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January 8, 2022

Shopify membership app: Top 3 best apps for your Shopify stores

As you know, the customer is the most important factor that decides the success of any business. Because they are the ones who directly generate revenue and profit for the business. By creating good relationships with customers and providing them with many incentives based on the membership status they have, you can create various loyal buyers. Hence, boosting sales will become easier than ever. In order to achieve this goal, one of the best solutions is using a suitable Shopify membership app. In this blog, Arrowtheme will review for you Top 3 excellent apps you should know to install for your online store. Let’s explore with us right now! 

Top best Shopify membership app

1. AAA Membership

Shopify membership app

In case your website has no membership app, you should have a glance at AAA Membership. On top of that, this Shopify membership app is considered as one of the best apps of this topic in the market. Besides, AAA Membership lets you build an infinite number of annual membership levels, which you can use to secure your pages and collections. What’s more, with many contents like: pages, collection and add to cart button, you are free to show or hide anything you  choose. 

Best of all, you may also automatically tag members in specific pages and collections based on their membership level. In addition, one of the most concerns for any e – commerce website is the security of  payment, especially payment for paid membership. However, with this app, you can absolutely rest assured because subscription payments would be made by Stripe. 

2. POS Membership

best Shopify membership app

If you’re looking for an awesome Shopify membership app to install for your e – commerce website, you should consider POS Membership. In fact, this app is really an effective tool for you to retain loyal customers as well as increase sales revenue with ease. To begin, POS Membership generates loyalty points to encourage sellers to return. Besides, it enables customers to earn points for each product purchased and it will be added to their membership card. Following that, when their points exceed a certain threshold, they will be eligible for discounts on future purchases. 

What’s more, as the admin of the website, you can easily change the membership status of any customer based on the point that they collect. Of course, you should also set clear rules. As a result, your store won’t have any problems measuring points for customers. Best of all, this Shopify membership app also operates as a smart sending mail machine. From it, you are able to use mail configuration to give your clients the most latest programs or other things. 

3. Bold Memberships

Bold Membership

Bold Membership will be one of the best solutions for developing any e – commerce website. On top of that, this app was created with the goal of creating membership levels. And, it gives your most loyal customers early access to new items, blogs, and content. Besides, it is integrated monthly payment, allowing you to charge for memberships if desired. Moreover, it provides the ability to modify content on your website for members. Following that, depending on which type of membership they have, you can alter, display, or conceal elements in your online shop.

Not only that, you can also have a right to make changes to liquid templates. Hence, it will create a completely different site for visitors that are non-members to log in. Best of all, this app allows you to use free within 14 days before you’re making a purchase decision. So, let’s take advantage of it right now! 

In conclusion

Arrowtheme hopes your ecommerce store will integrate a suitable Shopify membership app through this article. Moreover, if you need any help to build as well as develop your ecommerce store, let’s have a glance at our Shopify packages that come with not only Update services but also Maintenance & Support services, etc. Besides, we are especially offering an amazing discount program that can save you upto 30% compared to the original price. Therefore, what are you waiting for without contacting us right now via our CONTACT FORM.

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