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October 19, 2021

Top 15 best Magento 2.0 themes for any online store

Since June 30th, Magento stopped the support for Magento 1. Therefore, to keep up with the latest technologies, you should move to Magento 2. As that said, choosing the right Magento 2.0 themes is extremely crucial. In this blog, we will show you how to select the right Magento 2.0 themes, and deliver the list of top 15 best ones for any online store. 

How to choose the right Magento 2.0 themes

There are hundreds of Magento 2.0 themes to choose from. Therefore, getting the perfect and suitable one for your business is not easy. To help you with this issue, here are some checklists for selecting the right Magento theme for any online store

Fundamental elements that best Magento 2.0 themes should deliver

Different Magento themes will have different appearance, features and functions. However, all of them should have the following elements

Responsive design

Responsive Magento themes will automatically adapt to the size of the screen and device. Then, by using responsive design, you will be able to reach more customers and increase your revenue. Especially these days, when more people use mobile device to make purchase online, responsive design become more important


This might be one of the biggest considerations when it comes to choosing Magento 2.0 themes. Of course, you should choose beautiful and appealing Magento themes for your online stores. However, take your business objectives and audience into consideration. For example, if you want to open a kids’ clothes store, your Magento theme should be bright and product – focusing.

Simple install process

If you have little to no knowledge in coding or technology, then you’d better choose Magento 2.0 themes with a simplified install process. Otherwise, you might need to spend extra fees to install the theme


Besides the simple install process, your Magento theme should be easy to customize. As you might know, there are thousands of online stores out there. Thus, to stand out from the rest, you must have a unique and exclusive website. This will also better show your business objectives to your customers. 

Advanced product presentation features

Your chosen Magento 2.0 themes should have advanced product presentation features. This allows customers to select between List and Grid categories views

Supports multi language and currencies

If you want to sell internationally, or expand your business to outside of your countries, then this is extremely necessary. This feature helps you access to a lot more customers to raise revenue

Magento theme design elements you should avoid

Here are some design mistakes that you’d better avoid to achieve stunning and trending website

  • Too visual website design
  • Poorly customized. As mentioned above, customization is a great way to differentiate your website with other websites, but only when you do it well. On the contrary, if you customize your website poorly, this might scare customers away
  • Concentrate on mobile – first only
  • Poor color combination. For example, too much colors in one web page can make your website look clumsy and unprofessional
  • Too interactive design

Top 15 best Magento 2.0 themes for any online store

To help you find the right Magento 2.0 themes for your online store, we’ll deliver the list of top 15 best ones for any online store. All of the themes following are responsive and highly customizable. Moreover, most of them can bring you almost everything you need to build a solid Magento store

This list is based on Arrowtheme scores, the themes’ sales, social metrics and ratings.


Claue 2.0 is the first Magento 2.0 theme we want to recommend you in this list. This is the upgraded version of Claue 1.0 with over 4,000 sales on Themeforest. 

Coming with 32+ stunning and modern homepage payouts, Claue 2.0 is the perfect choice for any types of online store, from Fashion, Clothes, to Food or Medicine

Not only that, Claue 2.0 also provides lots of advanced extensions like advanced reports, quick view, shop by brands, and much more. Therefore, when using Clause, you can save nearly $700 on Magento extensions. In addition, if you choose Claue 2.0, you are able to own Product 3D, AR mode. As a result, you can fully show off your products. This feature is extremely beneficial for products that have complex design. Not only that, one step checkout of Claue will optimize your checkout page with shipping methods, Gift Message, Gift Wrap,…Additionally, you can customize the login popup design. Your customers also are able to login your online store by their own social accounts.
Auto- related products will help you increase your profit by cross-sell and up-sell. With Claue 2.0, your customers can save their time thanks to the Ajax Search. Not only that, this theme is based on Luma theme. Therefore it is compatible with most third party-extensions.


