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June 24, 2021

Magento 2 smtp extension: Top 10 best ones to protect your emails from spam folder of recipients

As you know, the more emails you can prevent from the spam folder of recipients, the more potential customers you can grab. Hence, boosting your sales as well as revenue will be easier than ever. If you’re running an ecommerce store and you expect to achieve this goal effectively, you should ask Magento 2 SMTP extension for help. With these reasons, in this blog, Arrowtheme will review Top 10 outstanding Magento 2 SMTP extensions for you in order to improve your store as soon as possible. Now, let’s explore them right now! 

Top 10 flawless Magento 2 SMTP extension in the global market 

SMTP by Mageplaza

Magento 2 smtp extension

In case you are seeking a Magento 2 smtp extension that can help you protect your emails from the spam folder of recipients, SMTP by Mageplaza will be the ideal choice for you. One of the most outstanding functions of this extension is you can easily get the higher opening email marketing rate of customers, up to 99%. What’s more, it includes many email templates according to the pleasant and friendly styles and content. As a result, thanks to it, your brand will undoubtedly capture the client’s attention effectively.

Highlight features: 

  • Ability to simply customize the SMTP server and port 
  • Support more than 20 SMTP service suppliers
  • Allow for easy reading of email logs
  • Assist 100% open-source code.

Magento 2 smtp extension by Sendgrid

best Magento 2 smtp extension

The next method that’s extremely effective for your email marketing campaign is the extension from SendGrid. First of all, this extension provides a seamless interaction between your store and SendGrid account via SMTP or APIs. Besides, it is quite handy for sending transactional receipts, account setup emails, and even numerous email delivery chores.

Outstanding elements:

  • Support APIs and cloud-based email
  • Multiple email delivery tasks
  • Report Submission

SMTP Email Settings by Amasty

awesome Magento 2 smtp extension

If you want to protect your emails from the spam folder of recipients, the SMTP from Amasty is the ideal choice for you. For developers, the SMTP addon is a must-have tool. In addition, it allows you to simply customize your SMTP server and port thanks to its easy and user-friendly interface. Furthermore, the useful email marketing template makes it simple to reach out to your customers.

Notable features:

  • The authentication and connection to SMTP are properly protected.
  • Allow you to check your emails in debug mode.
  • Reduce the number of emails that are returned as undeliverable.
  • Allow the use of pre-defined parameters with common email service providers.

Magento 2 SMTP extension by Landofcoder

outstanding Magento 2 smtp extension

Want to distinguish your ecommerce store from the rest? Then, SMTP by Landofcoder is the perfect option you can’t ignore. Thanks to it, your store’s emails will be sent to the right customer’s address as well as you can prevent your emails from spam folders of recipients. Moreover, with SMTP Server Admin, you are able to alter SMTP settings in Magento 2. Additionally, it also allows you to run tests before sending an email to clients. 

Awesome elements:

  • The Email Log is continuously monitored.
  • Allow many email senders to work at the same time.
  • Emails may be readily exported to CSV files by the administrator.
  • It’s simple to restrict IP addresses and test unsuccessful emails.

Magento 2 SMTP extension by Ulmod

wonderful Magento 2 smtp extension

If you can limit the rate of your emails moving to the spam folder of recipients, your marketing campaign will surely be successful and boost sales as a result in the quickest time. In order to achieve this goal, you should take advantage of the extension by Ulmod. Besides, it allows you to properly configure and manage SMTP Email. Aside from that, it also customizes SMTP servers and properly safeguards the customer’s email.

Highlight features:

  • Successfully distribute emails to customers
  • Debug mode is included to ensure precise operation.
  • Provide a user-friendly interface.

SMTP by Webkul

SMTP by Webkul

Can’t help but mention the Magento 2 SMTP extension from Webkul in our list. In reality, it will be the great solution for any shop owner who wants to protect their emails from the spam folder of recipients. First and foremost, you may configure and set up SMTP servers as well as select different service providers with this extension. Best of all, it includes test emails in particular. Then, your customers will get these emails and will be alerted if they are successful or unsuccessful.

Notable elements:

  • It’s very simple to set up an SMTP server.
  • Allow for the selection of various host vendors.
  • The recipients of the successful letter will be notified.
  • For test emails, an error notice will be displayed.

Magento 2 SMTP Extension by Magetop

flawless Magento 2 smtp extension

The next SMTP extension we highly suggest for you to enhance your ecommerce business is this one from Magetop. In fact, it is one of the most effective ways for sending emails utilizing the secure mail transfer protocol, or SMTP. As soon as you integrate it for your store, your emails will be delivered through the regular mail protocol as a result of this. Not only that, it will make setting up email SMTP with any host a breeze.

Outstanding features:

  • Send email from your Magento store to nearly any external SMTP server
  • SMTP settings for Magento 2 can be easily configured from your admin store.
  • Multiple stores are supported, and different email providers/accounts can be configured.
  • Before saving, you can use the self-test option to make sure your email credentials are correct.

Magento 2 smtp extension by Xtento

extension by Xtento

This SMTP extension is the one that you can’t ignore if you want to increase conversions as well as attract more potential customers for your online store. Firstly, while utilizing it, you will have fully complete control over the email sending settings. Moreover, it will configure your SMTP settings in Magento 2 with ease, including ready-to-use settings for more than 27 providers. Not only that, it also supports the ability to troubleshoot email delivery difficulties. And, it also ensures that emails are sent correctly using the extension’s built-in email log.

Awesome elements:

  • Contain over 27 common suppliers that have ready-to-use options
  • Configure Magento 2’s SMTP settings with ease.
  • The ability to keep track of every emails sent, including the email body and status
  • A built-in testing function allows you to double-check your email distribution settings. 

Magento 2 Custom SMTP by Neklo

worth using Magento 2 smtp extension

Last but not least in our list is the extension from Neklo. Firstly, coming to this extension, thanks to using custom-adjusted SMTP servers, you are able to send emails corresponding to each campaign to your customers with ease. In addition, you will have complete control over Magento 2 SMTP configuration as soon as you adapt it to your store. Not only that, it also allows you to override Magento’s default SMTP settings and send emails using any custom SMTP server you like, all while keeping your data safe.

Remarkable features:

  • Let you use any email service provider.
  • Due to a secure connection and reputable suppliers, deliverability rates are higher.
  • There are fewer odds that your message will end up in the spam folder.
  • Configure the security settings
  • Its email setups are unique.

In conclusion

All in all, Arrowtheme hopes this blog is extremely beneficial for you and you will take advantage of it in order to develop your store. In addition to the Magento 2 SMTP extension, you should refer to other Magento extensions as well as Magento themes

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