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March 20, 2023

The Complete Guide to Set Up Affiliate Marketing with Shopify

In 2022, the epidemic attracted affiliate marketers’ interest, and the effects are still being felt today. People went online to purchase a variety of brands as commerce grew in popularity. It also created a whole new generation of online customers – Affiliate Marketing with Shopify. The fall of traditional advertising for business promotion, along with the rise of social media, is giving affiliate marketers a new life. But how do you take advantage of this chance? This beginner’s tutorial will lead you through setting up Affiliate Marketing with Shopify from the beginning to the finish. 

Affiliate Marketing with Shopify: What is an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate programs encourage businesses to advertise a referral program’s products or services in exchange for a commission portion.

Another way, everybody who joins your affiliate program will be led to the referral Shopify store via a specific referral link. You have to pay for the referral if this potential lead converts into sales

In most cases, the affiliate program’s incentive is a fixed money amount (like in Affiliate Marketing with Shopify). Parallel arrangements, such as giving discount vouchers or a free shopping spree, might also be made.

Affiliate marketing is widespread and widely utilized in both B2C and B2B enterprises. For the consumer products business, however, it is more effective and profitable. According to data, B2C affiliate programs account for over 60% of affiliate programs. Whereas B2B affiliate programs account for less than 20% of affiliate programs.


Affiliate Marketing with Shopify: Who Are Affiliates?

Anyone who promotes your business is an affiliate – the same definition also applies to Affiliate Marketing with Shopify. This might be huge or tiny – affiliates don’t have to have millions of followers to bring in money!

You also can use ambassadors, brand ambassadors, and partners to describe affiliates.

They may promote your goods on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok, and other platforms where they have a following.

Small affiliates can do very well since their following is normally more intimate, and their fans trust them more.

Affiliate Marketing with Shopify: Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Business Insider conducted a study that looked at the effects of affiliate marketing on referral companies. Affiliate marketing has been shown to improve revenue by up to 16% for companies.

The WireCutter by the New York Times was able to produce as much as $150 million utilizing referral links in 2015. So now it can provide a real-world illustration of affiliate programs’ efficacy

How does the Affiliate Marketing with Shopify program work?

The Shopify affiliate program’s ultimate goal is to use the influence and authority of marketers, consultants, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and service providers. Thanks to it, you can drive traffic to the company’s premium subscription plans.

All entrepreneurs, bloggers, and service providers are glad to attend Shopify’s affiliate network for free. However, there are several requirements before accepting someone into the program.

how to set up affiliate program

Requirements of the Shopify affiliate program.

For accepting as a Shopify affiliate program partner, you must: 

  • Own and operate a functional website, blog, or forum with at least monthly traffic 
  • The content on your website or blog must be original 
  • Have a substantial monthly audience who has subscribed to your platform via email or social media platforms
  • Understand how Shopify or any other ecommerce platform works. Accept the Shopify affiliate program’s terms of service.

You must also have an active Shopify account (if you don’t already have one, you may create one for free) in addition to these approval requirements for the Shopify affiliate program.

After submitting all of the relevant information, your platform will be manually reviewed to see whether you’re qualified for the Shopify affiliate program.

Because you’ll only be applying for the affiliate program, your company goals should be “referring merchants as an affiliate”.

You will link to a more extensive application form on the Shopify Partner Dashboard once you have completed the form submission.

You will be asked to fill out the information about your own business, such as:

  • The type of content you post on your website, blog, and forums.
  • Your current and future traffic sources

It’s crucial since the distinctiveness of your content and your marketing plan will influence the customer’s purchasing decision.

When finishing this step, simply submit the form and wait for the Shopify team to review it.

Within five working days, applications for Affiliate Marketing with Shopify programs are usually examined and responded to.

How much can you make with the Affiliate Marketing with Shopify program?

You will receive an email if your application has been accepted when you have completed the application submission procedure for your Affiliate Marketing with Shopify. Once accepted, you can access your unique Shopify “Affiliate Link” by logging into the Shopify affiliate dashboard. As a result, you’ll be sharing information with users via blogs, websites, videos, vlogs, instructional courses, e-books, or any other media you choose.

Affiliate Marketing with Shopify earnings is paid two months’ worth of subscription fees against the linked Shopify business. This implies that the more valuable the subscription plan, the more money you earn as an associate.

For example, if a recommended merchant purchases a “Standard Shopify Plan” using your link, you might receive up to $598. However if the referred merchant purchases the enterprise plan “Shopify Plus,” you would receive a one-month 100% bonus of the membership price, which is roughly $2000.

So, ultimately, there is no limit to how much money you may make as an Affiliate Marketing with Shopify; it all depends on your skill to advertise. The more plans you sell, the more money you make.

How to implement Affiliate Marketing with Shopify Program?

The Shopify affiliate program app of your choice is entirely up to you. Moreover, there are many possibilities to select from. We have a list of some of the most popular and extensively used Shopify affiliate program tools. For that, you can start your affiliate program.


UpPromote is an app that will revolutionize your affiliate and referral marketing efforts. With an impressive 2400+ stellar five-star rating, UpPromote is the top choice for businesses seeking a reliable affiliate/referral solution. Create customized affiliate programs tailored to your needs, offering a diverse range of commission opportunities. Take control of your marketing strategy with customizable rewards and discounts through Customer Referral programs.UpPromote provides a scalable solution for companies entering the affiliate space, offering a free plan to get started and the ability to seamlessly upgrade to an enterprise plan, unlocking the potential for custom development requests tailored to your unique requirements.


