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June 30, 2021

Magento lookbook extension: Top 7 best ones – effective tools for cross selling for your ecommerce stores

In order to boost sales for your ecommerce business, one of the most important things you should focus on is building an eye-catching lookbook. If you’re operating a Magento store yet the cross-selling hasn’t been effective yet, this is the right time for you to integrate a suitable Magento lookbook extension. The more your lookbook is appealing, the more sales you can get. With this reason, in this blog, Arrowtheme will deliver Top 10 outstanding Magento lookbook extensions for you to meet your all requirements as well as achieve your business goal quickly. So, let’s explore them right now!

Top 7 robust Magento lookbook extension in the global market

1. Magento 2 Lookbook

Magento lookbook extension

The first Magento lookbook extension we highly recommend for cross selling for your ecommerce stores is Magento 2 Lookbook from Magesolution. In fact, this extension gains various great compliments from online retailers all over the world. First and foremost, this is really a fantastic application that lets you generate numerous image collections for your products based on the images you supply. Besides, it provides a Pinning option for each image, allowing you to pin multiple photos for products onto the main image. What’s more, one of the advantages of displaying things in groups is that it encourages buyers to purchase as many items as possible. Hence, boosting your sales will become easier than ever. 

Highlight features:

  • Support operation configuration panel that is user-friendly for admin
  • With the help of a smooth lookbook slider, you can easily collect lookbooks
  • Allow to add all to the cart button. 

2. Magento lookbook extension by Magezon

best Magento lookbook extension

In case you’re seeking a solution that’s extremely a must-having feature for any shop owner to develop their business. In reality, using this extension you don’t need to display each image for each item like before, it enables you to use numerous markers to represent multiple products within a single image. As a result, it will bring customers the best shopping experience and encourage them to return to your site many times in the future. 

Outstanding features:

  • Include two perfect profile layouts
  • Contain “Add all product” button
  • User-friendly interface that can satisfy even the most demanding customers. 

3. Lookbook by Belvg

awesome Magento lookbook extension

Coming to another Magento lookbook extension you should know to improve customer’s experience for your ecommerce store is this one from Belvg. There is no denying that this extension includes everything you need to help your store have a leg up in the global market. First and foremost, thanks to utilizing this extension, you are able to add a set of markers to a product image. And then, link those markers to additional goods that will appear in a pop-up when a consumer clicks on one of the markers. What’s more, you can also highlight a specific area on the product photo with your mouse when lingering over it. 

Notable elements:

  • The product image will be displayed in the pop-up window, and clients will be able to specify the quantity of the goods.
  • When you hover your mouse over a specific region on the product photo, that area will be highlighted automatically.

4. Lookbook For Magento 2 –  Magento lookbook extension

outstanding Magento lookbook extension

Looking for an effective tool for cross selling for your ecommerce stores? Then, you can’t ignore the Lookbook For Magento 2 by MageAnts. In fact, this is always considered as one of the must-have tools for store owners who want to make an emotional connection with their customers and advertise their products in a visually appealing manner. First and foremost, thanks to this awesome extension, you can easily see all of the look’s elements in one spot. In addition, you can also specify the discount percentage that clients will receive when purchasing the full look from the admin panel.

Highlight features:

  • You may add product descriptions to Lookbook.
  • Include information such as size, color, price, and quantity.
  • Customers can purchase the entire appearance by using the ‘Purchase the Complete Look’ function.
  • Customers can buy a limited number of things using the ‘purchase individual products’ function.

5. Lookbook Pin Products

Lookbook Pin Products

If you expect to use a Free Magento lookbook extension for developing your ecommerce store, Lookbook Pin Products will be the perfect choice for you. Firstly, this extension is really a wonderful solution for you to build an eye-catching and professional lookbook pin product. As soon as you add this extension to your site, you may effortlessly upload photos and use pin product features in any image from the admin panel. Not only that, it also aids in the creation of a well-organized and attractive website layout. 

Key elements:

  • Create Lookbook pin products with ease from the admin panel.
  • Widget for assistance
  • Each lookbook can be enabled or disabled.
  • Allow you to make changes to each pin as you want. 

6. Lookbook Extension for Magento 2 by Webkul 


Can’t help but mention the extension from Webkul in our list. This is because of its excellent significant outcomes for your ecommerce business. As an admin, you can use this robust extension to create lookbook items and add markers to them so that a collection of products related with the lookbook product can be shown on the storefront. Then,  your customers will be able to discover various products and purchase the entire look with only one purchase. 

Outstanding features:

  • It allows your buyers to purchase the entire look with only one lookbook product purchase.
  • Adding markings to the primary lookbook products. As a result, it will make them more interactive, and then help you to increase sales with ease.
  • You have the ability to show lookbook products on numerous CMS blocks and pages.

7. Magento 2 Lookbook Extension

remarkable Magento lookbook extension

The last Magento lookbook extension you can’t miss if you want to improve the cross selling for your store. In reality, this is always known as one of the most outstanding and worth-using extensions you need to know to easily drive more revenue for your business. Moreover, merchants may create shoppable lookbooks and display them on the storefront with this awesome plugin. Hence, customers will find it easier to make a buying decision because they will only need to acquire the set of products that are combined in the lookbooks.

Highlight elements:

  • Showcase your products in aesthetically pleasing settings.
  • Beautiful images can help you connect with your audience more effectively.
  • Encourage people to buy things in sets.
  • Boost a sales campaign’s motivation.

In conclusion

All in all, Arrowtheme hopes through this blog, you will gain as much useful information. Following that, you will push your business more superior to your competitors. In addition to the lookbook, you should pay attention to many other elements. Then, you should visit Magento 2 extensions as well as Magento 2 themes to get more ideas. 

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