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September 7, 2021

How to sell pets online to reach more customers (tips & tricks)

Pet or pet products are not simple to sell because they are greatly influenced by customers’ trust. Along with the fact that the pet industry is an extremely potential industry with a rapid growth rate. Thus, if your brand does not stand out, you will quickly be defeated by other businesses easily. However, don’t worry because this article will help you. Arrowtheme will show you how to sell pets online effectively to help you reach more potential customers and boost more sales. So, let’s explore with us right now! 

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What great products or services related to pets can you sell? 

First of all, in order to know how to sell pets online effectively, you must choose the right products. When it comes to pet businesses, they come in a variety of forms. For instance, some companies offer pet services such as walking and grooming, while others sell items such as bowls and chew toys. Besides, some pet businesses cater to cat and dog lovers, while others focus on more unusual animals such as reptiles and arachnids.

The pet industry is an extremely potential industry because in any country, there are a huge number of pet lovers. However, in order to get success in this industry, you have to establish a niche that is broad enough to sustain patronage but small enough to allow you to differentiate your brand compared to competitors. Now, we will take a look at the best selling pet products and services with the most potential for growth. 

#1. Pet supplies such as bowls, toys and beds

Basic pet supplies such as food dishes, toys, and leashes are required by all pet owners in order to feed pets well. Although offering the essentials puts you in direct competition with big-box pet retailers, if you can create something unique for your brand, you can still boost sales and gain higher profits. Because big-box pet stores are prone to a problem known as “choice paralysis”. That is, their store has too many alternatives, resulting in making it difficult for buyers to select what to buy, even frequently leading to no purchase at all. 

How to sell pets online

What’s more, owners love to affirm their personalities and interests through their pets. Therefore, this is the reason why a special pet brand with unique items that can express personalization will attract customers more than ever. 

Advantages of selling Pet supplies

  • First and foremost, this allows you to corner a particular market and distinguish your brand.
  • When selling pet supplies with the combination of dropshipping can save you a lot of time to work on marketing or provide pet-related services. 


If you decide to sell these items, you must focus a lot on branding, which can be difficult if it isn’t your biggest attribute.

#2. Homemade pet treats

Selling homemade pet treats and snacks is the best choice for those who enjoy baking. With clients becoming more health-conscious, pet owners tend to look for healthier solutions for their pets to make sure they always have good health. Following that, you can sell snacks for animals who have special dietary needs, or functional treats, such as bones used to brush a dog’s teeth. Moreover, many items including soft treats, kibble, dried meats, and a variety of other items could be sold.


Selling homemade pet treats enables you to express yourself creatively. Especially, it comes with plenty of room to develop your brand’s identity to grab more customers’ attention.

pet foods


Because these items will be consumed easily, it’s critical that you thoroughly investigate your ingredients and can firmly guarantee their safety.

#3. Supply dog walking and pet sitting services

Once you are a big fan of pets, you can think about starting a pet business. If you enjoy walking dogs, selling dog walking and pet sitting services is the most ideal model you can consider. To be honest, dog walking can be a fun way to meet new people, get some exercise and in particular, earn some money. In addition, great customer service is essential in any service-based businesses, especially dog walking and pet sitting. In fact, this type of business relies on trust, which can only be built through the development of meaningful client connections.


  • Firstly, this business model is perfect for more gregarious entrepreneurs that excel at cultivating long-term client connections.
  • Besides, it allows people to spend one-on-one time with animals and can be beneficial for those who find solace in animal companionship.


  • You must invest a lot of time in order to launch and run this service-based business.
  • Additionally, if you’re not used to caring for numerous pets at once, pet sitting and dog walking can rapidly become burdensome.

#4. Pet apparel

Another pet niche product you can’t miss if you want to drive more revenue in this field is Pet apparel. In fact, Pet apparel can be an interesting new avenue to explore your creativity if you are good at designing as well as have experience in fashion design. In recent years, pet clothing has become more and more popular. There are a wide range of vendors such as those available on Oberlo, providing a huge selection of shirts, accessories, etc made exclusively for dogs and cats. 

