help your store become more visible and reach out more customers

Additionally, you can focus on making the product popular on social media networks. 

Detangling Hair Brush:

Detangling Hair Brushes help to prevent hair loss by reducing the amount of pressure to both the scalp and the hair.

After a decrease in search volume over the next few months, this hot product began to climb in search volume again. When it comes to this type of popular item, you should concentrate on producing video content. You can work with an influencer to film videos of using your product. This will help your products increase sales. The easiest way to show how the product features is through video. It will explain to clients that this isn’t simply another hair brush, but also brings particular value. As a result, they are more likely to buy.

Hair Wig:

Hair wigs are one of the most trending products to sell online. Because some females want longer hair but can’t grow it.

If you check at the order volume for hair, you’ll see that many dropshipping companies have thousands of orders.

According to Google Trends, there has been an increase in the amount of searches for hair wigs. Of course, it’s necessary to know that hair wigs are prohibited on Shopify. So don’t sell it. In contrast, Hair wigs are permitted in your online store.

Besides that, you may use YouTube videos to promote these items by creating how-to hair tutorial videos. You can also take the benefit of influencers for promoting your hair wigs.


Barrettes are still popular. They’re giving the simplest hairstyles in life. Fashionistas such as Ariana Grande and Kendall Jenner are taking the ’90s with their red carpet hairstyles. According to Google Trends, in 2021, barrettes are back and trendy, with searches for the product increasing in recent years. 

Influencers can help you promote this item. Because barrettes are light and inexpensive, arranging samples for them should be simple. Influencers will then review your product and share it with their followers. So you can increase the number of people who see your products.

Trending Products for Women’s Fashion

Straight Leg Jeans: 

Straight leg denim is one of the trending fashionable in the spring and summer of 2021. Because these trendy jeans are now booming in popularity. 

According to Google Trends, this popular product is still rising. So now is the time to get in on it. Over the coming few seasons, we’ll see its popularity increase even more. Thus take advantage now!

Denim products should be promoted in the same way that other fashion items are. This includes Facebook ads, influencer marketing, social media sharing, and Pinterest.


Shapewear sales have been steadily increasing for several years, indicating that it is not outdated. This item is worn inside a woman’s clothing to give her a slimmer appearance. Shapewear goods like this one have gotten millions of orders on ArrowTheme. More importantly, you should have a range of styles when introducing shapewear to your store.

Shapewear has been growing rapidly in Google Trends. It usually starts to rise around March, with a higher peak in April.

This type of product is best suited for women who are overweight or have just given birth. Therefore, giving affiliate links to famous mom blogs is a great way to promote your brand. If you want to promote your shapewear products, you may also target new mothers on Facebook.

Be aware that while selling your shapewear products, body weight can be a sensitive topic, particularly with postpartum mothers.


For the recent years, athleisure has appeared on hot topics lists. Comfortable clothes from sports bras to leggings that you can wear sitting at home or working out at the gym are more popular in 2021.

Data suggests that the term “athleisure” is growing in popularity. Furthermore, more brands are introducing athleisure items to their storefronts.

You can collaborate with influencers who have a large following. Moreover, they have to match the look of your products. In addition, Instagram advertisements can help you drive customers and persuade them to make a purchase.

Trending Weight Loss Products

Abdominal Crunch Strap:

The fitness industry now is focused on abdominal crunch straps. For search phrases like “abs,” we’ve seen some recent increase in the last several months. Therefore, we can see the sales increase for a number of fitness-related web stores.

Video-based platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are the great ways to promote these trending products like these abdominal crunch straps. Therefore, you can use the product to make demonstration films or a 10-minute workout tutorial. 


While Google Trends suggests that swimsuit popularity is falling, there are several styles that are causing a virtual in online businesses. According to Lyst’s fashion conscious research, high-waisted bikini bottoms are popular among millennial women.

Selling these swimwear items is a wonderful idea. Because it will drive customers to your store. In case you may not want to start a swimsuit store. So you may try it out as a collection at an online boutique, a general store, or an accessories store 

One of the most effective ways to sell your bikinis is through influencer marketing. You may receive high-quality lifestyle images of your swimwear with the help of influencers. Furthermore, the influencer might share the post with their audience and tag you. 

To get online sales faster, feel free to advertise these trendy products on Facebook and Instagram advertisements.

Beauty Trending Products

Fake eyelashes:

Fake eyelashes are a popular beauty accessory for making your lashes look longer and fuller. Many vendors offer a wide range of fake eyelashes. Thousands of products have been sold on the site. So it demonstrates their potential products. 