Looking for minimal, clean and powerful Magento 2.0 themes for your store? Then, you must take a look at Molla. Molla has an extremely clean and well – structured design. Therefore, it can display your product beautifully. Moreover, thanks to neutral color combination and clean design, Molla is an ideal theme for many industries

There are more than 20 exclusive demo concepts for you to choose. With drag – and – drop editor, Molla allows you to easily customize the theme as you want. No coding required. Moreover, Molla is fully responsive. Thus, your website will look stunning on every devices, from mobile phones for desktop

Other highlight features of Molla

  • Google AMP is available
  • This Magento fashion theme includes Quick View Popup. Therefore, customers can quickly see the product without going to the product page
  • Includes the best extensions such as mega menu, lookbook and blog for Magento 2. 


One of the best minimal, clean and modern 2.0 Magento themes for you – Amely. This Magento theme is sleek, neat and appealing. Moreover, it supports large and full – width images. Therefore, there is a high chance that Amely can bring you an attractive and professional website. Then, if you want to attract your customers at the first sight, Amely is a great option

Amely comes with 11+ homepage layouts for many types of business, from Fashion, to Jewelry. Each one is different and exclusive, but all of them are clean, modern and product – focusing. In case you need to edit or make some changes to those layouts, you can easily do that without touching a single line of coding

Other highlights of Amely

  • Powerful admin panel: one click install, import homepage, etc.
  • Fully responsive and mobile optimized. Thanks to that, your website will look great on any devices
  • Amely comes with Ajax Layered Navigation. Thus, you will be able to filter by multi-select and price slider
  • Include $800 worth extensions like Blog for Magento 2, Mega Menu


Supro is a powerful and stunning Magento clothing theme. With great layouts and color combination, this 2.0 Magento themes greatly highlights your products. Hence, it focuses on your products, not on other elements. 

Supro comes with 18 beautiful and modern demo layouts. Furthermore, you can easily customize them for any store online with Front – End CMS Page builder. As a result, you will be able to edit CMS pages at the front – end and see the result instantly.

Also, this Magento theme can grant you great web performance with Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP. This will not only increase your conversion rate, but also customer satisfaction as well

Other highlights of Supro

  • Front – end CMS page builder with 36+ block elements. Then, you can easily edit CMS page at front end and preview the results
  • Dark theme option available
  • Besides, it has the fastest Ajax Quickview extension and fly Ajax Cart extension
  • Included advanced Magento extensions such as Blog for Magento 2, Mega Menu, Shop by brand, etc. 


If you want to start a marketplace or multi vendor stores on Magento, then GemMart will be a perfect solution. It is one of the most popular Magento theme for marketplace on themeforest. With unique, modern and product – focusing design, GemMart promises to boost your conversion rate dramatically. 

This Magento theme includes 18+ exclusive and outstanding demos. What’s more, with CMS Front – end CMS page builder, you can easily customize and edit CMS pages at front – end. No coding required. 

Best of all, GemMart is one of the most powerful and stunning 2.0 Magento themes. It provides you with not only outstanding designs, but also impressive performance. First of all, GemMart is optimized for speed. It scored 98% on PageSpeed Score and 84% on Yslow Score. Secondly, this Magento theme includes many advanced extensions, such as mega menu, look book and so on. Thanks to that, you can save up to $700 when using GemMart


Shiney is one of the best Magento 2.0 themes in the market. It comes with 4+ stunning homepage layouts for you to choose. All of them are well – structured, clean and highly product – focused. What’s more, Shiney can bring you a lot of advanced features such as a powerful admin panel, product detail layouts or newsletter popup. 

Best of all, Shiney is extremely easy to use and user – friendly. First of all, you just need one click to import all the demos and layouts. Secondly, Shiney allows you to freely customize the theme without touching a single line of codes. 


Coming to Magetique – another stunning multipurpose Magento 2.0  themes. With 20+ different layouts, Magetique can be suitable for many types of market and industries, from Clothes, Food to Supermarket. All of them are clean, modern and product – focusing. Therefore, Magetique can help you increase conversion rate

Magetique is AMP – Ready, or Accelerated Mobile Page ready. Thanks to this, this Magento 2.0 theme can bring better experience to mobile users. Needless to say, you’ll reach more customers with Magetique. 


