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May 31, 2021

Shopify mobile app builder: Top 10 best free and premium apps for your ecommerce stores

If you are looking for the best Shopify mobile app builder to grow your Shopify store. Here are 9 best Shopify app basing on the number of overall ratings, the app’s exclusive features, and other arbitrary criteria.

1. Mobile App ‑ Plobal Apps


Plobal apps will helps you to increase in the number of sales and conversions as it helps build a native mobile app. There are lots of helpful feature that help you push your business out to shoppers. For example, you can send automated push notifications to those using your app. Moreover, when shoppers want to buy an item, the Apple Pay integration will support you to improves customer experiences.

Furthermore, this app allow you to personalize the experience of the user with many features. In details, it offers an AI-powered product recommendation segment feature that can help enhance order values and your profits. More than that, you can also optimize layouts and banners to boost engagements and conversions.


  • Unlimited number of products and categories can be hosted on your mobile app.
  • In-app barcode scanner support
  • Recommend related items that can help boost order values.
  • Use push notifications to improve number of orders.

2. Mobile App Builder ‑ Shopney


This Shopify app provides you with powerful mobile shopping solutions to succeed in the eCommerce universe. In details, Shopney’s native iOS and Android mobile apps help the shop owners to improve the customer satisfaction with the top-notch mobile shopping experience.

In addition to its exclusive features, Shopney comes with many other powerful function to improve your business like unlimited rich push notification, abandoned cart notifications and back in stock notifications. With this, you can design your app within some minutes with ease


  • Native iOS and Android Mobile Apps
  • Theme Options
  • In-App Chat
  • Super-Easy Drag&Drop Design
  • Easy Setup & Synchronization

3. Mobile App Builder


Mobile App Builder comes with lots of features that enables you to take your Shopify store to the next level. In details, this app allows you to design your mobile app with an intuitive builder within minutes. Besides, it offers more than 20 themes and a theme builder that helps you take your online business to the app.

Besides that, you can generate an unlimited number of push notifications to help bring shoppers back to your app. With your push notifications you can use animated images and videos to keep them standout and be more attractive than what your competitors might be using.

Finally, this app also comes with some great functionality tools. In details, you can easily view the total number of sessions, product sales, which items are being added to the cart most and more. In short, this Shopify app can support you to make improvements for ecommerce store.


  • Lots of effective marketing features to support you sell your products.
  • See all the analytics of your store’s performance.
  • Easy-to-use builder that allow you to build a website within minutes.
  • Send an unlimited number of push notifications to app users.

4. Mobile App Builder 


MageNative is a great solution if you want to develop a mobile app for Android and iOS customers. The app provides you a high performance that offer your shoppers exactly what they need: a fast buying experience.

For the shop owners, this app comes with a lot of options that not only support you to provide a great buying experience, but can help you take the control the entire store on the mobile app. Moreover, this app provide a real-time synchronization that will make sure that no out-of-stock products are left on your app

More than that, this app also comes with several payment options available such as Andriod Pay, Apply Pay and can take credit cards. Hence, you can be ready to take money almost instantly. Lastly, your shoppers can add goods to their wishlist, search and sort through products.


  • Push notification functionality to help you sell to mobile users.
  • Lots of analytics to support you to understand user behaviors.
  • High-end customer features like search, sort, filter and wishlists.
  • Fast performance.

5. Mobile App Builder 


JCurve is a great mobile app builder for your Shopify store. This app uses a lego-block style builder to generate iOS, Android app and you can see how this module will look with a live preview.

After installing this app, you can provide the excellent customer support thought Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. These live chat feature will enables you to speak to shoppers live and straightly and therefore, it helps you to improve orders.

Additionally, with push notifications and scheduling, you can improve your revenues and user’s engagement. Scheduling also enables you to create marketing campaigns while you complete other tasks. On top of that, with this app, you can see how visitor are interacting with your mobile app with advanced analytics. From that, it can tell you what goods are trending and which need to be given more attention.


  • Advanced analytics suite to help you make more revenues.
  • Launch your mobile app across the world with just a few clicks.
  • Push notification ability so you can market sales and new products easily
  • A 14-day free trial to check you’re happy with the app.

6. Tapcart ‑ Mobile App


Used by more than 8,000 stores across Shopify, this app brings you a opportunity to take your online store to the mobile app market. Also, this app comes come the plenty of functionality that support you to easily create an app that matches your business

Besides, this app also support you to improve sales with a push notification option. It’ll allow you to engage shoppers fast and purchasing is made quicker with a single one step checkout. At the same time, your customer can also pre-populate all the crucial details that enables for a faster, more smooth experience that will cut down abandoned carts.


  • Enable customers to purchase in seconds with Apple Pay.
  • Integrate your module with other Shopify apps.
  • Match mobile app to your website’s branding.
  • Push notifications can be used to re-engage customers who use your module.

7. Mobile App Designer

Shopify mobile app builder:

As you know that, the conversion rate of a mobile app is more than 3x higher than a mobile website. One of the less expensive options on the list, this module enables you to generate an app for customers to download and use on their mobile devices. It comes with all the features that you would expect from a mobile app builder, without a good price.

  • UNLIMITED Push Notifications
  • Integrated Rewards Program
  • Multi Language/Currency
  • UNLIMITED Payment Gateways
  • Custom Analytics

8. Automizely

Shopify mobile app builder:

This Shopify mobile app builder offers your clients a great shopping experience. In details, it enable your iOS and Android users to shop more and faster at your store from a native mobile app on iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones. Moreover, you can easily customize homepage and categories with our drag and drop editor as the way you want.

  • Easy setup for a better shopping experience on both iOS and Android apps
  • Share App Download Link/ QR Code
  • Customize your shopping app the way you want.
  • Announcement Bar for Promotions
  • Support Discount Coupon
  • Turn more visitors into buyers through easy checkout

9. EasyMobile ‑ Mobile App

Shopify mobile app builder:

EasyMobile is one of the most effective apps for you to create a wonderful mobile app for your Shopify store. By intergrading its unique features, you can get more orders from the shoppers. The first widget regarded as an effective way to attract user’s attention. They will showcase at the suitable time to make shoppers interested in your items. With this, your customers would love to make purchases to get the products. Especially, this module can helps the mobile checkout becomes much easier. Just by a single tap, your customers can prevent the complication and complete their order. One top of that, this app also keeps customers posted on your news and offers.

Highlight features

  • Help you create a mobile app for store
  • Show instant push notification to clients
  • Make the mobile checkout becomes simple
  • Provide customers the best shopping experience
  • Keep customers posted on your offers

10. MobiApp

Shopify mobile app builder:

MobiApp – Mobile app builder is one of the powerful apps in our list for you to develop your own mobile app. This module offers you plenty of helpful features. Firstly, the app design is very customizable so that you can adjust it as you want to match your requirements. It will suit perfectly with your Shopify store. Secondly, it also uses the discount code for app users. With this, your shoppers will be inspired to make purchases and your sale will increase dramatically. Finally, MobiApp will allows you to show a lot of push notifications to attract more your customers’ attention to your items.


  • Adjust app design to match with your store
  • Communicate with app users to promote items
  • Apply discount code for app users
  • Enable you to manage the app easily
  • Show numerous push notifications

Arrowtheme hope that you could find the most appropriate and suitable Shopify mobile app builder to take your Shopify store to next level. Check out our site to discover more great and helpful Shopify apps and Shopify themes for your eCommerce store

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In conclusion

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