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January 8, 2022

Shopify subscription app: Top 10 most popular apps to grow your ecommerce business

For each Shopify business, apps contribute the important part to the success of it. And, one of the most essential apps you must integrate in this website is Subscription. This is because it is known as the call – to – action to stimulate visitors to type their email. Following that, only providing them many attractive discount programs, then, they easily convert to potential customers. In order to achieve this goal, the first thing you need to do is ask a powerful Shopify subscription app for help. In this blog, Arrowtheme will review Top 10 most famous Shopify subscription apps to grow your e – commerce business. Let’s explore it right now! 

Top best Shopify subscription app for your online store

1. Bold Subscriptions

Shopify subscription app

In case you’re seeking a powerful Shopify subscription app to grow your e – commerce business, you should take a look at Bold Subscriptions. On top of that, clients can buy one-time and recurring items together thanks to Shopify Checkout and Shopify Payments integration. Besides,this app improves the speed of payment status by supplying customers with common payment methods. What’s more, purchases can create accounts for themselves to track their alerts and purchasing history. Addition to, your store may also use the account to evaluate shopping trends. For instance, which items consumers often buy, which brands they prefer, and where they come from. 

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2. ReCharge Subscriptions

best Shopify subscription app

ReCharge is considered as one of the most popular Shopify subscription apps in the market. At first, this app offers buyers a variety of payment options such as: credit, debit, ACH, or PayPal card. As a result, it will be convenient for international clients. Besides, buyers can create accounts for themselves to track their alerts and purchasing history. Moreover, you can also monitor the number of subscriptions and collect important data with the account. Following that, you can send out the most recent offers to draw customer’s attention. Best of all, by providing a portable experience, you will easily boost the number of loyal customers. 

3. Elevar Subscription Analytics

popular Shopify subscription app

Coming to Elevar Subscription Analytics and the results it brings will never make you disappointed. At first, this app helps you send the recurring order revenue as well as recurring order revenue automatically to Google Analytics. As a result, you will easily see the effectiveness of your business regularly. Best of all, it will ensure your revenue on Shopify matches with its revenue on Google Analytics. Moreover, this app is very easy to use and activate, just a one – time setup process within under one minute, you can master it right. In addition, in order to replace the cart button, you just need to add a quote button. 

4. Seal Subscriptions

Shopify subscription app to grow e - commerce store

Receiving 5 star rating based on hundreds of reviews, so it is the reason why we highly recommend Seal Subscriptions for you. At first, Seal Subscription is a simple yet creative Shopify subscription app that is worth using in the market. Besides, this app provides many subscriptions on a free plan that supports you to enhance your business with ease. Moreover, if you want to launch a subscription business, you just need to add a subscription widget to your product pages next to the add to cart icon. Following that, anywhen your customers subscribe, Seal Subscription will send them an automatic invoice with the checkout link. Best of all, using this app, you have all management to control your website. 

5. Slotify

powerful Shopify subscription app

If you’re finding an app that has the function of subscription for your e – commerce website, you should have a glance at Slotify. In the beginning, this app was created for shop owners to collect customer’s email with ease. Besides, with Slotify, the store will capture consumer emails and provide coupons in return for the emails. As a result, it will help you to convert visitors to potential clients and boost sales as soon as possible. What’s more, it also allows you to customize your website with your own graphics, colors, and text to make your site more appealing. 

6. Membership Subscription Order 

Membership Subscription Order

Coming to another Shopify subscription app we believe it will be effective and helpful to your business – Membership subscription Order. At first, it is one of the simplest yet smart shopify apps. Besides, this app is created for managing your membership program with annual billing payments and providing access and discounts especially for only members. Best of all, it supplies Unlimited Membership Level as well as automatic order. What’s more, when a member chooses a membership package, it will help to create automatic recurring orders for them. Especially, if you renew your subscription, the products are automatically reordered. 

7. Recurring Order & Subscription

best Shopify subscription app

Don’t worry if your website hasn’t had the subscription function yet because Recurring Order & Subscription was born to resolve this problem. At first, using this app, you will feel easy to set up and manage subscriptions, payment schedules, and invoicing. Besides also the best characteristic of this app is no fee for subscriptions. Following that, the Shopify billing system handles all recurring charges. What’s more, this Shopify subscription app allows you to create automatic invoices. Then, clients can choose any type of payment to pay. 

8. Native Subscription

Native Subscription

As its name suggests, Native Subscription is the one of the most popular Shopify subscription apps in the market. Firstly, Native Subscriptions is a complete subscription app with Shopify’s Native Checkout which is using the latest Subscription API. Best of all, this Shopify app is ideal for recurring orders that require safe payment methods. Besides, with this app, clients can buy a product once and then sign up for recurring orders. Furthermore, Native Subscription can submit purchase email alerts to your customers automatically based on their subscription. What’s more, the subscription data is handled by a user-friendly admin for both customers and store owners.

9. Bundle Subscriptions

Bundle Subscription

Bundle Subscription is also a perfect Shopify subscription app you should know to grow your online business. On top of that, with Bundle, you can effortlessly add subscription options to your items by using Shopify’s native checkout. Besides, thanks to this app, increasing the sales as well as building the loyal customers’s network is easier than ever. In order to achieve this goal, you can offer various options of discount on recurring purchases. What’s more, customers are also able to self-manage their subscriptions if they need to make a shift. As a result, it will save you time on inbound customer calls. 

10. Simple Subscription

perfect Shopify subscription app

Coming to the last Shopify app that is useful for subscriptions named Simple Subscription. On top of that, this app provides you free installation and trial before you make a decision to buy it. Besides, you can generate subscription plans for your items that are exclusive to you. What’s more, all of this can be achieved without ever leaving the Shopify admin portal, owing to the app’s strong Shopify integration. Best of all, you can offer many flexible discount policies for each week or each month in order to draw more and more customers. For instance, customers can receive a 7% discount on weekly purchases and a 5% discount on monthly purchases.

In conclusion

To sum up, this article of Arrowtheme reviews for you Top best Shopify subscription app you should know to integrate for your ecommerce store. What’s more, as one of the most reliable Shopify partners, we also offer Shopify packages that cover all Shopify services you need if you are without knowledge and experience about this platform. In particular, you can have a great opportunity to get an appealing deal that gets upto 30% off for all of our Shopify services. Want to be consulted? Let’s CONTACT US for more details.

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