Besides that, you can also sell eyelash serum, eyelash glue, fake eyebrows, and other popular cosmetics. 

Google Trends also shows that searches for fake lashes are steadily increasing. With so many people searching for eyelashes, this is the best moment to open a cosmetic boutique.

You can contact beauty writers for women’s magazines. So they can write an article to promote your trending items. Attracting organic traffic to your online store can be as simple as optimizing it for SEO. For ranking keywords, you should use both ‘fake eyelashes’ and ‘false eyelashes’ in the url slug for your product category.

Nail Extensions:

The search phrase “nail extensions” has increased on Google Trends. It shows that this trending product is likely to continue. This product can be found in a variety of search phrases, including nail extensions, fashion nails, false nails, fake nails, and so on. 

Besides that, the greatest method to make money selling these popular items is to concentrate on Instagram. Therefore, you can make short videos to show how to apply nail extensions. 

Make sure to use Instagram hashtags in your posts for maximum influences. By searching for the word “nail” in Instagram’s tags, you’ll explore that #nailsofinstagram (with 13 million public posts), #nails (106 million posts), #nailart (55 million posts), and much more, Thus, you can use them in your post to help boost its visibility.

Trending Products of Men

Watches for Men: 

During the Christmas season as well as anniversaries, birthdays, and other occasions, watches are excellent gifts. According to Google Trends, the volume of searches for men’s watches looks to be increasing. The peak season is usually in December. Thus, it becomes one of the most popular holiday items to sell. Several popular watch brands offer watches in the winter and autumn and various accessories in the summer and spring.

One of the most effective strategies to promote a watch brand is through influencer and affiliate marketing. So you might ask influencers to take beautiful photos of your watch in nature or dressed up in a fashionable way. Then they’ll post it on social media.

Shoes for Men:

Shoes are also more popular throughout the holidays. Furthermore, this product sale has grown during the offseason as well. Men’s shoes are one of the most popular trendy things to sell in 2021. There are a variety of shoe styles to suit various preferences and tastes. The number of searches for men’s shoes has risen over time. On Google Trends, the peak of search volume is in December, but pay attention to the months in between. Because there is growth there as well.

You can open a single shoe store or add it to a men’s fashion store as a product collection. Influencer marketing on Instagram is the most effective approach to promote men’s shoes. When it comes to social media, try to include lifestyle images of your men’s shoes. You can use the images from influencers. Therefore, you can reach out your Instagram and Facebook audiences

Temporary Tattoos:

Because of COVID-19 Limitations, Tattoos stores have to close. Therefore, young males are choosing realistic henna-like ink to show themselves. People use temporary tattoos instead of the real thing. Thus they’re in high demand.

Market these new hot goods on TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat if you want to make your tattoos into bestsellers.

Besides that, Pinterest can also be used to build trendy looks for potential buyers. Make sure to use scrolling images on Instagram to show off the various designs available in your store.

Trending Products for Kids

Stuffed Toy:

A stuffed toy or plush is always a safe pick, whether it’s a gift for a newborn or a gift for an adult. According to Vice, 7% of adults still sleep with a stuffed toy. If you don’t want to target children, you can target adults.

Such trending items have been sold with tens of thousands of sales for ecommerce retailers, mainly during the winter holiday

Moreover, Stuffed toys can be sold in a variety of ways. If you want to sell Kawaii plush, which is more popular on the visual platform, you can use Instagram. Instagram influencers are willing to promote visually appealing things such as plush toys, inflatable toys, and other similar items in their feeds.

Baby dolls:

Most parents believe that their children are only interested in phones and iPads. But baby dolls are increasing in popularity. The doll’s search traffic increased in November and December, according to Google Trends. It’s a great opportunity for you to earn money on the holiday. Because children’s toys like dolls are most popular throughout the holidays. Therefore, you can start promoting your products now. So you can have high sales in a few months.

On Google, you can run product advertising for lots of keywords. Besides that, you might also sell your dolls to parents with small children. You can collaborate with parent bloggers to make giveaways, or product reviews.

Product trends for the kitchen

Machine for sweeping:

We’ve seen a lot of demand for popular items like the sweeping machine. This popular item is unique. Because it does not require electricity but still functions as a broom and dustpan. This is an excellent product for a house, kitchen, or general store to offer.

So do you want to get this sweeping machine into the hands of more of your customers? To drive sales, you can create a blog or use an SEO/search ad campaign.

However, if you want to encourage customers’ purchases, you’ll need to make a video that shows the product in action.  Because a photograph can’t fully explain how a product works as well as a video can.

