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October 5, 2021

Powerful strategies to increase online sales and build loyalty to your business

No matter what you are selling or running any type of business, increasing sales is the biggest goal. While this seems as not a simple thing, you can implement it according to a lot of different strategies in order to achieve goals. In this article, Arrowtheme will let you know how to increase online sales as well as create loyalty to your business effectively. Then, explore with us right now!

How to increase online sales as well as build loyalty to your business? 

#1. Understand and determine your target audience 

The first awesome method to increase business sales is to understand your target audience. So that, you will make the best decisions about your products and marketing efforts. When you have a physical business, you can have face-to-face talks with your consumers to know what they like. Then, you must take proactive actions to learn about your clients when they are online.

how to increase online sales

What’s more, as a store owner, you can identify purchasing habits and preferences by employing analytics tools in your online business and point-of-sale (POS) system. Aside from face-to-face discussion, you still have many options for asking questions to discover more about your customers. For instance, email, online chat, phone calls, etc. 

#2. Analyze your data to see how customers seek your store

The next powerful strategy in the topic of how to increase online sales is to utilize analytics. Then, you can easily check out how clients find your store. For more details, you are able to take advantage of modern analytics tools like Google Analytics. So you can investigate how customers who make purchases locate your store. 

how to increase online sales effectively

#3. Discover your distinct selling offer

In case you wish to know how to increase online sales, you should find your unique selling proposition. To put it plainly, you need to bring outstanding things that no one can do. Once you’ve figured out what sets you apart, you should show off it well. You can use it in your tagline or prominently display it on your home page. Plus, promote it in social media ads and emphasize it in your email marketing. Besides, you can give customers a reason to come to your online business and buy your products by basing your marketing campaigns and efforts on your unique selling proposition.

#4. Offer the best customer experience 

In fact, customer experience is considered as one of the most crucial things you must pay attention to if you want to increase online sales. Not only that, once you do it well, you can even build loyalty to your business. Simply speaking, aside from good products, clients need to find and purchase what they’re looking for as quickly as possible on your site. 

increase online sales

If your analytics suggest that a large number of people are viewing your site but not purchasing, it’s possible that your user experience is to blame. What’s more, you need to look for areas where buyers have difficulty or make mistakes. In particular, your website’s search feature, product navigation, and checkout are all common things to improve.

#5. Invest a lot on customer service

According to a Zendesk survey, 84% of respondents said customer service is a major element in selecting whether or not to buy something. Therefore, you should create a contact page on your website for clients to get in touch with you, including your phone number, email address, and a chat link. In particular, don’t forget to add a FAQ page to your website to help users find answers quickly.

Most importantly, you must respond as quickly as possible to display your care to customers. Because direct conversations are uncommon with online stores, you should take advantage of the opportunity to strengthen your relationship as much as possible.

increase business sales

#6. Integrate a chat feature on your site 

Coming to the next wonderful strategy you should know to boost your online sales is use a chat feature on your store. Nowadays, customers utilize chat to interact with businesses, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak began. Because you won’t be able to be at your computer 24 hours a day, incorporate an autoresponder to notify consumers when you will be back. Best of all, you can also employ Virtual Agent Technology (known as VAT), which is a website plug-in that instantly answers consumers’ common and basic questions. 

#7. Ensure a simple and safe checkout process

In reality, the checkout process plays a significant role in great customer experience. However, it is also a major stumbling block for many sales and demands special attention. Thanks to the smart checkout process, customers can purchase without having to fill out lengthy forms since it supplies a lot of checkout options. 

way to increase online sales

Besides, in order to avoid overwhelming the customer with buyer information fields, you should divide the checkout into many pages or an extending page. Furthermore, you must keep the text brief and to the point to prevent customers from discomfort. Not only that, you can use typical terminology and buttons, such as a “Buy” button and a shopping cart icon.

#8. Choose the suitable ecommerce platform 

For those who don’t know how to increase online sales for your business easily, selecting the right ecommerce platform will contribute a lot to your success business. First and foremost, customers can quickly navigate your site if you use a platform with a clear approach and administration tools. Then you may focus on building your business rather than expanding your store. Moreover, you should refer to excellent ecommerce platforms such as: Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. 

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 #9. Focus on SEO

SEO is a must of any website that helps Google rank higher for your website and create a lot of great opportunities for customers to find you. According to a 2019 Statista report, search accounted for 65% of all eCommerce sessions. 

Focus on SEO

#10. Build useful content

No matter what any problem and inquiry is, people usually head to Google for answers. Thus, generating a bunch of content that brings customers a lot of useful information is extremely necessary. You can use SEO to help people find your eCommerce store by providing content that is entertaining and relevant to your clients. Besides, rather than writing about your items, address prevalent problems or strategies to use them. In particular, search engines favor pages with constant information, so make it a point to publish fresh pieces on a regular basis. 

