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October 19, 2021

Wholesale magento theme: Top 20+ great magento themes to get high profit

As you know, nowadays, the wholesale tendency is more and more popular with every type of product. Any shop owner who does a small business wants to get a wholesale price. Then, they can take advantage of money and gain high profits. There are various Magento themes in the market. But which wholesale magento theme is good and effective?

 Don’t worry if you haven’t found a suitable theme. Because this blog of Arrowtheme will help you. In this blog, we provide you a list of Top 20+ best Wholesale magento themes to help you to gain profit as much as possible. Let’s see and explore with us now!

Top 20+ outstanding Wholesale magento themes

1. Claue – Clean, Minimal Magento 2 and 1 Theme 

If you’re looking for a wholesale magento theme for marketplace online stores, Claue is one of the best choices for you. Firstly, it includes 32+ available layout templates for you to choose. Each one has a unique special design. But all of them are very clean and professional. 

What’s more, Claue provides a lot of advanced extensions such as: Mega menu, Ajax Catalog, Ajax Compare, Catalog Images Grid, Countdown Timer and so on. Thanks to these, your website will become perfect and then increase customers’ experience. Not only that, this wholesale magento theme is SEO optimized. Therefore, your website will have many opportunities at the top results of search engines.  

Besides that, recently, Claue 2.0 was released which is the advanced version of Claue 2.0. Therefore, this version also provides much more features than its old version such as: based on Luma theme., compatible with most third-party extensions, fully compatible with Magento 2.4.x,…

2. GemMart

Wholesale magento theme

If you’re looking for a responsive and professional wholesale magento theme, you have to take a look at GemMart. At first, it is a perfect multipurpose magento theme. Then, it suits with a lot of product topics. With GemMart, your website will look as well as many big e – commerce websites in the world such as: Amazon, Ebay… As a result, it helps you a lot to boost sales and attract customers.

What’s more, this magento theme has over 18 layout templates for you to choose. Each layout is unique with different color styles. But all of them are beautiful and impressive. Addition to, with the support of many hot extensions, your website is very convenient and smart for both you and customers. Best of all, this magento theme has the fastest loading speed. 

3. Supermarket & Deal

Coming to SuperTheme – one of the best Wholesale Magento themes. At first, SuperTheme is a multipurpose theme so it suits every product, especially Supermarket. This magento theme has many layout styles for you to choose. Moreover, SuperTheme is also 100% customizable. As a result, you can easily edit and change everything from color to appearance as you like.

Besides, don’t worry if you don’t know about code. Because this magento theme will support you with this problem. Furthermore, with many new technologies such as: Bootstrap 3, SASS/SCSS, W3C HTML5…, your website is very modern and smart. Not only that, SuperTheme is fully responsive. Hence, your website always looks stunning regardless of every type of device. 

4. Gala GoMarket

When it comes to the Wholesale magento theme, we have to mention Gala GoMarket. It is one of the best – selling and modern themes in the market. This wholesale magento theme is special used for supermarket online stores. Besides, GoMarket has many stunning layout designs and they are arranged very neatly. Then, customers will not lose focus on everything else except your products. 

Moreover, this theme has a vertical mega menu. As a result, it will be easy for you to follow and operate within the site. Not only that, it is 100% responsive.

5. Gala TitanShop

Want to find an outstanding Wholesale magento theme but don’t know which theme is best? Then, you have to have a glance at Gala TitanShop. This theme has a wide range of layout demos with many different designs. Although this background is created simply with pure white, it stills attractive and clean. Then, customers will only focus on your products, not other elements.. 

Best of all, Gala TitanShop is great responsive. So, it runs very fluently and keeps every function on any type of device. Other highlight features of this theme:

  • Visual Mega Menu 
  • Ajax advanced products filtered navigation
  • RTL
  •  Multi-languages
  • Visual Content Editor

6. Magetique

Magetique is one of  Wholesale magento themes that brings the highest profits in the market. It’s a multipurpose theme so it’s suitable with a lot of products from Fashion to Supermarket online stores. Firstly, it has 5 premium layouts models for you to choose. Best of all, they are all unique compared to other themes and very easy to install. Besides, Magetique supplies many hot extensions that helps you to boost sales and gains many profits. For example, your website will have fast loading speed with the help of AMP extension.

