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September 9, 2021

How to sell auto parts online quickly and get high profits

Despite the fact that selling auto parts online is not as easy as the fashion and cosmetic industries, if you do it well, you can achieve extremely high profits that many other people desire. Then, to achieve this goal, the most essential thing is that you need to choose the product as well as the niche so that you stand out and be unique there. With this reason, in this article, Arrowtheme will instruct you how to sell auto parts online effectively in order to boost as many sales as possible. What are you waiting for without referring to our article right now?

What is the development of the online auto parts sales industry?

With ecommerce’s fast-paced growth, brick-and-mortar merchants in the car parts and accessories industry can’t stay out of the game. Thanks to the timely participation in the internet environment, this industry has exploded in recent years. In particular, this expansion is expected to continue at a pace of 3% each year up to the year 2030, according to a McKinsey market survey. 

auto parts industry

Although up to now, selling car parts has been considered a small volume of purchases, this expansion has opened up many new bright spots for buyers’ shopping needs. And it promises to be a potential industry with a $516 million market. 

How to sell auto parts online effectively to gain high profits?

Step 1. Find your right product

In any industry, there are a variety of niche items. Hence, the first phrase is that you should research the market carefully to choose the right products to start selling. As soon as you decide your right products, you can easily organize your ecommerce website in a more methodical and detailed way. From that, it will provide your users with a seamless and well-structured website with a positive user experience than ever. As a result, the bounce rate will be minimized, while the conversions will be driven maximum. Then, if you haven’t chosen the suitable product to sell, let’s refer to these best-selling ones below.

sell auto parts online external parts

External parts

When it comes to selling auto parts online, the first items you should consider External parts. For instance, bumpers, grills, hubcaps, Bumpers, Side mirrors, Headlights and tail lights, etc. 

If you want to sell external parts well, you must keep in mind that they frequently necessitate large shipping boxes and are less delicate. Thus, thinking about the shipping requirements, then cooperating with a reliable shipping company is a must in this case. Following that, you should answer these following questions to come up with great shipping requirements.

  • Which shipping firm can provide you with services that satisfy your product’s protecting requirements?
  • Will users be able to pick up the products?
  • Will you ship across state lines?
  • How much does interstate shipping cost?

Internal parts

Unlike external parts, internal parts including spark plugs, transmissions, cylinders, etc are often fragile or damaged. Hence, they must be carefully packed with multiple layers of bubble wrap before shipping. Moreover, with internal parts, selecting shipping units and setting shipping requirements are similar to external ones. Simply speaking, you may also need to compile a list of wrapping and shipping supplies to ensure your items are always protected in the best condition. 

sell auto parts online

Sell auto parts online tools

These can be either light or heavy instruments, such as a wrench or a jack. Selling these tools is also a potential niche product and gives you many opportunities to boost sales. 

Wheels and suspension parts

Selling wheels and suspension auto parts online such as: Tires, Hubcaps, Shocks and struts, Leveling kits, etc is also very common. 

Step 2. Determine who will purchase your products

In fact, auto parts are purchased online by a wide range of demographics and user groups. For instance, the wholesale customer, a local garage, the retail customer and so much more. Before building an ecommerce website to sell auto parts online, one of the most crucial things you must focus on is determining who your target client is. On the other hand, in case you already have a website and want to add an ecommerce component to boost sales, you may assess your current user demography with tools like Google Analytics to specify if it’s the right audience for you. With the help of Google Analytics, you can easily track your audience according to age group, gender, geographic, etc. 

However, if you don’t have a website yet, thorough online market research on user behavior is inevitable. 

how to sell auto parts online

#1. Auto shops, local garages and so on

You should create long-term relationships with small vendors, especially those in your local area to sell auto parts online for them, if you are a B2B wholesaler. Then, they will sell them to individual customers. Selling a large volume of goods and minimizing costs are the B2B benefits for you in this customer group. Therefore, it will lead to increased sales for your business with ease in the shortest time without spending too much effort. 

#2. End clients

End clients are B2C demographic. One advantage of selling direct to consumers is the potential for faster delivery times for smaller orders and the profit per order is also higher.

Step 3. Investigate your main rivals

First of all, you need to examine competitions across all channels, especially on big marketplaces such as: eBay, Amazon or third-party websites. Then, the most necessary thing is examine how they price their vehicle parts to determine whether or not you will be able to compete. After that, you just need to enter the product you’re planning to sell on the search engine and analyze the websites that appear in the top positions to see who they are and what they are doing. What’s more, don’t forget to see their customer service, cost, and overall experience to refer to developing your store. 

