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July 1, 2021

Magento mobile app extension: Top 10 best ones to give your customers the great purchasing experience on the mobile

As you know, the customer plays a decisive factor in boosting sales for any ecommerce store. The more satisfied customers receive when purchasing on your site, the more orders you can sell. Driving the customer’s experience is not as simple as we think. However, there is an extremely effective way for you to achieve this goal by using a suitable Magento mobile app extension. In this blog, Arrowtheme will review for you Top 10 powerful extensions in order to bring your customers the best purchasing experience on the mobile device. So, let’s explore them right now! 

1. Magento mobile app extension by Simicart

Magento mobile app extension

If you are planning to launch an ecommerce website but don’t focus on the mobile app version, this will be a big mistake and can’t bring customers the best shopping experience when visiting your site. In order to avoid this problem, one of the most effective ways you should consider is using the extension by Simicart. While you add this extension for your site, you can provide a fantastic purchasing experience to your clients. This is because it allows them to place orders right on their phones, but not on the complicated website. Therefore, driving more sales for your store will become easier than ever. 

Highlight features:

  • All payment options are accepted.
  • It allows you to easily change the color, logo, flash screen, and brand name.
  • Strong analytic tools should be included.
  • The ability to quickly synchronize.

2. MageNative Magento 2 Mobile App

best Magento mobile app extension

Coming to another premium solution you should know to give your customers the great purchasing experience on the mobile – MageNative Magento 2 Mobile App. First of all, using this extension will  make it simple to create a mobile app for your online store. Furthermore, it enables your clients to make purchases using their mobile devices. Above all, this is an extremely versatile and easy method to provide your customers a fantastic buying experience.

Outstanding features:

  • Interface that is appealing and eye-catching
  • Synchronization ability
  • All types of products are supported.
  • The ability to send out push notifications
  • There was also an advanced search option.

3. MageMob Admin For Magento 2

awesome Magento mobile app extension

MageMob Admin For Magento 2 will be the ideal choice if you want to bring your customers a great shopping experience whenever they visit your site. First and foremost, you are able to quickly control your online store in the backend on your smartphone as soon as you download this extension. In addition, it runs as an effective assistance that aids you in the tracking of order details, alerts, and order fulfillment. 

Notable elements:

  • Enable sales efforts to be managed.
  • Customers are simple to manage.
  • Capacity to evaluate management
  • Allow for product management.
  • Support store owners to create reports with ease. 

4. Magento 2 ® Mobile App Builder by Knowband

excellent Magento mobile app extension

In case you’re looking for an exceptional Magento mobile app extension, you can’t ignore Magento 2 ® Mobile App Builder. In fact, this awesome plugin includes everything you need to develop your business, so it becomes the must-have tool for any store owner. First of all, thanks to it, you can effortlessly create and develop mobile apps without knowing how to code. What’s more, you have many freedoms to change the theme and font schemes of your mobile app with this module to make it more appealing. 

Key features:

  • Allow for the customization of the theme and font schemes.
  • Allow for the creation of mobile apps for both tablets and smartphones.
  • There are a variety of payment and shipping options available.
  • Real-time synchronization of website and app.

5. Multi Vendor Mobile App by Landofcoder

appealing Magento mobile app extension

The next solution for increasing buyer’s experience when shopping on your ecommerce store we highly suggest for you is Multi Vendor Mobile App by Landofcoder. Firstly, this is always known as one of the most flawless extensions in the global market. For more detail, this wonderful extension assists ecommerce store owners in developing a secure Magento 2 Marketplace-based mobile application that allows sellers and customers to visit your marketplace store with ease. 

Remarkable features:

  • Configuration of the Home Page
  • Dashboard for sellers in real time
  • Allow you to add or remove products from the List
  • Payouts on the Marketplace.

6. Mobile Apps by Magedelight – Magento mobile app extension

outstanding Magento mobile app extension

There is no denying the effectiveness of Mobile Apps by Magedelight in boosting the purchasing experience of customers on your site. In reality, this is one of the best methods for increasing conversion rates and increasing client loyalty in your online store. Additionally, it provides an intuitive and eye-catching interface that will bring for your visitors a terrific purchasing experience when they use the mobile platform. Not as simple as an extension, it is also considered as a smart tool for you to drive more profit in the shortest time. 

Highlight features:

  • It supports both IOS and Android.
  • Product ratings and reviews are included.
  • Allow for a speedier search.
  • Allow the notification to be pushed.
  • Payment gateways are all integrated.

7. Mobile Apps by Magentomobileshop

wonderful Magento mobile app extension

If you are a newbie of Magento ecommerce business and want to take advantage of a Free Magento mobile app extension for your store, you should have a glance at Mobile Apps by Magentomobileshop. Simply speaking, this is really a useful tool that helps shopkeepers to improve the consumer purchasing experience and give them the highest satisfaction. Hence, it will not only help you to keep previous buyers’ legs, but also grab more potential customer’s attention effectively. 

Awesome features:

  • Secure payment gateways should be supported.
  • Incorporate a store locator.
  • Its design is user-friendly
  • Deep connection is possible.

8. Magento Mobile App extension by Oscprofessionals


Another Magento mobile app extension you should know to integrate for your ecommerce store is the extension from Oscprofessionals. Once you add this flawless plugin for your site, your customers can easily approach you from their mobile devices. With just one click on a smartphone, it is possible to improve the customer’s purchasing experience as well as assist them in purchasing goods or services.

Key elements:

  • Multiple payment gateways. 
  • Allow consumers to place orders quickly and effortlessly
  • Connect with Google analytics for you to easily keep track of your business’s effectiveness. 

9. Magento 2 Mobile App Builder by Webkul


Coming to the next advanced premium Magento mobile app extension you can pay attention to achieve your business goal quickly – the Magento 2 Mobile App Builder by Webkul. First of all, this extension is really a worth-using tool for any store owner to offer clients a variety of sophisticated features as well as a fantastic mobile shopping experience. Moreover, customers no longer have to worry about navigating a sophisticated website. This is because they can now purchase your product by using a mobile device with ease.

Outstanding features:

  • Include the ability to send a push notification
  • Multiple shipping options are supported.
  • Multiple payment gateways are supported.
  • Fully responsive that allows customers to access your site by any modern device, especially mobile ones.

10. Magento mobile app extension by Magebay


Last but not least in our list is the magnificent extension from Magebay. In reality, this is really the robust tool for helping your online store become stand out from any competitor in the same area. Besides, this extension is very flexible. For more detail, it is a comprehensive mobile app for Magento 2 that works well on both Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, it comes with a detailed user manual to assist customers who want to set up the software themselves.

Highlight elements:

  • Customers will only be able to see notifications relating to your store when they open the app, thanks to push notifications. 
  • Depending on the user’s location, the mobile app supports multiple languages and currencies.
  • Include Google Analytics. 

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