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October 19, 2021

Cosmetic Magento theme: Top 35+ best themes to build successful online stores

Nowadays, more and more people tend to buy cosmetics online. According to some statistics, the cosmetics industry is expected to reach $12 billion in 2020. Then, if you want to start selling skin care products and cosmetics on Magento, you need to choose the right Cosmetic Magento theme first. To help you with this issue, we’ll provide you with the list of top 35+ best themes to build successful online stores. All of the themes below are rated based on Arrowtheme scores, their sales, social metrics and ratings. Let’s start

Arangi – Cosmetic Magento theme

Arangi is an innovative Cosmetic Magento theme for you to choose. It’s built specifically for heatha and organic products. With clean and modern layouts, Arangi will display your products beautifully to attract more customers. It comes with 8+ stunning and customizable homepage layouts. Thus, you can either choose one of them and apply it to your website, or customize it to fit your needs.  

Arangi is a powerful and features – rich Magento 2 theme as well. It’s built from the default Magento 2 theme combined with front – end CMS Page builder with 36+ block elements and MGS Settings. Thanks to this, Arangi is highly compatible with third party extensions

Other highlights of Arangi

  • Powerful theme setting customization
  • Front – end CMS page builder and powerful backend panel
  • Supports RTL layout. Moreover, dart theme option is available
  • Besides, it includes many advanced extensions such as Blog for Magento 2, Mega menu, Shop by brand, etc.

Claue – Cosmetic Magento theme

If you are looking for a safe way of choosing the best Cosmetic Magento theme, then the Multipurpose Magento theme might be a great option. In this case, we highly recommend Claue 2.0

This Magento theme has a clean and minimal appearance. Claue 2.0 is the advanced version of Claue 1.0. So this version has lots of awesome features than the previous one. Claue 2.0 brings to you 32+ homepage layouts. Therefore, it supports many types of online stores including Cosmetics and Skin care. One more feature is 360 degree Image view . This special feature allows your customers to explore more detailed about your products with all of sides. Therefore, your products will gain more trust of customers. Not only that, this version is built based on Luma theme that Claue 1.0 did’t support. As a result, with our Claue 2.0, you are able to compatible with most third-party extensions.

Everest – Cosmetic Magento theme

This Cosmetic Magento theme has an eye – catching and stunning layouts. Thus, it promises to attract more customers to your online store. With 10+ customizable designs, Everest allows you to build your dream shop with ease. Moreover, this Magento theme can be used for many types of online stores, from cosmetics to superstores

Besides, Everest comes with a wide range of helpful features. For example, it supports RTL layout and multiple languages. This is very useful for cross – border selling. Other features include Mega menu, powerful admin option, admin module, etc. 


StarBella is built specifically for cosmetics and medicine. It has clean and minimal layouts to display your products in a neat and modern way. This Cosmetic Magento theme comes with 3 neat and customizable layouts. Moreover, the theme mainly uses white and neutral colors. As a result, it greatly focuses on your products

Above all, StarBella is fully responsive and compatible with all browsers. Hence, your website will look beautiful in every situation, regardless of the device and browser. StarBella is also SEO optimized. This is very helpful for digital marketing


Coming to another stunning and powerful multipurpose Magento theme – Sebian. With 10+ unique layouts and exciting color style in design, Sebian promises to make your store stand out from the rest. 

This Cosmetic Magento theme is fully responsive and mobile – friendly. Thanks to this, shop owners will be able to approach a lot of customers. Other stunning features of this Magento theme are dynamic mega menu, revolution slider and so on

Natural – Cosmetic Magento theme

Natural is such an ideal Cosmetic Magento theme for cosmetics and beauty stores. It has a clean and clear design. Therefore, your customers can easily notice your products while scrolling through your online store. Moreover, Natural is highly customizable and easy to use. First of all, you’ll have much freedom to customize your layouts without touching a single line of code. Also, with just one click, you can import any pages with sample content from the demo easily


Belano is one of the best Magento themes for Cosmetics, Fashion and Accessories stores. With unique and eye – catching layouts, this Cosmetic Magento theme promises to encourage customers to make purchases. Moreover, Belano is highly customizable. As that said, you’ll be able to make changes to many elements in your online stores, from colors, fonts to layouts. 

Besides, this Magento theme includes advanced Layered Navigation, social login and Google fonts. 


Looking for an elegant Cosmetic Magento theme? Then, you should take a look at MoonLight. This Magento theme has such an outstanding design with dynamic arrangement and stunning color combination. Thanks to that, it helps you to create a clean, neat and product – focusing website. 

