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May 27, 2021

Shopify order tracking app: Top 10 best free and premium apps for your Shopify stores

Looking for the best Shopify order tracking app to grow your online store? We gathered the best Shopify apps by looking at the app store ranking, the number of overall ratings, the app’s unique features, and other arbitrary criteria.

1. AfterShip Order Tracking & SMS


The app allows you to build your own tracking page that can include a marketing banner and Instagram image feed which create mote engagement on your page. You can also add your logo and adjust the color scheme to ensure the tracking page suit with your current branding style.

The app integrates with more than 500 transporters across the world, including most of the major players for standard carriers and drop shipping. The app also makes your shoppers satisficed by sending out automatic email and text notifications. Therefore, they can also know where their order is. You can easily customize The emails to match your branding more carefully and each can have a one-click tracking link on them that can help bring traffic to your store, and not to that of your shippers.


  • Notify customers by email or SMS on the current status of their order.
  • Tracking page can be built by you to include lots of features.
  • Add a social media posts to your tracking page.
  • A free plan is available.

2. Tracktor Order Tracking


Tracktor turns first-time customers into repeat customers by improving customer satisfaction while reducing your support costs.  Not only that, every major shop owner has order tracking created into their website and now you can too. At the same time, you can easily add the professional-grade order status & package tracking that’s integrated with all of the major carriers. As a result, it provides both you and your customers incredible visibility into the status and location of the packages that are in transit


  • Integrate with 500+ package carriers around the world
  • Track the order with the order number and email address
  • Include tracking links in emails and notifications
  • Compatible with mobile and tablet devices
  • Match with your branding without any change in the store

3. Easyship ‑ All in one shipping


Easyship is one of top best Shopify app in our list. It empowers Shopify merchants to reduce shipping costs, save time and scale globally. In details, this Shopify app equips you with simple shipping rules. For example, you only need one account to connect with over 300 shipping solutions. Also, you can synchronize your orders and print the labels with ease.


  • Get accessed to over 200 shipping solutions and shipping rates by only an account
  • Show all required taxes, courier fees and duties for each country
  • Boost up the conversion rate
  • Automate every shipment
  • Decrease the customers’ complaints

4. Track Order


This tracking order app helps you to decrease the customer service jobs that you have to complete with a tracking widget that will look and feel as your business. Besides, this tool comes with a lot of powerful features such as the ability to hide location, monitor number and more from the results. More importantly, this app works perfectly when there are multiple shipments for a single order. It also can also track from more than 500 carriers worldwide and can be implemented for drop shipping.


  • Tracks all orders from order confirmation to delivery of order.
  • Can send notifications of the order to your shoppers via SMS and e-mail.
  • Dedicated tracking link can be set for each shipment.
  • Multiple shipments per order can be managed and tracked.

5. Trackr Order Tracking


This module supports you to prevent the avalanche of nerve-wracking emails from shoppers asking where their order. In details, this tool allows you to add and customize tracking page with ease. Your shoppers will find their order status on a convenient tracking page. In addition to that, it helps you to save your time from lots of questions about package location.

  • Allow Your Customers Track Orders Worldwide
  • Gather information from hundreds of different couriers
  • Give customers the most detailed and recent information
  • Blend perfectly with your store design
  • Update all the changes in the order in an automated email
  • Help you decrease the number of emails about orders

6. ParcelPanel Order Tracking Pro

Shopify order tracking app

This Shopify order tracking app helps you to keep your shoppers satisfied by allowing them the chance to track their own orders. In details, this tool helps you to save a lot of time from helping them out manually and enhancing customer service in other areas. Besides, it works with more than 600 carriers, which can have the latest information collected in real time. On top of that, this app also displays an estimated delivery time for the customers’ orders

  • Creates a branded order status page that fits perfectly with your current theme and is responsive to the device used.
  • Includes lots of details on the page, including custom order status information.
  • Can showcase related products to help increase orders.
  • Great for all business models, including dropshipping businesses.

7. Order Lookup

Shopify order tracking app

This simple order tracking app is a great solution for you to reduce customer service queries but yet provide a professional service without a high cost. In details, this app enables you to add notes or monitor information to the order that you might want to share with the shoppers.

Besides that, it enables you to spend more time supporting other customer service requests that can help enhance the customer experience for all. Not only that, the tool let you to customize many elements such as the display styles and displayed information. Finally, the app is also available in different languages and can actually be translated in any language you select.


  • Allows the customer to look for the current status of an order with email and order number.
  • Simple, low-cost app that integrates with your store with ease.
  • Can add additional notes to the orders that can display with tracking information.
  • Can customize the output of the tracking to show the customers only what you want them to see.

8. Order Status Tracker

Shopify order tracking app

The app helps the shoppers to have insights into the products included in their order, their package’s real-time status or where their order is in time. Besides, all shipments and packages are automatically tracked in one place through 500+ transporter worldwide.

  • Track packages across 600+ carriers
  • Increased number of trackability in the Pro version
  • Real-Time updates with email notifications
  • Branded tracking page with Google Maps integrations
  • Flexible form customizations
  • Powerful order tracking dashboard
  • Intelligent delivery estimates with timeline

9. Trackable ‑ Order Status

Shopify order tracking app

This app allows your shoppers to track their orders by viewing the summary of what is happening with their order. They can see this as many times as they like, without it costing your online business any more money. It is a great solution for those who want to not spend hours answers the shopper’s questions about the status of their order, but would rather grow their business and provide more valuable support to shoppers.

More than that, this app is compatible with USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and Canada Post but not any others. Therefore, it isn’t a great solution for those who like to dropship or purchase in products from places like China.


  • Tracks orders from major US and Canadian couriers in real time.
  • Adds a tracking page to your website.
  • Allows you to focus on other areas of your business.
  • Customers don’t need to get more information from you

10. Auto Fulfill


Auto Fulfill can send orders and updated tracking numbers and fulfillment detailsWith this, you can save time that would have been spent looking for the right carrier for each order and then send out the relevant information via email. Moreover, it also informs you if there are any delays in the delivery process. Lastly, this app allows for bulk update tracking as well and can cater to orders of digital products that don’t have any tracking number. 


  • Identify & send new orders instantly to multiple vendors.
  • When Supplier updates tracking number, the order is marked as fulfilled automatically
  • Connect with hundreds of Dropship Sellers & Suppliers.

We hope that you could find the most appropriate and suitable Shopify order tracking app to make a boom for your Shopify store. Check out other post to discover more great and helpful apps for your eCommerce store in our Shopify review series!

In conclusion

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