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June 11, 2021

Magento order import export extension: Top 10 best free and premium ones for your Magento 2 stores

Magento store owners often need to export a large amount of data from the Magento backend to some systems such as ERP, CRM, dropshipping or shipping system. However, Magento default does not support or requires much time to do. Therefore, Magento order import export extension is a great solution for each Magento store.
Here are the top 10 best free and premium ones which Arrowtheme has suggested for your Magento 2 stores.

1. Export Orders by Amasty

This Export Orders extension helps you integrate your store with other systems by using detailed configuration. Firstly, you can create a special export profile for each system. So you can adapt to the requirement of each system and automatically export for next time. Secondly, this extension provides 6 formats of export orders such as CSV, XML, ODS, XLSX, JSON or a Custom Template. Thirdly, it builds file structures to attach files with product attributes or other order entities. Especially, this extension brings to you a new feature of value modification. You can choose 1 of 4 groups: Text Modifiers, Numeric Modifiers, Date Modifiers and Custom Modifiers.

In addition, you can use Advanced filtering to select the required orders and delete the empty rows. Moreover, you can change the name of the export fields based on your need. Finally, after you export the orders, this extension will automatically update the order status for shoppers.

Magento order import export extension
Export Orders

Free lifetime updates;
3 months of free support services
25-day Marketplace Return Policy.
Price: $199

2. Order Export by Mageplaza

Order Export extension assists you to manage order data export. Firstly, it provides you with 6 types of file format including CSV, XML, Excel, TXT, TSV, and JSON. Secondly, it supports you with premade templates that contain many attributes. Thirdly, this extension allows you to see the preview results by downloading the first 5 items. In addition, you can export customer data which has detailed information about orders, products, shipping process and customer profile.

Moreover, you can filter orders to export the special data. For example, you can only export the customer groups who do not log in. At last, it automatically uploads export files to a remote server via FTP/SFTP. So the third party can access it easily.

Order Export

60-day Money Back
Lifetime Update
365-day Support
Price: $129

3. Magento order import export extension by Aitoc

Orders Export and Import extension is a helpful tool for Magento stores to send data to a third party. Firstly, it allows you to export and import data when moving to another Magento installation, ERP system or accounting software. You can export and import data about orders, invoices, shipments, credit and checkout fields. Also, you can choose the condition to export data. For example, order status, order number, order placement rate, customer or product ID, after complete checkout and so on. Even more, you can set up the data format. For instance, you can choose CSV/Tab Separated or XML (recommended) formats. Additionally, you can keep track of import and export activities by history. Secondly, it syncs all your stores into one. Thirdly, you can restore the missing data from billing information.

Orders Export and Import
Orders Export and Import

Free lifetime updates
90-day free support
45-day money back
Earn $12 store credits
Price: $129

4. Order Export by XTENTO

This extension gives you a powerful tool to export your orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos. At first, it supports you with 5 types of format such as Text, Tabbed, CSV, XML and ASCII/Fixed-Length-Files. Secondly, it allows you to create unlimited export profiles and connect with a third party. Thirdly, you can export to different locations with the support of Local directories, FTP, FTPS, SFTPv3, HTTP Servers, E-Mail Recipients, Webservices/APIs.
Also, you can filter the data flexibly. For example, export only orders which occur in March. In addition, it uses Intelligent Export to prevent the same exports. Finally, you can set up automatic export after the customers checked out or the order has been paid.

Order Export by XTENTO
Order Export

Price: $259

5. Magento order import export extension by BSS Commerce

Import Export Order extension by BSS Commerce brings you a solution of data synchronization and delivery. Firstly, it can import bulk orders in one session. Particularly, 50.000 orders in 1 go. Secondly, it imports through CSV files which contain the whole information such as order details, product details, customer account information, billing and shipping address, shipping and payment methods and order total. Thirdly, you do not need to worry about the speed loading because this extension reaches the light speed of 2173 orders import per minutes. Additionally, it helps you send the data via CSV file by Export function. Moreover, with 2 steps to authenticate, it reduces maximum risk when importing.

Magento order import export extension
Speed test results

1 year Free Support
Free Lifetime Update
Free Installation
30-Day Money-Back
Price: $129

6. Magento order import export extension by FMEextensions

Order Import Export by FMEextensions offers you an automatic process of importing and exporting orders. Firstly, you can import and export a large number of orders automatically with one click. Secondly, it supports you with 2 file formats CSV and XML. Thirdly, to save time, you can create multiple data profiles for different purposes, filter products conditions or set up the format type in advance. Also, this extension allows you to see import history and fix it if neccessary. Moreover, it helps you to integrate all data with your new store. By using Import Mode, you can merge existing data or replace them. Finally, it will send you a progress message when you start import and export.

Magento order import export extension
Import Order

Price: $169.99

7. Import And Export Orders by Commerceextensions

This extension brings to you some key benefits for import and export orders. First of all, it permits many types of orders such as simple, configurable, downloadable or virtual. Secondly, it allows you to import orders from customers without all address fields. Thirdly, it runs well with any custom order status or order number. Also, you can still create invoices while importing. In addition, this extension provides you with various languages and currencies. Finally, you can use this version regard of Magento version (from community to enterprise version).

Magento order import export extension
Import And Export Orders

Price: $149.99

8. Order Import Export by Dotsquares Ltd.

Order Import Export extension delivers your data into another Magento version with ease. Firstly, it solves the limitation of Magento default. You can export and import data with a large amount. Secondly, you can choose orders to export through the Orders Grid. Thirdly, it builds customer data by utilizing billing and shipping address. In addition, you can import and export all types of orders such as simple, group,… Also, you can allow creating invoices and credit memos in case of importing. Finally, import orders are corresponding store views.

Order Import Export
Order Import Export

Price: $49

9. Improved Import & Export by Firebear Studio

This extension uses a cron scheduler to automate your import and export process. You can import files that have formats CSV, XML and Json. Also, you can import data from Google Sheets, FTP/SFTP, Dropbox or just a direct URL. Additionally, you can change the percentage or certain value of products price within the import process. You can import any XML files with XSLT transformation templates. Moreover, you can manage the stocks and warehouse well by default purchasing Improved Import and Export. Finally, the price of this extension is higher than others because it provides more additional functions. You can see more in its website.

Improved Import and Export
Improved Import and Export

Price: $599.00

10. Order Import/Export by MageModule

This extension improves the way you import and export orders from/to your Magento stores. Firstly, it supports you with many currencies and multi-store orders. Secondly, you can use the proper file format based on your need. Thirdly, other than orders, it helps you build invoices, credit memos, shipments, and so on. Even more, it imports personalized order for each customer. For example, it will check if a guest registered or not. So it ensures that there is no duplicate information. Finally, this extension uses the CLI to prevent large files from causing execution timeouts or memory shortages.

Imported data
Imported data

Price: $149.99

To sum up, Arrowtheme advises you to choose these extension based on your need and money. We wish you a best choice!

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