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May 25, 2021

Shopify redirect app: Top best apps to ensure audiences are on the right store

To ensure your audiences are on the right website or to keep customers from buying from other store, you might need one of the Shopify redirect app. In this post, Arrowtheme provides you the list of the top best Shopify country redirect apps based on rating, the number of reviews and unique features. We hope this list will help you in your research to select the best suitable apps for your online store.

1. GeoIP Country Redirect/Blocker

GeoIP Country Redirect/Blocker

This Shopify app is a perfect solution for the shop owners who owns numerous stores for different regions of the world. With this app, retailers can select between 3 different ways to redirect shoppers such as an instant, automatic redirect, a popup displaying the more suitable website. Besides, this app can be customized to your imagination, using your own branding to make it smoothly fit into your Shopify store.

The Shopify app is completely safe for Googlebot and Adwords. There is no redirect for these tools, therefore, the tool doesn’t affect SEO. Plus the app is empowered with Google Analytics, so you can see the number of redirects inside your Google Analytics dashboard.


  • Redirect users to the correct website with the use of three tools.
  • Can disqualify certain users from the redirect using IP addresses and more.
  • Integrated with Google Analytics and doesn’t disrupt the operations of Googlebot.
  • Whitelist URLs, so you can host your blog on one page.

2. Transportr


Transportr is an excellent solution for you to take benefits. It equips you many utilities from its useful features. Firstly, this app can identify 404 errors which appear in your shop in real-time. On the other words, it will check your website automatically to recognize if an error occur and fix it immediately. Secondly, it helps to keep your shoppers from requesting outdated links. With the ability to fix errors, this tool helps your URL links up-to-date. Therefore, old links no longer exist. Thirdly, this app allows you to create URLs for email marketing and ad campaigns so that you can attract your customers’ attention and improve your sale.


  • Identify 404 errors and correct them
  • Prevent customers from requesting outdated links
  • Generate URLs for email marketing and ad campaigns
  • Enable you to apply correct target URL
  • Switch from another platform to Shopify effortlessly

3. Traffic Control‑Bulk Redirects

Traffic Control‑Bulk Redirects

Traffic Control-Bulk Redirects is a must-have tool for your Shopify store. This app support you to fix lots of issues which occur in your shop. In details, this app can create bulk redirects for your online store in a few minutes. With this, a large number of redirects will move in your online store with ease

Moreover, this application comes with the ability to fix 404 errors in your Shopify store so that it ensure your online store will be created smoothly. In addition to that, it supports you to take the control all redirects easily.


  • Generate bulk redirects for your store
  • Prevent store from losing orders due to old links
  • Allow you to manage redirects effortlessly
  • Correct 404 errors occur in store
  • Create URLs for marketing campaigns

4. GeoIP Country Redirect

GeoIP Country Redirect

GeoIP Country Redirect is a necessary extension for all Shopify store to boost sales by redirecting visitors to separate online store which are depended on their IP address. As a store administrator, you can easily to set different rules for the act of redirecting. Furthermore, this application supports you to present the message of redirecting notification in a Model Box or as a Top Bar and easily customize its look.


  • Provide helps in creating unlimited rules to redirect
  • Redirect customer to the nearest store
  • Add a customizable redirect message in forms of modal box or top bar
  • Allow fallback settings on a specific rule
  • Prevent trigger made by rules on an IP address

5. Easy Redirects by ESC

Shopify redirect app

This Shopify redirect app is one of the best apps providing your online store plenty of functions. Here come some of its wonderful benefits First of all, it allows you to move your website from another platform to Shopify fast and easily. Secondly, this tool automatically fixes broken links to prevent the potential lost sale.

In addition, this module helps you to fix 404 error pages from Google Search Console effectively. Hence, you won’t have to worry about visitors requesting old links. Thirdly, this app enables you to import bulk URL redirect into Shopify. You can easily import numerous URL at once with the convenience.


  • Make the move from another platform to Shopify simply
  • Solve broken links to avoid potential lost sale
  • Import bulk URL redirect into Shopify
  • Solve 404 error pages from Google Search Console
  • Add redirects for old links

6. Redirectify

Shopify redirect app

Coming to Redirectify by Kelsey Judson, you will have the opportunity to use lots of unique features. First of all, it enables you to track live 404 errors on your storefront. Likewise, the admin can quickly detect potential errors before they affect your SEO. Besides, it allow you to easily create rules to automate common redirects, such as navigating deleted items to their base collection, to avoid the requirements for frequent manual intervention.


  • Fix 404s fast by selecting redirect paths from relevant
  • Automate common redirects with rules
  • Redirect tracks 404s live on your storefront
  • Easily generate redirects to similar pages, collections, or products on your store

7. Geolocation Redirect

Shopify redirect app

Geolocation Redirect App is an easy and effective tool to configure and use. This app allows your site to detect your customers location and navigate them depended on the conditions you set up. More than that, Geolocation Redirect automatically detects the country of your customers and can take the following actions:


  • Detect visitor’s location and redirect them
  • Support redirecting for all countries
  • Able to redirect within site or to another site
  • Easy to add a notification bar on top of the page
  • Available to edit the bar and its message

8. IP Blocker

Shopify redirect app

With IP Blocker & Country Redirect app, you can keep your website content secured, prevent wasting time on stalkers, protect your Shopify store from frauds and trespassers. At the same time, you can minimize fake orders from unwanted areas. After installing this the app, you can add the IP addresses or locations you want to restrict the users access to. Furthermore, this app also support two popup layouts; either transparent or background images ones.


  • Support 2 different types of popup layouts: transparent or background images.
  • Generate black lists and white lists.
  • Use one of three rules for blocking.
  • Is mobile friendly.

9. Advanced Store Localization

Shopify redirect app

This is a flexible Shopify redirect app for Shopify stores. Therefore, you can set up country-specific products, pages, currencies and more deepened on where the user is, defined by the IP address. Besides, this too operate well in all countries and can even find out different states or provinces in several countries.

Beside doing things one at a time, this module support you to organize countries into zones. With this, you can assign pages to be seen by certain customers or block customers from seeing certain pages and redirect users who don’t have access to another page.

Besides, you can also adjust the content on the online store. Also, you can display phone numbers or email addresses for a specific location.


  • Choose what products, collections, types and vendors are displayed to visitors from what countries.
  • Block users based on the country that they’re visiting from.
  • Auto-redirect between regional websites collections.
  • Choose the right currency for the shoppers.

10. Woosh: GeoIP Redirect/Blocker

Shopify redirect app

Woosh Shopify app enables you to get your website to become smarter and redirect users based on the GeoIP location they’re using. As a shop owner, you can easily block or redirect users by their IP, IP address range, state/region, country or even continent. Therefore, you can only conduct business with customers who you want to do business with. Moreover, you can also configure the information that shoppers see when they’re redirected or blocked. All redirects can also be set to automatic, so clients don’t notice a difference.

One of the outstanding features of this app is that it enables you to scale up. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you get, the powerful tool will always operate well


  • Can solve any level of traffic to your website.
  • Can switch the app on and off as you need it.
  • Redirects visitors based on their IP, IP address, state/region and more.
  • Can change the design of the redirect page.

By using one of these Shopify redirect app, you can know who sees your content and where they go if they need to go to another website.

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