Reusable Bags:

Because people become more concerned about plastic in the oceans, using reusable products will grow. Reusable straws are becoming more popular in 2021, and some countries are prohibiting plastic straws. So, if you’re trying to set up an environmentally friendly store, this is something you should think about. According to Google Trends, reusable bag searches have been steadily increasing. It could be a successful item to offer in 2021.

You may use Google Ads and SEO to promote your reusable bags. To drive sales, you can also build Google Shopping advertising. However, if your clients are interested in your product, they will look for it. As a result, establishing an SEO plan will be important.

To increase visitors to your store, you may also write blog articles on eco-friendly ideas. You may also improve your product pages to encourage customers to buy your products.

Trending Products in Health & Wellness

Teeth Whitening:

Teeth that are yellow might be embarrassing. This trending product can help your consumers smile more attractively. Customers may feel forced to make an impulse purchase. Because teeth whitening resolves an embarrassing problem. Customers will be able to purchase whitening strips, charcoal powder, or bleaching kits from you.

While Google Trends growth is consistent, the teeth whitening niche is also a trustworthy one in the long run. 

Influencers usually upload photographs of themselves using teeth whitening products on Instagram. So Influencer marketing on Instagram is the most efficient method to promote your business. Thanks to it, you will have  brand social proof by allowing buyers to discover that the product works. Giving influencers a commission for each transaction made through an affiliate link might help your store make profits. 

Anti Snoring: 

Couples can deal with snoring and sleep apnea. Snoring can keep a spouse awake at night, interrupting their sleep. Anti-snoring devices are now available. They can help to reduce snoring.

The term anti snoring is growing in popularity according to Google Trends. The niche appears to have no seasonal trends. Therefore, it is an excellent evergreen niche.

Anti-snoring products are more search-based. However, you also can use  Facebook ads to promote your business. You’ll need to keep advertisements running at all times. It will show your anti-snoring items. 

The simplest way to attract more people to your brand is writing a lot of blog articles. The strategy serves two purposes. For starters, it boosts your organic search ranking over time . To boost your traffic, you need to promote your article on Twitter and Pinterest using various hashtags.

Product Trends in Technology

Phone Cases:

Since 2009, phone cases have grown in popularity without signs of slowing down. The silicone phone case is a phone case that is performing better than expected. Hundreds of thousands of people have purchased popular products. styles of  phone cases are developed all the time thanks to smartphone manufacturers that release new devices regularly. 

Keywords like “phone case” and “silicone phone case” have seen an increase in search volume on Google Trends. The phone case niche is perfect if you’re searching for a rising trend.

On Facebook and Instagram, phone cases ads are very good. You can drive sales if the visuals are eye-catching. To enhance your chances of landing sales, you can run regular and retargeting advertising for your products on Facebook. You might also work with influencers who have large audiences who convert well.

You may also offer your buyers a free $5 gift card if they promote their phone case on social media. To avoid losing money or giving away free things, you should set your products at suitable price

Repair Kit for Mobile Phones:

Phone-related products are in high demand due to the millions of iPhones in use around the world. One of the most popular phone accessories is iPhone repair kits. While the repair kit isn’t a stand-alone item, it could be useful at a phone case store.

The volume of searches for ‘Phone repair’ has increased, according to Google Trends.

You might write blog posts with the topic of phone repair and add a Buy Button for the product.

Wireless Earbuds:

Since the release of AirPods, every online business has been seeking for chances in the wireless sector. Because not everyone can afford the high-end product, demand for alternative wireless earphones is increasing.

You can contact earphone suppliers who have a lot of positive feedback and ask for a test order to see how long the batteries last and how nice the sound is.  More importantly, Google Trends shows an increase in wireless earbud searches.

You may promote this popular item in a variety of ways. For example, you may cooperate with fitness influencers. They may show how easy it is to listen to music with earbuds. You may also use Instagram and Facebook to create 15-second video ads that give the product’s characteristics.


Hopefully, you have read these articles carefully to get an important understanding for your business. It is very necessary to know How to find trending products. However, in this article, ArrowTheme also brings lots of ways to find trending products for you to apply as well as 20+ trending products you should consider. If you have any ideas about the ways to find trending products or trending products that you are not clear, you can fill it in this CONTACT FORM

In case you want to read more blogs like this. So you should visit ArrowTheme Blogs. More importantly, you have to choose the best Ecommerce solutions. This is the most important step in your business. However, don’t worry, Because ArrowTheme has already provided these best ones for you. In order to not miss them, let’s explore now.  

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