Refersion is a complete referral platform with a lot of features. Over 100 reviews have given the platform a five-star rating, making it a popular option for businesses interested in the Shopify affiliate program. Refersion’s strongest feature is its flexibility to scale with your company. Therefore, it allows companies to start with a free plan and upgrade to premium ones as their affiliate services grow.


LeadDyno is another popular and effective Shopify affiliate marketing application. With only a few clicks, the app can be linked with your Shopify store and offers a wide range of customization choices. The software features a one-click feature that allows affiliates to be paid via PayPal or other platforms.


Thousands of companies in the United States and worldwide choose Omnistar as their favorite Shopify affiliate app. During the testing and comparison stages, you won’t want to overlook this robust and comprehensive platform. Omnistar has been enhanced with the addition of huge companies like Cisco and Macy’s.


Affiliatly is a very user-friendly and dynamic UI. When you combine this with its incredibly low costs, this’s a worthwhile Shopify affiliate program app to investigate. Affiliatly is a new affiliate software compared to some of the others on this list. However, it packs a punch in terms of functionality, features, and dependability. The app also comes with a free 30-day trial period.


Finally, Enlistly completes our list of the best five Shopify affiliate network applications. The software is especially beneficial for businesses that deal with customized commission rates and a variety of transaction kinds. Enlistly has a simple and easy layout, as well as a cost-effective subscription plan that starts at $9.99 per month.

How to Set Up Your Affiliate Marketing with Shopify program?

You’ll need to come up with a specific marketing plan to work with, which will define the proper target audience, finalize marketing channels, analyze various items, and other factors. Here are some marketing rules for the Shopify affiliate program to help you get started with your sales.

Establish relationship

You’ll need a healthy relationship to draw customers to your company. To persuade the audience to buy the products/services you’re selling, you’ll need to position yourself as an authority and expert in any sector of your choice. For example, if you’re going to promote Shopify’s premium plans, you’ll need to establish your authority by comparing various platforms and describing the comparison of all the numerous platforms available to users. Only when you’ve persuaded clients of the Shopify platform’s better features and functions can you persuade them to acquire plans through your referral link?

Customize the affiliate program

Today’s digital audience wants to deal with companies that provide them with individualized services. To do this, you’ll need to send a targeted message to your audience via email list or subscription and persuade them of your authority in the subject area. Don’t hurry to promote the referral program; instead, make them feel at ease with your content and the knowledge you’re providing, then kindly suggest the platform while leaving the comparison option open.

Request reviews from influencers

Influencers have a significant following and established authority in specialized fields, which might be useful in promoting your company. For your Shopify affiliate program, the objective is to find the appropriate influencer with the proper audience. Once you’ve found them, use social media to request a review or rating for your website. This can dramatically boost your company’s reputation while also bringing a lot of traffic to your platform.

Affiliate Marketing with Shopify: How to choose the best affiliates?

Once you’ve been accepted into the Shopify affiliate program, it’s time to launch your marketing campaign in order to profit from the program. Here are some sources for you to gain the initial traction.

Social Media

Social media provides businesses with the most effective marketing channels for reaching a larger audience. With billions of monthly active users, it’s impossible to overlook the importance of affiliate marketing efforts on social media platforms.

You may utilize your social media profile to introduce the Shopify affiliate program to your followers. You might launch a marketing campaign. Therefore, you can show Shopify plans with dynamic visuals, software features, and helpful infographics. Social media platforms also allow you to communicate with clients directly, answering their questions and assisting them with any difficulties or problems they may have.

Your Website

Social media platforms are useful for reaching a larger audience. Besides that, your website remains the main digital channel on which you developed your reputation and devoted following. You must have significant traffic to your website now that you’ve been accepted into the Shopify affiliate program. So you should immediately introduce them to the Shopify plans.

You can write articles that compare various e-commerce systems and provide Shopify plans as recommendations. You may entice them even more by offering them a discount (free e-book, free membership) in case they subscribe to the Shopify platform through your link. Overall, your plan and approach will determine whether or not you can persuade the audience to use the platform.

Email Marketing Campaigns

When utilized in combination with the appropriate plan, an email campaign may be one of the most effective marketing tools. Personalizing the script to connect with the audience is the key to success with email marketing. According to statistics, when done effectively, email marketing may increase membership rates by more than 10%. You can tailor each message and provide compelling Call To Actions (CTs) to seal the offer.

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How much does the Affiliate Marketing with Shopify program cost?


All businesses and entrepreneurs interested in earning some passive money by advertising Shopify’s premium plans can join the Affiliate Marketing with Shopify program for free. For each user who purchases a premium plan using a unique referral link, Shopify affiliates may earn up to two months of paid membership bounty.

Affiliate Marketing with Shopify: Conclusion

You may begin your Affiliate Marketing with Shopify program by selecting one of the numerous Shopify affiliate program apps available in the Shopify shop. These tools will not only aid you in setting up your affiliate network but also in marketing and tracking commissions. Moreover, if you need assistance, our experts will help you with Affiliate Marketing with Shopify. With years of experience, ArrowTheme is confident to bring the best services to your business. CONTACT US for more information. 

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