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August 18, 2021

Ecommerce shipping mistakes: The common problems and how to avoid it

For a variety of reasons, shipping is one of the most important components of e-commerce. Because of the rapidly expanding demand in e-commerce, consumer standards and expectations are higher and higher. Customers receive late deliveries or products don’t want to buy your products again.  To increase client retention, it’s critical for ecommerce businesses to get their delivery plan right the first time. However, there are still Ecommerce shipping mistakes. Therefore, with the aim of helping you, in this blog, ArrowTheme will give you The common problems of shipping problems and how to avoid them. Let’s go.

There isn’t a wide range of shipping options available.

This is one of the popular Ecommerce shipping mistakes. In 2021, E Commerce will be more and more popular. Therefore, customers will expect a variety of options in e-commerce experience. So businesses should constantly provide choice and convenience to their customers, from different payment methods to time delivery. Because  when customers feel the ecommerce business does not meet their demands due to a lack of delivery choices, they will go out. 

Some buyers are willing to pay less or get free delivery to wait for their products for a long time. However, others are willing to pay a higher price in order to receive items as quickly as possible. Therefore, it is important for customers to choose a choice of shipping options.

Ecommerce shipping mistakes- Ignoring feedback from customers

In case you customers left the feedback on your website. So it’s always important to listen to what customers have to say about your delivery plan. When you ignore customer feedback, your brand can make the same ecommerce shipping mistakes in repeating shipping. Thus, it leads to unhappy customers. As a result, accepting consumer feedback could be the key to your company’s future success.

Ecommerce shipping mistakes- Not evaluating the delivery charges

Setting delivery charges based on guessing might result in huge financial losses for e-commerce companies. To make an intelligent pricing decision, it’s important to conduct research before determining shipping charges. Furthermore, charges that are too low may result in a loss. In contrast, charges that are too high may lose clients. Therefore, you have to make sure that you calculate your expenses properly by thoroughly assessing all shipping prices, such as costs for weekend and residential deliveries.

Clarity in shipping costs

Make sure there are no further hidden expenses for customers.  In case customers recognize the total cost is substantially more than they expected. So additional charge is one of the most common reasons for client shopping cart abandonment. Therefore, keeping costs simple and clear helps you create trust with your customers and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Not keeping track of changes in couriers

Each year, shipping policies and couriers will change their operations, sometimes reducing specific postage charges. Therefore,  E-commerce shops who are unaware of the changes in shipping policies may miss out on the chance to save money by switching suppliers. Hence, it is important for shop owners to follow the shipping policies and couriers.

Processes that are not automated

Human error is common in manual procedures. It may lead to wrong items being delivered to customers and picking and packing delays. Therefore, switching to automated procedures can help firms save time. Moreover, it also offers customers with more timely and accurate delivery.

As a result, many small and medium-sized e-commerce companies select outsource order fulfillment to a third-party logistics (3PL) supplier. Because customers will receive the correct products as quickly as possible if the order fulfillment procedure is efficient from start to finish.

Product descriptions that aren’t accurate

For e-commerce shops, incorrect product descriptions may lead to the mistake. To avoid unsatisfied buyers, the products supplied to them must match what is described on your website. Because the buyer can return the product and request a refund if the shipped products differ dramatically from the product descriptions on your website. So you have to check that the goods descriptions on your website are the same with the goods. This may save customers time and money while also protecting profit margins.

Ecommerce shipping mistakes- Inefficient Product packaging

Packaging prevents the product from damage. If you get it wrong, the results will be terrible. Furthermore, your brand’s reputation will be affected. Using low-cost materials that aren’t appropriate for the product can lead to breakages. So it results in a damaged product for the buyer. Therefore, customers will return your products. Besides that, your profits will also suffer. It’s necessary to be sure the packaging you pick will fully protect your goods during transition. 

Previously, shipments were just calculated based on their weight, which simplified shipping. However, now they are determined based on both weight and size. Therefore, in case you put your products in boxes that are the wrong size. The shipping cost may increase. 

Shipping problems due to COVID-19.

Due to Covid19, some shipping services and policies have been temporarily changed. Moreover, some carriers, flights have been canceled suddenly. Besides that, government policies have also changed. Not only that, businesses have to face layoffs and staff shortages. For example, due to escalating tensions and uncertainties in the trade deal between the two countries, merchants in the United States may suffer shipping challenges from China. 