#11. Collect and put customer reviews on product page

In order to not only drive your online sales but also create trustworthiness for your business, collecting and then putting customer reviews on your website is very essential. It seems to be quite intimidating. However, it proves the fact that adding customer reviews can help you raise your sales. According to Moz, internet reviews affect 67% of customers.

What’s more, in case a product routinely receives negative feedback, it’s a warning that you should either address the problems or abandon it. In addition, you should allow customers to submit both a star rating and a comment when adding reviews. As a result, customers should be able to leave evaluations as easily as feasible. 

#12. Take advantage of responsive designs

One out of four people use a mobile phone to purchase online, this tells the importance of smartphones and its popularity in the ecommerce space. Use fully responsive designs, your ecommerce store will not only have a stunning look, but also run smoothly on any type of modern devices. Not only that, it enables consumers to buy whenever and wherever they want. 

responsive designs

#13. Feature products with high-quality images

Because photos are extremely important especially for ecommerce stores, investing in order to have as high-quality images as possible is necessary. Most crucially, you must make sure the photographs accurately portray the products, as 22% of online purchase returns occur when the item does not match the photo. Besides, if you can’t afford to employ a pro, you can refer to a lot of ideas and models on the internet for taking appealing product shots on your own. 

Furthermore, you should add more than one photograph of a product to your listing. According to Salsify, 60% of digital buyers in the US require an average of three to four photos while shopping online.

#14. Use email marketing to connect with customers well

If you are wondering about how to increase online sales, you should consider email marketing. In fact, email marketing is known as one of the most effective ways to interact with your clients. Simply speaking, you can simply communicate sales, new goods, and suggestions with your consumers if you use an eCommerce platform that collects email addresses automatically. What’s more, you may also acquire more email addresses by providing a subscription option or a discount coupon on your blog. 

#15. Keep lower shipping cost

Powerful strategies to increase online sales

Customers are familiar with so many huge companies providing free delivery. So they frequently overlook shipping costs until they reach the checkout page. According to the Baymard Institute, 50 percent of U.S. consumers abandon things in their cart due to additional expenditures such as shipping. Therefore, you should build delivery expenses into your products as much as possible so you can provide free shipping. Or, in case that isn’t an option, you can try giving free shipping with a minimum order or a fixed shipping charge up front.

#16. Implement Tiered pricing

Imagine that you are going to a restaurant, you’re almost certain to order one of the mid-priced dishes. In fact, this is because many restaurants utilize psychological tricks to steer customers into mid-priced meals. In general, customers tend to avoid the lowest as well as most costly dishes, which makes the middle-tier selections the most enticing. This is referred to as “decoy pricing”. With tiered pricing schemes, the same approach can be used to boost online sales and build loyalty well. 

Additionally, applying tiered pricing means you can encourage consumers to choose the middle choice by offering a third “decoy” option in your pricing structure. Sure, there will be some customers who choose the most expensive choice regardless. But the majority will unconsciously ignore the decoy and opt for the middle-tier option. 

#17. Benefit from social media

social media

In reality, social media is a place where everyone is active. For more details, you can help new customers find your store and establish loyalty with current customers by continuously providing material on social media that is relevant to your target audience. According to Hootsuite, public social feeds still account for 52 percent of all online brand discovery. Moreover, you should share high-resolution images of your items or videos of them in use on Instagram. After all, 92% of Instagram users claim they’ve followed a brand, visited its website, or purchased a product after seeing it on the network.

#18. Link your social media accounts to your online store

Last but not least in this topic of how to increase online sales is connect your social media accounts to your online store. Thanks to it, customers may purchase items immediately from your social media posts when they see something they like. Then, customers will be directed to a simple checkout page where they can make purchases with a credit or debit card, Apple Pay and so much more. Additionally, Instagram Shoppable posts allow users to make purchases directly from their newsfeed, eliminating the need to exit the app.

#19. Identify the attribution and conversion paths 

In many cases you’re doing everything right, only to have your conversion rates fluctuate badly. This is frequently due to a misunderstanding of when and where conversions occur, rather than anything to do with the wording or positioning of your ads. 

how to increase online sales easily

Following that, examining your attribution models and conversion routes in Analytics should be one of the first things you do if your conversion rates appear to be low. Moreover, you might be shocked to learn that elements of your marketing plan that appear to be conversion flops have a significant impact on your online sales. Organic search, for example, may not be the best channel for converting visitors into paying customers, but those who find you through organic search and then see a Facebook ad are far more likely to become paying customers. If that’s the case, you should increase your content marketing efforts and invest in Facebook remarketing as well.

In conclusion

Have you known how to increase online sales for your business through this article? Arrowtheme hopes you can choose the most suitable strategy in order to develop your business as well as possible. In case you have any question on this topic, don’t hesitate to CONTACT US to get free consultancy.

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