7. Molla

Wholesale magento theme

If you expect a Wholesale magento theme helps you to gain a lot of profits, Molla is the great theme you must focus on. Because of a multipurpose theme, Molla is suitable with every type of online stores, especially furniture. Molla comes with available 20+ layout demos for you to choose. With the standard UX/UI design styles, your website will become extremely attractive and unique compared to other themes. There is no denying the importance of extensions on any themes. Also, Molla is equipped with a wide range of hot extensions such as: Mega menu, Lookbook, Shop by brand, Store location, Ajax Cart pro and so on.

8. Mobillaso 

Don’t notice Mobillaso if you want to find a perfect Wholesale magento theme. Why is Mobillaso so perfect and have a lot of people using it? 

Firstly, as you see its name, Mobillaso is very friendly to mobile phones. Moreover, it has a lot of advanced features and flexible layouts for you to choose. With Mobillaso, we are sure customers will be surprised by the trendy and unique look of your website compared to competitors. Not only that, Mobillaso is equipped with many modern extensions. For instance, with the Mega menu, you can easily create the suitable menu to display categories, subcategories, etc. Other highlight features of Mobillaso: Ajax Cart, Sorting Options, Image slider, Newsletter Pop-up and so much more.

9. Gala BigShop Wholesale magento theme

Coming to BigShop, you will see one of the well – known magento themes in the market. It is a wholesale magento theme designed specially for technology accessory online shops. Firstly, it has many eye – catching and sophisticated design choices for you. What’s more, BigShop is fully responsive. Therefore, your website will activate smoothly on every type of device.

Besides, thanks to a lot of advanced features supporting, you can boost sales and get profits. Best of all, BigShop is really a multi theme with multi-language, multilingual and multi-store. Other highlight features of BigShop:

  • Visual Content Editor 
  • Drag & Drop Mega Menu builder
  • Product quick-view
  • Typography
  • Advance CMS Static Block Widget.

10. Gala Rainbow

Don’t know which Wholesale magento theme is good? Don’t worry. Let’s see the Rainbow theme we suggest below. At first, this theme is inspired by the appearance of the rainbow after raining. So, it looks very colorful and suitable with fashion or beauty online stores. Although this theme is very colorful, it is still luxurious and worth using. Besides, Rainbow theme lets you free to design your own layout thanks to the help of Drag & Drop EM Theme Framework. In case you don’t like the available colors or fonts, you can easily change them with the “Variation Settings” extension. Other outstanding features of Rainbow:

  • Fully responsive
  • Ajax add to cart
  • Theme Framework 
  • Advanced Layered Navigation
  •  Bestseller Products Widget 

11. EM Chaussure Wholesale magento theme

EM Chaussure is an extremely creative and flexible Wholesale magento theme. It is an ideal theme for a lot of online shops from beauty to digital products. If you want to design yourself this theme is perfect for you. Because EM Chaussure provides you a basic background and many available colors. Then, you can easily design according to your products and favourite. Besides, this theme is installed very quickly, just only for a few seconds. Furthermore, you don’t have to ask for help from third – party extensions. Because this theme has a lot of hot extensions such as: Drag and Drop Mega Menu Builder, Product widgets, Extra footer, Carousel Effect, Slideshow and so much more. 

12. Gala Sneaker

Wholesale magento theme

The next amazing Wholesale magento theme in our list is Gala Sneaker. When hearing its name, we are sure it is used for shoe shops. But not only selling shoes, this theme also fits with many different products from beauty to digital devices. Sneaker theme is easy to customize. Then, you can design everything you want in your website from appearance layout to font and colors. What’s more, if using this theme, you don’t need to worry about coding problems. Because this magento theme will help you automatically edit in the Admin panel. Best of all, it is quick to install. Just need some seconds, you can download and activate this theme immediately. Other highlight features of Sneaker:

  • Unlimited colors
  • Mega menu 
  • Advanced Layered Navigation
  • Product Quick – view
  • Social Links

13. Hebes

Magento theme

In case you want to find a modern yet clean wholesale magento theme, you have to have a glance at Hebes. Hebes comes with over 16 detailed layout demos, 7+ Headers and 2+ Footers for you to choose. What’s more, this theme is built based on the new version of MGS Front-End Builder. Then, you have freedom to create your website without logging in the Admin back – end. 