Furthermore, MoonLight has many helpful features. For example, Quick Cart Pro, Multiple Listing Layouts, Multiple Language and RTL support. Hence, with MoonLight, you’ll be able to build a solid website with ease

Glory – Cosmetic Magento theme

Glory can be used for a wide range of online stores, including Cosmetics and Beauty stores. It provides you with 7+ custom designs for multi – purposes. Then, you can choose one of their layouts, and customize it to meet your needs. Furthermore, this Cosmetic Magento theme comes with a lot of stunning features such as wide – boxed mode, number of column, custom width page, etc.

Harosa – Cosmetic Magento theme

Harosa claims to be the best and most professional Magento theme for beauty stores and spas. And this is not merely a claim. It has elegant, clean and modern layouts to display your products beautifully. Moreover, Megamenu displays all of your product categories, sub – categories, top – link. As a result, your customers can easily find their needed products. Hence, higher chance that they’ll make a purchase on your online store. 

Harosa comes with 6+ beautiful and customizable pre – made layouts. You can either choose one of them and use it for your store, or customize the layouts as you need

Face Art

In case you want to find a beautiful, powerful and affordable Cosmetic Magento theme, then you can’t miss Face Art. Face Art is designed specifically. Therefore, it has a modern, professional look with great color combinations. Best of all, all sub – categories are customizable. Hence, Face Art allows you to create your own dream web shop. 

Best of all, this Magento theme includes many powerful features. For example, it’s compatible with all devices. Also, enhanced mega menu is included


As the name suggests, NatureCircle is the perfect Magento theme for organic and health products. The theme greatly utilizes neutral colors like white or light grey to bring out your products. This Cosmetic Magento theme comes with 4+ pre – make layouts with multi – style. Hence, it allows you to freely create your own, unique website. NatureCircle also has powerful admin panel, mega menu, mobile menu and blog module


When it comes to Cosmetic Magento theme, we can’t help mentioning Champions. It’s a beautiful, feature – rich and powerful Magento theme. Besides Cosmetics, Champions can fit in many types of online stores such as Fashion, Lifestyle stores, etcs. This Magento theme provides you with 25+ unique designs. All of them are customizable. Thanks to that, you can easily customize the themes according to your needs and requirements


In fact, Enlink can handle almost any type of online store, from cosmetics, drones, headphones to single product stores. Therefore, it’s a great Magento theme option if you don’t know which themes to choose. With its stunning colors combination and layouts, Enlink can display your products beautifully and attract more customers. 

Other highlighted features of this Cosmetic Magento theme are multi – language support, SEO friendly and No core modifications

Theface – Cosmetic Magento theme

Theface can provide you with almost everything you need to build a solid web store. Moreover, this Cosmetic Magento theme is very easy to install and use. For example, Theface offers you the color options for their website on General, Header and Footer with Plazathemes Theme Options admin panel. You can easily configure them via color palette

Also, Theface is fully responsive and cross – browser compatible. Then, your website will look good on any device, from mobile phones to desktop. Furthermore, Theface includes many helpful features such as Custom Slideshow, powerful Google rich snippets, Bootstrap 3 foundation and so on

iOne – Cosmetic Magento theme

iOne is a minimal and clean Cosmetic Magento theme. In fact, thanks to its simple and neat layouts, iOne can be used for many types of online stores besides Cosmetics. By sensibly using white as the background colors, this Magento theme can encourage customers to make purchases on your online store. 

iOne offers its users 12 different theme layouts. All of them are quite easy to customize. Therefore, you will be able to build your unique website of your choice. Moreover, it also includes a lot of outstanding features such as perfect slider, flexible blog, Ajax Layered Navigation, etc.


Right from the name, you might know that this Magento theme is perfect for Organic and Natural products. It has a great and outstanding color combination. In particular, Organica uses white as the main background colors, and popup colors like green or blue to highlight your products. Hence, Organica can make customers notice your products the moment they enter your online store. Also, Organica is such a powerful Cosmetic Magento theme. For instance, Daily Deal module makes customers concentrate on discount products with countdown timers which are styled beautifully. New, featured, random, bestseller, onsale are displayed in Products Slider and Product Tabs Slider module

EM Chaussure

EM Chaussure is a Cosmetic Magento theme for high – end products. Therefore, its layouts are extremely clean, modern and professional. EM Chaussure promises to deliver a new breeze and elegant vibe to your online stores. Best of all, this Magento theme is very customizable and flexible. For example, basic designs are available in many colors for you to choose. Besides, this theme provides you with EM Framework. This allows you to customize and re – arrange blocks yourself with ‘ drag-and-drop’ features. 

Parna – Cosmetic Magento theme

This Cosmetic Magento theme comes with sleek and simple design. Hence, it fits with many beauty – related online stores like cosmetics, fashions, or fragrant stores. Moreover, Parna has a unique and stunning color combination of white, pink and orange. Thanks to that, it will not only raise interest in your customers, but also highlight your products as well. 


