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June 25, 2021

Pre-order extension Magento: Top 10 best ones to meet the customer demand and boost your sales

Pre-order extension Magento allows your clients to pre-order or re-order your store’s out-of-scale or out-of-stock items. This supports your store drive sales attract warm leads. In order to gain this goal, Arrowtheme will review the Top 10 flawless Pre-order extension Magento for you. So, what are you waiting for without trying them right now! 

1. Magento 2 Pre Order extension


If you are looking for a great extension that allows customers to purchase products even they are not available in your store, give this Preorder by Landofcoder a try. By integrating this extension, you can meet shoppers’ demands with a smart marketing research tool easily.

  • This extension allows your customers to purchase products that are coming soon/out of stock
  • Also, the admin can easily send email notifications to customers
  • The admin is able to replace the Add to Cart button with the ‘Pre-order’ one
  • Besides, the admin can easily add a custom message to display on the product page
  • Allow shoppers to pay for the product full or partial payment

2. Pre Order by Bsscommerce


The next extension in this collection is Pre Order by Bsscommerce. It is one of the best solutions for your out-of-stock or upcoming products. In particular, this extension is useful for products that are about to be launched in the online store. Besides, this extension Magento also permits the admin to configure the pre-order function for products.

  • Pre-order products that are out of stock or coming soon
  • Add both regular and pre-order items to the cart
  • Replace Add to Cart button with the Pre-Order button
  • Showcase notifications about pre-order products on the product page
  • Enable store owners to manage pre-orders in the backend

3. Magento 2 Pre Order by Webkul


The third product of the top best Magento 2 Pre-order extensions is from Webkul. This module provides your customers the opportunity to book out-of-stock they desire. Therefore, shop owners can manage their store successfully by satisfying shoppers’ different demands.

  • Sell and accept orders for upcoming items.
  • Analyze customer demand and initial sales of the products.
  • Pay in advance and book items to guarantee assured delivery.
  • Accept partial or full payment for pre-order products.
  • Specify the product availability date.
  • Notify shoppers when a pre-ordered product is available.

4. Pre-Order for Magento 2 by Belvg


Do you remember that feeling when you finally find the good you had been seeking for a long time, but it is out of stock? Unpleasant, right? Every time a possible buyer is in a circumstance like this, they will simply leave your website and move to your competitors. Now, you can prevent this by integrating the BelVG Pre-Order extension for Magento 2.

  • Replace the “add-to-cart” button with the “pre-order” one.
  • Show pre-order button on the catalog, product page, shopping cart, and checkout.
  • Replace common pre-order button text with your own.
  • Customize your pre-order message underneath the button
  • Set the date when the good comes back in stock

5. Magento 2 Pre-Order by Bootsgrid

Pre-order extension Magento

Coming to another powerful, well–functioning Pre-Order by Bootsgrid. With this extension, the store owners can sell out-of-stock products in advance to retaining customers. Besides, this extension makes an easy and simple configuration for store owners to replace a ‘add to cart ’ button with  ‘pre-order’, ‘backorders’. Moreover, this module permits customers to pre-order or backorder product which are not yet for immediate delivery.

  • Admin can allow pre-order for ‘out of stock products
  • Easily add a custom pre-order button for each product.
  • Admin can specify custom pre-order notes or warning messages
  • The shop owner is able to show custom pre-order notes on the category page.
  • Pre-order notes available on the shopping cart, checkout, and payment preview page.

6. Pre-Orders for Magento 2 by Aitoc

Pre-order extension Magento

Another helpful extension we want to mention in the topic is “Pre-orders” by Aitoc. It is a great plugin for products that are about to be released on the website. With this extension, your customers can easily make purchases for items that are out-of-stock as well as coming soon in advance. Through this, the shop owners can gather informative data about their customers’ requirements and boost more sales.

  • Make pre-orders of unavailable products
  • Notify shoppers when products are available
  • Decide the exact date of item arrival
  • Prevent shoppers from adding both pre-orders and regular items to the cart
  • Support all product types

7. Pre Order by Mageants

Pre-order extension Magento

Pre Order by Mageants is one of the best solutions for products that are still out of stock or upcoming. This extension helps to improve the sale significantly by enabling customers to pre-order out of stock items or the one which is coming soon on the stores for immediate delivery. Moreover, it is a great method to analyze and meet the demand of the customer.

  • This extension allows the pre-ordering of out of stock and upcoming products
  • It also helps the store order management better and effective
  • The admin can display custom notes and messages for pre-order products on the product and details page, as well as on the shopping cart
  • It works for simple, configurable, grouped, bundled products and downloadable products.

8. Pre-Order extension by Cedcommerce

Pre-order extension Magento

The next module in our list is created by Cedcommerce. This module allows customers to pre-order ‘out-of-stock products as well as items that are not available for immediate delivery. Also, it is very useful for front-end users when they want to purchase their products even if the products are out of stock.

  • The pre-order facility is available only for all types of products including simple, configurable, grouped, and bundle product
  • Customers can pre-order the items with an advance payment, even if they are out of stock.
  • Orders are accepted in advance and delivered when the products are available.
  • Customers can view the expected delivery date of the product.

9. Pre order by FME

Pre-order extension Magento

Another Magento 2 Pre-order extension is from FME. Like others, this Magento 2 pre-order extension permits your customer’s pre-order items which are not yet available on your website. Moreover, this module allows the store owners to easily identify which out-of-stock products are popular with their shoppers and should be restocked in advance.

  • Firstly, it supports the pre-order for upcoming & backorder for out of stock products
  • Secondly, it is compatible with simple, variable, grouped, and bundle products
  • Thirdly, this extension allows replacing “Add To Cart” With Custom “Pre Order” or “Back Order” Button
  • Besides, the admin is able to show pre order notifications on checkout or order Page
  • At last, it allows the admin to show the availability date & countdown timer

10. Pre Order by Mageplaza

Pre-order extension Magento

The last module of top 10 best Magento 2 Pre-order extensions in 2020 is Mageplaza Pre-order. With the help of this module, customers can easily pre-order products which are not yet available for delivery on your website. Besides, your customers will get an automatic email notification when a product is released.

  • Firstly, this extension allows admin to apply preorder/ backorder on any types of products
  • Besides, you are able to set a notification for Pre-order
  • This extension enables showing the Expected Available Date
  • Besides, it provides the ability to modify all types of labels
  • At last, this tool allows displaying on the order confirmation email with noticed

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