Not only that, it is equipped with a feature “360 degree image view”. Hence, customers can see every aspect of your products and easily buy them. Besides, it is 100% responsive. As a result, your website always looks stunning and runs well on every device, especially mobile phones.

14. Mageton Wholesale magento theme

Mageton Wholesale magento theme has everything you need to start an online business. It is a package of 7+ different themes including: Jeans, Wholesale Store, Shoes Store, Jackets, Fashion Store, Umbrella and Tweeds Store. Firstly, it has over 20 pre – built layout templates for you to choose. Best of all, Mageton provides more than 100 special and available content blocks. 

Moreover, with the support of AMP, your website easily increases its rankings on the search engines. From that, you can boost sales and get a lot of benefits. 

Other outstanding features of Mageton:

  • Mega menu
  • Image Slider
  • Sorting Options
  • Multi-currency
  • Multilanguage

15. SuperTheme

Coming to SuperTheme – one of the best wholesale magento themes with a lot of useful features. Firstly, this Wholesale magento has many layout demos for you to choose. Each one has a unique and attractive style, but all of them are very clean, eye-catching and product – focusing. Additionally, this theme provides many advanced extensions. For instance, owing to the “EM Blog” extension, shopkeepers can connect to customers and casual visitors easily. Therefore, your website will increase the number of interactions and promote sales. 

16. Amazing

Amazing Wholesale magento theme is a flexible multi purpose theme. Then, it is a great selection for a wide range of products. Firstly, it includes over 20 unique and special homepage layouts for you to choose. Besides, it is fully customized and easy to download. Best of all, this theme is very friendly to mobile phones. Moreover, it is built on many new technologies in the world like: Bootstrap 3.x, W3C HTML5, CSS3. Other highlight features of Amazing:

  • Popup Newsletter
  • Unlimited colors
  • Ajax cart
  • Cloud Zoom
  • Block Widget

17. Champions

Bestselling magento theme

Champions is really a multipurpose wholesale magento theme thanks to over 25 decorations. Not only the eye – catching design but this theme is also very smart with a lot of modern extensions. Best of all, this theme is designed 100% responsive. So, it always brings you the best experience on every device. Other highlight features of Champions:

  • Powerful theme settings 
  • Drag & Drop Mega Menu builder
  • Revolution Slideshow
  • Top Cart – Search – Menu
  • Hover & Alternative image 

18. MegaMall Wholesale magento theme

Magento theme

Coming to MegaMall – one of the best – selling wholesale magento themes. This magento can bring you everything you need for a valid website, from eye – catching appearance to well – done performance. Not only stunning performance, but MegaMall also delivers you a lot of professional features. For instance, thanks to the “Quick view Product” extension, your website will have more loading speed and  navigate easier. Furthermore, MegaMall is SEO optimized. Therefore, it will become your powerful assistant with digital marketing.

19. Kenda Wholesale magento theme

Wholesale theme

Kenda claims to be the excellent Wholesale magento theme you have to buy. And this is not merely a claim. Firstly, it presents 6 amazing layout templates for you to choose. It’s a multipurpose theme so it’s very suitable for many online stores from fashion to furniture. Besides, this magento theme is extremely customized easily. Hence, you are free to edit and make changes for your website. As a result, you can better distinguish your website from other competitors in order to attract more and more viewers. Other advanced features of Kenda:

  • Visual Content Editor
  • Powerful theme settings
  • Layered Navigation
  • Hover & Alternative image
  • EM Blog Extension

20. Everest Wholesale magento theme

Wholesale magento theme

The last ones in our list is Everest. Firstly, Everest has over 12 special design templates for you to choose. With the outstanding design styles, it can bring out your products and attract customers at the first glance. Not only that, it has the support of RTL, Mega menu and so much more. Best of all, it is very easy to install and activate this magento theme. 

This wholesale magento theme is extremely fully customizable. As a result, you have many freedoms to customize your website as you like to better reflect your brand. Moreover, it includes many smart and latest functions:

  • Ajax add to cart 
  • Product quick-view
  • Tabs Widget
  • Cloud Tag Option
  • Hover & Alternative image

Final Word

Maybe you know, a website is the important thing to reach out to potential customers if you do online business. Arrowtheme hopes through our list, you can find the most suitable wholesale magento theme for your products. Then, you can boost sales and gain a lot of profits in the fastest time. 

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