Step 4. Check prices from suppliers

As soon as you determine your price points, reach out to suppliers via any marketplace of your choice in order to quote. Most importantly, you must focus on  the minimum order quantity to see if it’s a viable option for your company.

check prices

Step 5. Send in POs

After that, you need to POs to the suppliers you’ve chosen, and check carefully that their items meet the standards you’ve set. Ensuring high quality is the most important factor to bring your customers the highest satisfaction. Not only that, in the long run, it also helps you to save a lot of money by preventing problems like product returns.

Step 6. Choose the best places to sell your auto parts online 

For the automotive business, an omnichannel strategy to online sales will bring store owners a lot of great benefits. Then, you should pay attention to the following channels if you are looking for ways to sell auto components online.

#1. Build your own ecommerce store

If you have enough resources to build a fully perfect ecommerce store on your own, this will be the best method to sell auto parts online. From that, you won’t have fees slapped on each transaction, and you may price your things whatever you like. You will have full control over your store, thereby maximizing your profits.

Moreover, you will better promote your brand and form more direct ties with your clients thanks to setting up your own ecommerce store. The more customer relationships you create, the more loyal buyers you will have, resulting in repeating business. And, you need to know that client retention is far less expensive than customer acquisition. Furthermore, equipping an effective on-site search is a must for a positive client experience. 

How to choose the perfect ecommerce platform to sell auto parts online?

Customers’ needs are constantly changing, that’s why user experience plays a very important role and it will determine a lot to your business’s effectiveness. Hence, all you have to do is choose a wonderful ecommerce platform that comes with visual merchandising, chatbot implementation, payment methods, and delivery options, etc to sell auto parts online. 

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  • Filter results by vehicle

Customers will look for parts for a certain vehicle. Thus, you need to create a user experience that allows them to identify their vehicle. And then, filter the results to only show products that are relevant to them. Not only that, you also are able to enable users to manually choose their vehicle or perform a VIN or Registration lookup to identify it.

sell car parts
  • Loyalty programs

First and foremost, you should impress customers by offering them discounts to drive sales. Then, join a loyalty program for them and provide them discounts and referral links to build a long-term relationship with them. 

  • Chatbots

Add chatbots to meet the goal of personalizing your website and allow customers to interact directly with you in real time. As a result, it will assist you to spend more time on the site and solve problems more quickly in order to ensure your clients always receive the best support. 

  • Checkout gateways

Coming with a wide range of selection of payment gateways will make the purchasing process of customers become easier and easier than ever. Payment methods such as Apple Pay, Paypal, and other financing solutions are increasingly being used by ecommerce websites to provide a seamless checkout. 

#2. eBay

Another place for you to sell car parts online successfully is eBay. Especially, if your items are rare parts, eBay is one of the most ideal choices for you to boost sales. Because eBay is one of the biggest platforms that attracts a huge number of users. Specifically, in the fourth quarter of 2019, there were 183 million eBay users around the world, up 2% from the previous quarter. In addition, an extremely interesting piece of information is there are around 90 million current auto parts listings. And, three parts or accessories are sold every second, according to eBay. Best of all, eBay also offers a variety of tools to help store owners feel more convenient when selling here, including tools that make adding fitment to your listings easier.

#3. Amazon marketplace

Can’t help but mention Amazon when it comes to the great ways to sell auto parts online effectively. For more details, Amazon is the best place for small enterprises to reach a wider customer base. However, when selling on Amazon, you should keep in mind some things. For instance, refurbished items must be covered by a warranty, and photos must be visible outside of Amazon.

Way to sell auto parts online

Step 7. Deliver your products

The last stage is shipping your auto parts to clients. Ensuring the goods are always in the best condition during transportation, not damaged, broken is the most important thing. In addition, you should also focus on the delivery timeline. Simply speaking, you should deliver the goods as soon as possible to promptly respond to the customer’s needs. Also, ensure they will not feel uncomfortable because of the long wait. 

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In conclusion

For those who are intending to pursue the auto parts online business, Arrowtheme hopes that our above tutorials will be of great help to you. Selling car parts still has plenty of room for you to unleash your creativity and mark your brand in the customers’ mind. In case you have any inquiry on this topic, let’s CONTACT US constantly to be clearer. 

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