This Cosmetic Magento theme is highly beautiful, elegant and attractive. It comes with built – in 4 preset styles. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can choose the style that is best for you. Also, Cosmetic is highly customizable and flexible. Then, you’ll be able to customize the theme to meet your requirements. 

Cosmetics offers many advanced features as well. For example, Mega Menu – multiple columns menu, images slideshow with 20+ transition effects, Google Web fonts, Search Engine Friendly, etc. 


OrganicCosmetics claims that it has everything you need in an eCommerce Theme and nothing more. First of all, its layouts are clean, minimal and modern. With light green touches, this Cosmetics Magento theme is a perfect fit for such a site. Moreover, OrganicCosmetics includes many outstanding features such as Mega menu, Image Slider, Newsletter Subscription Popup, etc. 


GrandCosmetics was built specifically for Cosmetics and Beauty Stores. The best thing about this Cosmetic Magento theme is its stunning and exclusive layouts. Thus, it can attract customers the moment they enter your online store. Moreover, all of its layouts are well – structured with great color combinations. As a result, it can greatly show off your products.

Also, GrandCosmetics includes a lot of advances extensions such as Film Slider, Catalog Image Grid and so on


If you want to stand out from other competitors, Cosmetta might be a perfect choice for you. Firstly, it has unique and exclusive structures and layouts. Moreover, it greatly utilizes popup colors like black and magenta. Needless to say, this Cosmetic Magento theme can greatly highlight and popup your products to attract your customers. Also, this Magento theme comes with a lot of helpful features like parallax, various product types and sorting options

Best of all, Cosmetta includes $1060 with ™ modules. As a result, you can save thousands of dollars when working with Cosmetta

Perfume Magento theme

Perfume Magento theme is the perfect theme for  Cosmetics, Perfume and other beauty – related online stores. Moreover, this Cosmetic Magento theme can deliver elegant and high – end feelings to your online store. As a result, if you want to sell high – end products or luxury items, Perfume Magento theme is the perfect choice for you

Hair Care Magento theme

When looking at the name, you might think that this Magento theme is for hair care products. In fact, Hair Care Magento theme can be used for many types of online stores, from Cosmetic, Spa to Perfumes. This Cosmetic Magento theme has beautiful and stunning layouts. Also, it supports large and full – width images. This is very helpful if you want to show customers full parts of your products. Moreover, this is a great way to attract your customers as well. The best part is that the Hair Care Magento theme is fully responsive and customizable. As a result, you’ll be able to build your dream web shop

Organic Cosmetics Magento theme

Organic Cosmetics Magento theme is a perfect theme for those looking for a clean, fresh and minimal look for their online store. This Cosmetics Magento theme is extremely clean and well – structured. Thanks to that, customers can easily look through your website. Moreover, this Magento theme greatly utilizes white as the background color to bring out your products. In fact, Organic Cosmetics Magento theme can handle almost any kinds of products thanks to its minimal design

Moreover, this Magento theme is SEO – friendly as well due to its clean code and fast loading speed. These factors will not only improve customer satisfaction, but also help you with digital marketing as well

Choice of Perfumes Online Magento theme

This Cosmetic Magento theme is suitable for a wide range of beauty – related stores, from Cosmetics, Hair products to Perfumes. The special thing about Choice of Perfume is its exclusive and outstanding layouts and color combination. Hence, this Magento theme can grant your online store a high – end, modern and fashionable look

Ruby – Cosmetic Magento theme

Ruby – as the name suggests, is a Cosmetic Magento theme for high – end and luxury stores. Moreover, this Magento theme is highly flexible and usable. Therefore, you can use it for many types of online stores, from cosmetics, perfume to jewelry. The high chance is that Ruby can bring an elegant and aesthetic look to your online store. You can choose among 6+ pre – make layouts, and customize them as you like. No coding required. 

Havina – Cosmetic magento theme

Havina is built specifically for beauty and cosmetic stores. As a result, it can handle almost all of your requirements, from appearance to the functionalities. In particular, Havina has a clean and minimal look. With the hint of green and white, this Magento theme can deliver a fresh and elegant vibe to your online store. 

When working with Havina, you’ll never need to worry about SEO, customization or mobile optimization. Havina will take care of all those tasks for you. 

Beauty – Cosmetic magento theme

Beauty is a multipurpose Magento theme. Therefore, you can use it for many types of online stores, including Cosmetics and Beauty. The theme is unique with the modern design, great colors combination and dynamic arrangement of promotional banners. Moreover, Beauty is extremely easy to install and use. When working with Beauty, you hardly need to touch a single line of codes. This will save you a lot of time and effort

Hee-young – Cosmetic Magento theme

Last but not least, we want to mention Hee – young, a perfect solution for any beauty and cosmetics stores. With clean and sleek layout structures, Hee – young can handle almost any of your requirements. Also, it has a lot of advanced features like Ajax Magento 2 extensions, Mega Menu, Featured Products, etc. 

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