If you want to run an online fashion store on Magento, then Vini might be an ideal option. This Magento 2.0 themes is built specifically for Fashion and Clothes stores. As a result, it has a clean, modern and elegant appearance to show off your products. In particular, by combining black and white color, Vini greatly highlights your products without making it look complicated.

Vini also comes with many great features such as Mega menu, Ajax compare, Ajax filter and so on. 


Porto is the one of the most popular and well – known Magento 2.0 themes on themeforest with more than 20,000 sales and 4.82/ 5 stars from 1494 ratings. Needless to say, Porto is more than just a mere Magento theme. 

Porto includes more than 30 stunning and modern demos for you to choose. Moreover, porto proudly has its demos designed by eCommerce specialists. As a result, its demos can meet most of your requirements. Depending on your business objectives, needs and audience, you can choose the most suitable demos. Then, Porto allows you to freely customize the theme without touching a single line of codes. 

Above all, Porto is optimized for speed. Hence, you hardly need to worry about slow or buggy pages. Moreover, fast loading speed also benefits SEO as well.


Ultimo is a powerful multipurpose Magento 2.0 theme. With clean and professional layouts, Ultimo is suitable for any type of online store. The best thing about this Magento theme is that it’s highly customizable. In particular, you have a lot of freedom to customize the theme as you want without coding. As a result, you’ll be able to build an exclusive website to stand out from the rest. Also, Ultimo is fully responsive. Thus, your website will look beautiful on every device and browsers


Looking for outstanding, unique Magento 2.0 themes for your business? Then, you can’t miss Fortis. Just like other reviewed Magento 2.0 themes in this list, Fortis has clean and product – focusing designs. However, it has an exclusive and stunning color combination. For example, it not only uses neutral colors like white and gray, but also pop up colors ( e.g: pink, blue or magenta) to highlight your products. Thanks to this, customers will notice your products the moment they enter your store. Also, Fortis is customizable. Hence, you can make change to the theme as you like


Just like the name suggests, Everything can bring you everything you need to build your online store. First of all, it includes more than 50 Magento themes for you to choose. All of them are stunning and customizable. Therefore, you can easily customize them to meet your business objectives. Secondly, this Magento 2.0 themes provides you with a lot of helpful and advanced features. These include HTML 5/ CSS3 Bootstrap, Ajax Shopping cart and Visual Mega Menu editor.


Martfury is one of the best Magento 2.0 themes you should consider. It is multipurpose, therefore you can use it for many types of stores, from Clothes, Electronics to Jewelry. Moreover, Martfury has clean and minimal layouts. Using white as the background color, Martfury greatly brings out your products. As a result, it focuses on your products, not on other elements. 

Other highlight features of Martfury include Lazy Load with Blur Effect and SEO friendly, Ajax Search, etc.


Athlete2 is proud to be the only Magento 2.0 themes with the true spirit of an athlete. This Magento theme has stunning and exclusive layouts. Furthermore, it has a great popup color combination. Therefore, Athlete2 can deliver an active and energetic vibe to your online store. Hence, you can use Athelete2 for sporty, teenage and other active online stores

Best of all, Athlete2 is highly customizable. In particular, this Magento 2.0 theme comes with the latest version revolution slider, drag and drop admin panel and so on. Therefore, you can easily customize the theme as you need without touching a single line of code.


If you want to get appealing, powerful Magento 2.0 themes, then you should take a look at Ayo. Ayo has clean yet outstanding design layouts. Besides, it has colorful and active color combinations as well. Thanks to that, this Magento theme can greatly highlight and popup your products.

Ayo comes with 20+ pre – made unique demos for you to choose. But what if you want a more exclusive and uncommon design. Then, you can easily customize the Magento theme to meet your business objectives. No coding required. Other advanced features of Ayo include Ajax Search module, Built – in mega menu, etc. 

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