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April 14, 2021

Watch store opencart theme: Top 10 luxury opencart themes to create the profitable ecommerce business

In case you’re planning to create a profitable ecommerce business, the first activity you should do is finding a suitable theme. Any ecommerce platform in the market is perfect, however, in this blog, Arrowtheme only recommends Opencart one. Coming to the topic of watches, we will review Top 10 luxurious Watch store opencart theme for you to open a professional online store in this blog below. Let’s explore which they are right now! 

Top 10 luxury opencart themes

1. Civic 

Watch store opencart theme

The first watch store opencart theme we highly recommend for you is Civic. It is known as one of the most luxury themes in the market for you to raise a profitable e – commerce business. Then, it is very suitable with items related to watches. Firstly, this theme is coded with HTML5 & CSS3. Hence, you are able to operate Civic very effortlessly without touching any line of coding. Besides, Civic is a fully responsive design. Thanks to that, your site is just as functional on mobile phones and tablets as on big desktop screens.

Moreover, this theme allows you to configure anything you want, especially color with the help of Color Configuration. What’s more, you can let your best – seller items on the most attractive display with “Bestsellers & Featured Products”. Following that, boosting sales is something very easy for any shop owner. Above all, this watch store opencart theme is a combination of comprehensive layout and all advanced elements inherited from the Opencart platform. 

2. Mirora – Watch store opencart theme 

luxury Watch store opencart theme

There is no denying the correspondence of Mirora to watch online stores. This theme has a black background and highlight on it is the white of product name and titles. 

You may feel its design is pretty simple. However, it created the luxury and elegance of this watch store opencart theme, then, it can draw any customer’s attention at the first glance. Besides, Mirora comes with 4+ pre – made homepage layouts for you to choose and all of them are fully responsive. Therefore, your website will look stunning on every type of modern device. Additionally, you can showcase a wide range of categories and products in the most impressive way according to the horizontal or vertical direction with the Mega menu. 

3. Tizzy 


In case you’re looking for a flawless watch store opencart theme for launching a professional online store, you should have a glance at Tizzy. On top of that, Tizzy is a flexible multipurpose theme. Hence, it is not only suitable with watch stores, but it also fits with various e – commerce stores such as: Clothes, Cosmetic, Fashion, Jewellery and so much more. Besides, this theme offers 6+ wonderful homepage templates for you to select and all of them are designed to be extremely luxurious. Best of all, besides the amazing interface, you should also focus on optimization to approach more and more clients. Then, you should ask SEO optimization for help to level up your website’s ranking on search engines in the shortest time. 

4. Styleway – Watch store opencart theme


Wanna build a profitable ecommerce business in the watch business area, you have to take a look at Styleway. On top of that, Styleway is a powerful multipurpose theme, then it is suitable with a wide range of products besides watches. Thanks to the amazing colors combination, this watch store opencart theme is very eye – catching. Hence, customers can’t keep their eyes off your website anytime they visit it. Especially, just by only one click, you can completely install and import everything from content to layout demos. All in all, Styleway is a big package of advanced features. Some of them are: Ajax cart, Newsletter, Quick view, Product Hover, LTR supported and so on. 

5. LaddyLike 


Coming to LaddyLike and we are sure you will be surprised about the significant outcome it brings. At first, thanks to the luxurious and professional design, LaddyLike fits with a bunch of e – commerce stores, including watches. Besides, this watch store opencart theme is compatible with many Opencart versions such as: Opencart 2.1, Opencart 2.2, Opencart 2.3 and Opencart 3.0. What’s more, LaddyLike supports Web responsive design. Therefore, your website will look extremely stunning on all modern devices yet keeps all its best functions. Best of all, not simply as a retailer, this watch store opencart theme also plays a role as a SEO specialist. Following that, your website will have many opportunities to appear on the first result top on search engines, then, you can easily boost your sales. 

6. Brezza – Watch store opencart theme

best Watch store opencart theme

In order to generate the profitable ecommerce business from selling watches, you should consider Brezza. Although this theme is popular about its reputation with fruit stores, it is still the ideal choice to watch online shops. Firstly, this watch store opencart theme is a 100% responsive design. Hence, your site will have a resized ability to adapt with any size screens of devices. Of course, Brezza is the combination of a bunch of advanced features. For example, “Featured Slider” allows you to design a hidden page about the feature of goods. Then, whenever customers hover over products, they can see them and make a buy decision quickly. 

7. Noriva 

Noriva - Watch store opencart theme

Let’s take a look to Noriva if you’re seeking a wonderful Watch store opencart theme for your watch online store. On top of that, Noriva is compatible with the latest version of Opencart 3.0.x, then it is very easy for users to use. Besides, it inherits all best functions of Opencart platform and it has an attractive display on every type of device with the Web responsive design. What’s more, this watch store opencart theme supports Multi – currencies and multi – language. As a result, you can translate your native language to many other different ones and trade all over the world. 

Other highlight features of Noriva:

  • Newsletter Popup
  • Unlimited colors for you to choose
  • Advanced search
  • Product Quick view 
  • Mega menu helps you to arrange your items in the most impressive way. 

8. Intron – Watch store opencart theme

best selling Watch store opencart theme

Coming to an awesome watch store opencart theme you must know to improve your online store – Intron. With the clean and luxurious design, this theme is the best choice with a lot of products such as: watches, electronics, fashion, grocery, furniture and so on. However, you can absolutely customize everything as you want in your site with only a few simple operations. Then, it is the smart way to make your website stand out among the crowd and attract more and more customers. Besides the flawless interface, this theme also captures customer’s attention thanks to many smart functions. For instance, the “Quick view” feature allows clients to experience your products without leaving the current page. 

9. Electromart

Electromart - Watch store opencart theme

If you expect a magnificent and luxurious Watch store Opencart theme, why don’t you take a look at Electromart. To be honest, it is considered as one of the most professional opencart themes that can meet all your needs. At first, it comes with 3+ detailed homepage templates for you to choose. Besides, Electromart is a fully responsive design. Hence, your website will always have a perfect look on all modern devices and be compatible with major browsers. Moreover, Electromart also supports SEO optimization as well. As a result, your site will easily increase its rankings on search engines with ease. 

10. Harvest – Watch store opencart theme

perfect Watch store opencart theme

Don’t ignore Harvest if you’re looking for an awesome Watch store opencart theme for launching an effective online shop. At first, Harvest is a flexible multipurpose opencart theme. Therefore, it fits with a variety of other online stores. Besides, this theme offers 10+ special layout templates for you to select and all of them are combined with great colors. Of course, if you aren’t satisfied with the available layouts, you can customize anything as you want in your website. Following that, your store will look extremely unique and outstanding compared to the opponents. Not only that, it also supports the advanced Mega menu that allows you to arrange your products according to the most eye – catching way. 



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