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January 1, 2022

Make an offer app: Top 5 best apps to increase average order value for your Shopify stores

Not all businesses are required to have set prices for their products or services. Paintings sellers or those selling limited edition items are two instances. Sometimes inviting customers to make an offer is the best way to sell these products. Only a few make an offer app Shopify is available. Thanks to Make an offer app, you are able to conceal the price of your items on your website. Besides that, this kind of Shopify app will also invite visitors to make an offer on the product. Additionally, you can accept or reject the customer’s valuation on your product with ease. Make an offer app fits with both collectible products and other types of industries. You still can gain the revenue from these apps if you set a specific level of discount that you’re willing to accept for any product.

So what is the best Make an offer app you are seeking for your ecommerce site. Let’s read the ArrowTheme blog today and find out the best one.

Make an offer app: Make An Offer

The first kind of make an offer app I want to review in this list is Make An Offer. Without any coding requirement, you can install this app with ease. This make an offer app enables a potential customer to make a purchase offer on the items. You don’t have to manually accept every offer by yourself. Because they can be approved or rejected automatically depending on the discount terms you set. Every offer requires the customer to provide an email address. As a result, even if the offer is denied, you still have an email contact. Finally, you are able to include a button “Make an Offer.” on the product page 

Awesome features:

  • If the customer leaves the cart page, they may be requested to make an offer.
  • Even if the offer is denied, collect email addresses.
  • On product pages, display the “offer” button 
  • This program is available for free download.

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Make an offer app: Negotio – Make Your Offer Now

Negotio allows you to specify a price range for your products that you’re willing to sell them. Furthermore, because the customer can interact with the automated system, the price can be negotiated. Moreover, this make an offer app is simple to set up. Besides that, visitors do not have to provide their email address to make an offer. Therefore, this may increase in the number of product options as well as meet the GDPR law. This app also adds a button “Make Your Offer Now” to all product pages. As a result, the buyer will enter an offer price when they click the button. If the offer price is within the price constraints you’ve specified, the item will be added into the cart at the offer price. Not only that, when the offer price belongs outside price constraints, you can make a counter-offer. 

Awesome features:

  • Set an accept offer and a counter offer range to enable your website to automatically negotiate with customers.
  • Adds a button “make an offer” for customers 
  • Installation is free, however using other features may pay the fee
  • It’s simple to set up and use.

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Make an offer app: Request A Quote

Request A Quote is mostly for quotes. However, this Make an offer app can also be used for other types of Shopify stores. Because, this app includes a button. Therefore, it allows customers to negotiate a price with you on product pages, email templates. Not only that, Request A Quote app is simple to modify and comes with all of the tools you’ll need to boost sales on your website. This app allows customers to add products to a “quote list.  Furthermore, you can give your customers specific discounts and pricing, which they can approve and complete the transaction. The quotation form is simple to build and use. Therefore, it’s a good idea for people with little or no technical knowledge. Additionally, you also are able to automate the procedure with specific products by creating rules on the app’s dashboard. 

Awesome features:

  • Customers make suggestions they want to receive a discount.
  • You are able to  reject some products from the offer system.
  • It’s simple to set up and utilize. 
  • No coding technical

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Make an offer app: Request A Quote & Hide Prices

Using Request A Quote & Hide Prices App, customers can request discounts on products directly from the product page . Each product has a “send quotation” button that can be protected by the reCAPTCHA code of Google. Moreover, you’ll get an email with the customer’s information, the goods they like, and the amount they’re willing to pay for it. Besides that, you have permission to accept or reject offers from your website’s dashboard. In case you reject the offer, you can negotiate with the buyer to come up with a price that suits both of you. In addition, this Make an offer app also supports multilingualism for your online store.

Awesome features:

  • A dashboard allows you to manage quotes.
  • During the quote process, contact directly with customers.
  • It’s simple to set up and configure.

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Bargainer ‑ make an offerby Mevry

Bargainer is the last Shopify Make an offer app in this blog. Let’s explore awesome features of Bargainer with Arrowtheme:

  • Your customers can buy many things for the same offer price.
  • Algorithm for AI negotiating
  • Countdown timer to attract customers to take advantage of the deal
  • Customizing the store’s interface
  • Easy to customize lots of tools: the expiry time, button label, and so on
  • Different consumer inputs were used in the simulation.
  • Product search in live time

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If you want to increase sales, you should allow customers to make deals for products in your online store. So Shopify Make an offer app will help you increase conversions with a unique discount. Let’s ArrowTheme help your customers have unforgettable shopping experiences. Read our article to learn more about Shopify apps. Furthermore, if you don’t know how to code but want to start a Shopify Ecommerce Website, don’t worry. So this is the right place for you. You may choose from one of our Shopify packages. We bring to you  three Shopify package options: Basic, Standard, and Advance. Therefore, if you want to own an awesome online store but don’t want to use the expensive Shopify packages, you should our Basic package. Besides that, our Standard and Advance packages are the significant upgrade over the Basic package, which includes all Shopify features. So what are you waiting for? Let’s grab this chance

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