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May 24, 2021

Best email marketing app for Shopify every merchant needs

You want to take your online shop to the new level. However, you don’t know how to do that. Have ever thought about using email for marketing your shop? If not, let’s try with the Best email marketing app for Shopify. Email marketing is a fantastic way to improve conversions, revenues, and customer loyalty for your firm. In addition, your store’s emails may be automated based on the behaviors of your customers. Not only that, this kind of Shopify app also offers lots of awesome functions such as: direct connection to your online store from the email. 

Therefore, in this blog, ArrowTheme listed Top 10 Best email marketing apps for Shopify every merchant needs. So if you know which best email marketing app for Shopify is the best for your online store? Let’s explore.

AVADA Email Marketing by Avada commerce

Best email marketing app for Shopify

AVADA Email Marketing is the most excellent and cost-effective email marketing app for any Shopify businesses. This Best email marketing app for Shopify is able to convert customers and develop long-term buyers relationships. Besides that, it was created to optimize Abandoned Cart campaigns by following your visitors and reminding them to complete their purchase as soon as possible. Additionally, this app does not require much technological skill. Therefore, It is easy for people who don’t know how to design. Because this Best email marketing app for Shopify includes email templates. As a result, users are able to use it right away. Furthermore, with automatic data synchronized from your Shopify business, you can quickly manage your contacts.

Awesome features:

  • Abandoned Cart Email automation
  • Easy for shop owners to use
  • Email templates that are ready to use

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Best email marketing app for ShopifyPrivy

email marketing app for Shopify

Privy is the favorite email marketing app for Shopify of many shop owners. This Best email marketing app for Shopify is fully integrated with Shopify and Shopify Plus. Thus, it allows users to set up their accounts in minutes and launch the first live campaign right away. Additionally, with Privy, everything is free for using. Besides that, Privy provides you with a set of helpful conversion tools. Hence, it will assist your customer list expand from your own Shopify store without the requirement for coding knowledge. That is the reason why Privy is an app that everyone should try.

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Jilt eCommerce email marketing by Jilt

Shopify app for email marketing

Jilt eCommerce email marketing is the excellent Best email marketing app for Shopify. It may help store owners increase sales quickly using automated emails with ease. By using emails, you can prevent various carts from being abandoned. Besides that, If you’re a newbie, you still can keep track of your sales. Not only that, Jilt eCommerce Email Marketing can let you customize each email based on specified customer groups. Additionally, this app brings to your online store a variety of languages. Hence, it is very convenient. This app may identify your every target specialized audience using extensive segmentation techniques. And then it sends them pre-checkout email notifications. This helps you to recover more carts.

Awesome features:

  • Send emails in a variety of languages
  • It is simple to customize the design.
  • Pre-checkout email messages might help you recover abandoned carts.
  • Increase profits by offering excellent email marketing services.

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OrderlyEmails Email templates by Forsberg+two

email Shopify app

OrderlyEmails Email templates by Forsberg+two brings to you a variety of cool features. First of all, you can add or uninstall the app for free, but additional fees may apply if necessary. Secondly, all of your email templates are designed to work with any Shopify store. Thus, they can meet any requirements. Besides that, each email will be completely customised. In addition, by including product discounts, recommendations, or social profiles in email notifications, the app helps you in increasing more sales. Moreover, in just 3 simple steps, you can create a professional-looking email template. As a result, you also don’t have to be concerned about your country’s language. Because over 18 languages can assist in translating every text in users’ emails.

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Best email marketing app for ShopifySpently Email Templates

marketing shopify app

You are seeking the Best email marketing app for Shopify. So let’s discover Spently Email Templates by Spently. Below are awesome features that Spently brings to your online store:

  • Firstly, you are able to build your own email template with ease
  • Secondly, you can simply increase sales by using product recommendations or adding product upsells based on the previous purchases of customers in your email notifications.
  • Furthermore, thanks to voucher codes, you can encourage your buyers to make more purchases.
  • Besides that, you also can communicate with customers to obtain feedback or reduce abandoned carts.
  • Free trials for 14 days

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Best email marketing app for ShopifyMarsello by Collect

Ecommerce store

Marsello will be a good tool for you to solve your online busisess’s problem. Thanks to this Best email marketing app for Shopify, you can improve the loyalty of customers with ease. Besides that, with a variety of targeted email programs, it motivates existing consumers to buy more, gains back old customers, and draws new ones. Furthermore, by amazing email support systems, you will not only see a big boost in sales and income, but you also maintain a high level of customers ’ satisfaction. On the Shopify app store, the app has a 4.9/5 user rating. Therefore, it’s clearly a success.

Awesome features:

  • Increase customer loyalty with a beautiful pre-built template that you can customize.
  • Great support services

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Smart Email Marketing by Rarelogic inc.

Email campaign

Rare Logic Inc.’s Smart Email Marketing is a helpful tool. because it provides shop owners with the greatest ways for increasing sales through automated and customized emails. Coming to this app, you may simply increase sales by sending the proper email to the consumer with Smart Email Marketing. Hence, your emails are categorised and created to suit each target segmentation of consumer. Besides that, this smart tool also includes Smart Product Recommendations & Timing. Therefore, your online shop may gain more traffic at a high speed performance. It’s easy to set up! Get it right now to increase your sales

Awesome features:

  • Customize your emails to boost purchases.
  • Control when the email is sent, use a smart timing tool.
  • Setting up an email campaign is simple and easy.
  • 5 star customer service.

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Email Marketing ‑ Remarkety by Remarkety

marketing Shopify app

If you do not want to spend a lot of time and money on hiring analysts or acquiring tools, Remarkety is exactly what you need. This best email marketing app for Shopify enables you build and send automated emails with unique vouchers and promote products. Therefore, you can reach your potential consumers at the perfect time. Furthermore, Remarkety also improves customer experience by segmenting your consumers based on their behaviors and purchase habits. Moreover, thanks to pre-built templates and campaigns, it just takes a few minutes to get started with your business after the app is installed 

Awesome features:

  • Customized your emails.
  • Templates and campaigns that have already been created
  • Customers can be divided into groups depending on their activities and purchasing habits.

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AWeber Email Marketing Automation Tool by Combidesk

email automotion

AWeber Email Marketing is  a product of Combidesk. This Best email marketing app for Shopify is a powerful marketing solution that can generate a large number of membership popups. Whenever your visitors come to your page, a registration popup will appear and ask them to subscribe to your newsletter. Moreover, AWeber Email Marketing allows store administrators to customize the look of their emails with over 700 templates. This program is fully integrated with AWeber. Let’s get started expanding your business now with a 30-day free trial!

Awesome features:

  • AWeber integration
  • There are over 700 answering email templates available.

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ShopHero – Email Marketing & Push Notification by Rarelogic inc.

push notification

ShopHero, developed by the RareLogic Inc. team, is a powerful tool for all owners of Shopify ecommerce who want to increase sales through email marketing and push notifications. Coming to this app, you are able to design several stunning, conversion-optimized email campaigns using ShopHero. Therefore, there is a significant rise in your sales. Besides that, you have the option of choosing from 12 pre-made marketing campaigns. Furthermore, this plugin can help you easily eliminate spam and increase engagement. Do not hesitate, let’s install this Best email marketing app for Shopify right now!

Awesome features:

  • Provide a variety of pre-made designs 
  • Decide where to send marketing emails automatically.
  • Reduce spam and increase engagement.

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