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January 9, 2022

Shopify survey app: Top 10 best apps to get high quality feedback for your business

Maybe you think that the products you provide are very good. However, it is unlikely that your customers will feel the same way. Thus, in order to know how customers are satisfied with your items, you need to create a survey and show it after customer purchase for them to complete. In case your online store doesn’t have a survey space, it will be a big shortcoming in growing it. Because the more customer’s feedback you get as well as the more you know how to change to meet their demands, the more your business will grow. If you’re running a Shopify online store, Arrowtheme suggests you should ask a Shopify survey app for help. In this blog, Arrowtheme will deliver Top 10 outstanding apps you should know to get high quality feedback for your business. Let’s refer to them right now! 

Top awesome Shopify survey app for ecommerce store

1. Net Promoter NPS

Shopify survey app

In case you’re looking for an amazing Shopify survey app for your store to  get high quality feedback, let’s refer to “”. Coming to it, the strong correlations between the number of promoters and a company’s average growth rate may be seen. First and foremost, this app provides you data on client satisfaction based on the quantity of things they order. Besides, it also lets you figure out their perspectives. What’s more, this app’s survey is dynamic and it will check survey subjects as well as copywriting so that every merchant can get the greatest results. Hence, when using “”, you can get more feedback compared to other apps. Best of all, this app also supports text with a variety of languages. 

2. DeepMarkit


Let’s take advantage of “DeepMarkit” – one of the most professional Shopify apps for gaining high quality feedback. As you know, in order to get efficiency in promoting, running promotions both on and off-site is very essential. And, “DeepMarkit” was built to do this thing for you. Following that, many smart tools including email collecting displays, social promotions, etc are all included in the app’s feature. Furthermore, the app raises brand awareness and expands your consumer base. Thus, it will support you to grow your online business in the quickest time with ease. More than these, “DeepMarkit” also gives you the ability to freely offer coupons, discounts, and games that are completely customisable. As a result, it is really an effective tool to engage and maintain your buyers. 

3. Enquire Post Purchase Survey

best Shopify survey app

You may find it difficult to get high quality feedback for your store until using “Enquire Post Purchase Survey”. Firstly, this Shopify survey app aims to support you to gain a better understanding of your clients. Besides, it works well with Shopify and Shopify Plus to allow you to conduct post-purchase surveys and receive immediate feedback on which conversions are working and which are no. What’s more, it can assist you in comparing a large number of personal survey results with a referring site that can increase traffic to your website. Best of all, this app also allows you to customize anything, even the survey’s location on your site. Hence, it will look unique and grab customer’s attention when visiting or buying on your site. 

4. POWR Survey & Feedback Forms

awesome Shopify survey app

Coming to another Shopify survey app you must know to install for your e-commerce store – POWR Survey. Firstly, thanks to this app, you can improve customer’s experience by leading the trends. Besides, this app was created with the goal of designing surveys to collect responses from clients. What’s more, you can integrate any fields you want in your survey and set up email alerts to know when your consumers finish it. Furthermore, In addition, this app can also display your surveys anywhere on your website as well as send them to new consumers through email. Best of all, its installation is extremely simple. All you have to do is click the GET button and create your own survey. Then, add it to your website. 

5. Fyrebox Quizzes

excellent Shopify survey app

If you’re seeking an app that helps you make your own quiz, collect leads and generate more revenue, let’s take a look at “Fyrebox Quizzes”. In fact, this Shopify survey app can be used to create a contest or also runs as a product selecting tool. To begin, with its built-in analytics, you can easily use it to build up two quizzes to assist record every player’s responses or data. Besides, this app provides some types of quizzes you can adapt including scenario quizzes, true-false quizzes and so on. In addition, this app helps you to collect customer’s leaving information. Thus, you can track them any time. 

6. Grapevine Post‑Purchase Survey

Grapevine Post

Can’t help but mention an outstanding Shopify survey app in this list – Grapevine Post. In fact, “Grapevine Post” is a crucial app for any Shopify owner who wants to gain direct feedback from their consumers and develop their business. First of all, with this app, you can easily collect customer’s data, then determine which sales channels bring in the most revenue for your store. Following that, you can use those information to improve promotion campaigns and plan new strategies on sales channels that aren’t performing successfully. Not only that, this app also offers a high response rate because it integrates effortlessly into your website’s Order Status page.

7. Free NPS Survey Feedback Poll

best Shopify survey app

If you expect a free Shopify survey app yet still comes with many advanced features, “NPS Survey Feedback Poll” will be the ideal choice for you. First and foremost, this app brings for your store the quick response rates. You can notice your response rates skyrocket by integrating your survey near the end of a client’s buying process. What’s more, you have many freedoms to customize the style and feel of your Post Purchase Survey forms with custom CSS. In addition, you’ll get an email notification as soon as you receive a survey. Best of all, this app is very easy to download and just need some simple operations, you will master it. 

8. Post Purchase Surveys

perfect Shopify survey app

In case your e-commerce doesn’t have the survey feature, you should take a look at “Post Purchase Surveys”. In reality, it is known as a wonderful Shopify survey app and the must-have app with any online store. First of all, this app has done a great job of collecting customer feedback and bringing customers the best experience when they browse your site. Besides, its installation is very simple with only one-click. Amazingly, it just takes a few minutes to get set up and start gathering customer survey responses. What’s more, this app also plays a role as a helpful assistant. Because it will ask your customers how they learned about you, why they bought, how their shopping experience went and so on. 

9. Kno Attribution

Kno Attribution

Getting 5 star rating on Shopify App Store, this is the reason why we must mention “Kno Attribution” for you. Firstly, this app is a simple yet effective method for determining which marketing channels well to boost sales for your business. Besides, through “Kno Attribution”, you can determine how customers heard about your company and then compare their responses to Shopify’s traffic analytics. In addition, this app also allows you to conduct surveys and place them on the order confirmation page for people to fill out. So, what are you waiting for without taking advantage of this app now? 

10. Zigpoll

amazing Shopify survey app

Coming to the last app yet not inferior to any Shopify survey app above – Zigpoll. Firstly, to communicate with inquiries to your clients, you can use the pre-assembled overviews and frameworks of this app. Besides, Zigpoll offers embed systems with easy-to-use focusing and prompts. Thus, thanks to them, you can easily encourage clients to sign up for your mailing list. Best of all, your Mailchimp’s mailing list will be synced with your shopify store as soon as you use Zigpoll. Hence, it will help you to cut down time on collecting customer’s email for promotion programs. Not only that, you also have the freedom to customize everything you want from voice, shading bed to text styles. 

The final line

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