While we can’t simply stop to the pandemic and return normal operations, there are certain steps you can take to keep your customers and business healthy:

  • Inform customers as soon as possible if there will be a delay: You can design a banner of delivery that may take longer than usual and then put it on your website. Other ways, you can share it on social media, inform your email list or messaging throughout the checkout process.
  • See what additional options you have with your carrier: See what additional options you have with your carrier. You may buy inexpensive shipping labels directly from Shopify. And then you can arrange a pickup or use a dropoff location to keep a six-foot buffer between you and your courier.
  • Find new methods of fulfillment: For example, you may provide local delivery to consumers who are close by.

International ecommerce shipping mistakes

Even if your business services a local market, there are some customers from other countries who will order your products. Moreover, international shipping challenges such as dealing with unfamiliar carriers and accounting for tariffs and taxes can make you don’t want to expand your business into the world. 

The cost of international shipping is determined by a number of elements, including package size, weight, departure area, destination area, insurance, and much more. Therefore, most major package couriers provide online shipping calculators to help you estimate how much shipping overseas will charge your business. 

Furthermore, duties and taxes differ by country, depending on a range of factors such as the value of the goods, the country of origin, trade agreements, and the intended purpose. Because your consumers will pay these costs after your products reach their destination. So make sure they have already known any additional fees that may be applied to their order. To avoid any unexpected shocks for your consumers, provide a general warning on your policy page. Therefore, you can inform them that foreign shipments may be dependent on local charges and taxes.

Additionally, international shipments may take longer to clear customs in their final destination. Thus, to minimize unwanted delays for your consumers, make sure to fill out suitable documentation for your deliveries.

Lost and damaged products of ecommerce shipping mistakes

Problems happen during the shipping procedure that are absolutely out of your control. Perhaps your product never makes it onto the delivery truck or arrives bent and broken. Damaged and misplaced products are worst-case scenarios. But they can happen to everyone. So you must be prepared to deal with them rapidly. 

Delivering insurance is usually reasonably inexpensive in case you’re shipping with a major carrier. Shipping insurance is a low-cost investment that saves you time, money, and trouble. You can recover your money back if problems occur. 

Besides that, products that are lost or damaged are not only a problem for business owners. They can also be a very unpleasant experience for your consumers. Waiting a long time for a product in terrible condition is enough to drive some buyers away. Therefore, when problems occur, you should focus on giving the greatest possible customer service to maintain customer loyalty to your store.

Inventory problems and backorders

Out-of-stock items and low inventory levels might make your customers dissatisfied. It’s very common for retailers to run out of stock periodically. Although it may not always be able to keep up with demand, your store needs to provide customers with means to stay informed. 

Therefore, Back in Stock and Back in Stock Alerts are two apps you can use. Because of them, your consumers can select to be notified when your sold-out items become available again in your store. Besides that, in case you don’t want your customers to notice out-of-stock items. So you can use apps that automatically delete sold out products from your store

Both of these approaches efficiently control your clients’ expectations. Moreover, it eliminates the risk of disappointment, which is important to create excellent customer experiences.

Holiday shopping season shipping problem

For online stores, the holiday sales are both a good and bad thing. In this period of time , you sell more than during any other time of the year. On the other hand, you will deal with logistical and operational difficulties. Delivering holiday packages to customers is one of the most common shipping issues for small businesses during this time of year. As a result, to handle the surge in demand, carriers frequently vary their standard delivery dates and shipping cost. You may have to pay extra for shipping, or your customers may have to wait longer to receive their orders. 

There are things you can do to prepare for pricing adjustments during the holiday shopping season:

  • Make a list of all important deadlines: Businesses know when they need to send things if they want the client to receive it by a certain date because each carrier has a set of deadlines. Therefore, you should make a note of the deadlines on your calendar
  • Make sure you have enough shipping supplies on hand: While many carriers provide free packaging supplies, you’ll want to make sure you request them in advance. If you wait too long, you risk delivery delays or a full stockout of packaging supplies because of increased demand.
  • Bulk shipping labels can be purchased and printed: You may buy and print several shipping labels at the same time to save time on each order. Moreover, you’ll also get a number of pre-shipping reductions.
  • Check your shipping policies: Because the holidays are such a special time of year, it’s normal to adjust some business procedures and policies. This could include a change to your shipping policies. For example, you might regularly provide free shipping but can’t do it over the holidays.


That is all about The common problems Ecommerce shipping mistakes and how to avoid it. When reading this article carefully, ArrowTheme believes that you are able to make a successful ecommerce without Ecommerce shipping mistakes. However, if you still have troubles in your ecommerce business, you let us know at CONTACT FORM. Furthermore, with over 14 years of experience, ArrowTheme experts will bring to you the best Shopify Packages. Therefore, don’t forget to explore our Shopify Packages. 

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