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January 8, 2022

Shopify upsell app: Top 11 awesome apps for your sales and conversion optimization

In e-commerce business, selling related products is one of the most smart and effective ways to boost sales. In fact, you launch many types of related or complementary items for customers to have more choices. However, you can’t ignore upselling because it may persuade a buyer to purchase more luxurious goods than they had planned. Simply speaking, upselling is a kind of cross-selling in which a related but somewhat superior product or offer is shown to your visitors. If your Shopify online store doesn’t have upsell function, now is the most ideal time for you to install a Shopify upsell app. Thanks to this app, we believe your store will drive more sales as well as optimize conversion with ease. With these reasons below, today Arrowtheme will review Top 11 wonderful Shopify upsell apps for your business. Let’s take a look right now! 

Top 11 wonderful Shopify upsell app for your online store

1. Buy Now Upsell Popup ‑ Trtle By Shipway

Shopify upsell

Buy Now Upsell Popup ‑ Trtle by Shipway is a marketing Shopify app that helps to increase sales on your store website. The tool enables D2C merchants to set up cross-selling, upselling, and bundling opportunities on their eCommerce store and increase AOV. This app allows you to set a popup that recommends similar products to the products that your customers add to their shopping carts, the popup will appear as soon as they click on the “Add to Cart” button. The app has an easy-to-use interface through which you can increase your ROI by 10X. The app is designed for your high-converting eCommerce business standards, in which zero coding is required. You can also customize the added upsell pop-up between the product page and the cart as per your brand’s theme.

2. SMS Email Marketing Automation

Shopify upsell app

The first Shopify upsell app we highly recommend for any online store is “SMS Email Marketing Automation”. In fact, this app was created with the goal of helping e-commerce businesses grow their customer base and increase sales. To begin, this app also enables businesses to send mass emails through newsletter campaigns using professionally crafted templates. Besides, you can edit emails and use our powerful design suggestion tool to create a beautiful branded template. Moreover, thanks to this app, you can use this app to deliver SMS Automation and mass SMS to your customers, with an ideal open rate of up to 98%. 

3. Candy Rack

Candy Rack

If you’re looking for a wonderful Shopify upsell app for your online store, let’s have a glance at “Candy Rack”. Not as simply as an app, “Candy Rack” can incorporate all of Shopify’s features, including the currency converter. As a result, Shopify store owners can easily expand their business globally. Besides, by providing extra services such as free gifts and suggesting commonly purchased goods, this app enables shop owners to assist their customers in purchasing upsell and related items. In addition, you can set the suitable prices for your products thanks to the admin dashboard. Not only that, “Candy Rack” also includes the completely automatic upsells feature depending on product reviews API. Then, your store will effortlessly generate more revenue with AI algorithms.

4. Bold Upsell – True upsells!

best Shopify upsell app

Coming to another awesome Shopify upsell app you should know to install for your store – Bold Upsell. In reality, “Bold Upsell” was built to make upselling become one of the most effective solutions to boost the online store’s profit. On top of that, this app gives you complete control over what is offered and when it is offered. Besides, it also provides you with the ability to customize the design of the offers to make them look eye-catching and match with your brand. Additionally, by making as many upsell deals as you want to provide the right goods to the potential customers, you can easily drive more revenue. Furthermore, with free gift campaigns and a thank-you page, it also helps you to improve conversion rates and customer interaction. 

5. Frequently Bought Together

awesome Shopify upsell app

Let’s take advantage of “Frequently Bought Together”– one of the best Shopify apps for your sales and conversion optimization. In fact, this app is a must-have tool for all online store owners, as it allows consumers to add a group of similar items with just one click. In more depth, it uses data mining algorithms to analyze previous orders in your store database with high correction. Hence, it will build a memory graph of objects that are normally added to the cart together. Moreover, as soon as a buyer comes to the product page, a package consisting of different frequently-bought-together items will be shown for them. 

6. SMS {Email} Web push Firepush

outstanding Shopify upsell app

The next Shopify upsell app we want to suggest for your e-commerce store named “SMS {Email} Web push Firepush”. To begin, by automatic retargeting as well as remarketing promotions, this app can help you boost sales with ease. Besides, it integrates three major contact platforms including email, web push notifications and SMS into a single dashboard. Hence, it will result in assisting you to simply implement an omnichannel marketing strategy. What’s more, with this app, it’s really effortless to include a countdown timer in special deals or discount promotions to create for customers a sense of urgency. Thanks to it, driving revenue for your store will be easier than ever. 

7. Booster: Product Bundles


In case you’re seeking a Shopify app that is helpful in boosting sales and conversion optimization, you can’t miss “Booster”. Firstly, this app enables you to quickly create a variety of completely customized product packages. Then, upselling them to encourage your customers to purchase more. Hence, it will make the shopping orders on your online store increase dramatically in the shortest time. Besides, this app allows you to put the discount percentage, fixed number or product packages’ price with only some simple clicks. Best of all, you can show them automatically in front of the customer’s eyes. Additionally, you can also surprise your customers by adding additional discounts to orders that have been packaged to entice them to make more purchases. 

8. Upsell Popup ‑ Sales Pop up

excellent Shopify upsell app

“Upsell Popup” is an ideal choice if you want to generate more shopping for your online store. On top of that, using this app, your store will have increased conversion rates and decreased cart abandonment rates in order to create more sales. Besides, this Shopify upsell app supplies a variety of popup views and different popup show’s requirements. Hence, it will enable you to build eye-catching pop ups advertising promotional offers, offering free delivery, setting item’s special price, etc. What’s more, “Upsell Popup” will encourage first clients to visit your store or to prevent customers from leaving your current platform. Thanks to that, it will motivate them to make a purchase rather than abandoning their carts. Best of all, this app is very friendly with mobile versions. 

9. Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell

best Shopify upsell app

Let’s have a glance at “Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell” and your online shop will be developed many more times than before. To begin, this Shopify upsell app comes with a variety of noteworthy features. More details, through this app, you can build smart upsells, edit them to make them stand out, then, will grab customer’s attention. In addition, it lets you know what consumers are buying and how they buy. As a result, you can give them the best upsell experience possible and brainstorm more ideas for promotion. Best of all, you can use this app as an effective tool for boosting sales. Simply saying, once consumers make an order, you can give them rewards, allowing shopping more enjoyable. 

10. Upsell System

Upsell system

What about using “Upsell System”? In fact, “Upsell System” is a flawless Shopify upsell app you should know to enhance your brand. First of all, with this app, you can encourage your customers to purchase more without any effort and time. Besides, one of the most useful features of this app is the easy-to-navigate dashboard, which allows users to monitor their items. Furthermore, you can use this app to display the product photos as well as banner text in the best highlight space. Thus, it will effortlessly draw potential vistor’s attention and optimize your conversion. 

11. Wiser ‑Product Recommendations

wonderful Shopify upsell app

When coming to the top about the awesome Shopify upsell app, you can’t help but mention “Wiser ‑Product Recommendations”. On top of that, using this app, you will not only receive personalized reviews, but it also provides personalized recommendations. Besides, it’s an useful app since it has a number of standout features. For instance is an Also Bought icon which enables you to inspire customers to purchase more. More than these, with the support of emails or the app’s analytics, this app will keep your store regularly updated with weekly data.

The final line

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