Furthermore, it should come as no surprise that pet owners can be just as fussy about their dog’s wardrobe choices as they are about their own. Hence, this business model is always considered as one of the best and promising niches. 

How to sell pets online effectively

Benefits of selling Pet clothing

  • Selling Pet apparel can be a low-risk business with cheap overhead if you take advantage of a dropshipping approach well.
  • Because pet clothing is still a new addition to the fashion industry, there’s a lot of space for creativity and making a breakthrough.


Because pet attire is seasonal, you can have difficulties selling in hot months.

#5. Pet grooming

Last but not least is selling Pet grooming. For more details, Pet grooming is an excellent addition to your list of services and products for pet owners. If you want to attract a big base of customers in this business, the most important thing is that you have to build on consumer loyalty and trust. As a result, you can easily boost sales and drive higher profits. 

Advantages of selling Pet grooming

  • This business model requires professional groomers who have high skill levels. And this is the reason why your business will have stronger customer loyalty.
  • Because grooming is a frequently requested service, there is a lot of room for repeat business.


Grooming is a sophisticated technique that takes a long time to master.

How to sell pets online to reach more potential clients?

Step 1: Searching a pet niche

The following are two factors to consider when looking for a pet niche:

Which pet will you choose?

The pet world is very large, you can’t sell products for all pet types. Also, everybody is drawn to a distinct type of animal. Hence, you must determine which pet specialty you will sell. You must answer these questions to find the right items you will sell: “Which pet category are you interested in?” or “What pet niche is right for you?”. 

Simply speaking, there are two ways to go about it. You can either focus on a large number of pets such as in a “pets’ shop”, or on a single pet like in a “cat shop”.

Sell a pet or pet-related item

What’s more, you also determine whether you will solely sell pets or whether you will also sell pet supplies. However, if you can, selling both is the best option for reaching a larger customer base. 

Way to find your suitable niche  

If you are wondering not to know what niche is right for you, you should refer to the following criteria: 

  • Firstly, that is a field in which you are interested.
  • Secondly, you have a strong desire to work in that field for a long time.
  • Thirdly, you can find answers to a variety of questions in that category.
  • Besides, you can create a variety of material for that category.
  • Finally, you can learn about new features and information in that category.

Step 2. Analysis of competitors and suppliers to choose the best ones. 

The second step, also one of the most important ones in the process of how to sell pets online successfully, is analysis of competitors and choosing suppliers. 

Not only the online pet business, but any industry is more or less competitive. Thus, in order to stand out among the crowd, you come up with many great strategies to ensure your brand is unique.

Researching and analyzing competitors

You can find main competitors and analyze them with the help of Google or any other search engine. Just need to type keywords related to your business’s products or services and then, your competitors’ search results will display on the webpages. Not only that, you are able to delve much further. For instance, if you want to determine competitors in your area, let’s enter “Pet Shop in (your location)” in the search box. 

Additionally, as soon as you define your rival, all you need to do is determine what types of pets and pet items they sell, as well as how they interact with their clients. You can acquire fresh ideas by identifying your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, which will help you sell more distinctive products and deliver original content. 

How to sell pets online successfully
Choosing the best Suppliers

Once you determine exact opponents as well as make a decision to sell what, the next crucial step is to find a supplier. Following that, you can sell your own pets or pet products. Otherwise, you have to find the suppliers to supply pets and pet products to your online store. In particular, you should set criteria for choosing a supplier, such as they must be polite and also have a thorough understanding of your internet business. In addition, you must pay the commission fee on time in exchange for healthy pets and pet products. 

Step 3. Choose the best ecommerce platform to build your business

Coming to the next step in the topic of how to sell pets online is choosing an ecommerce platform. Say ecommerce platforms are necessary because with the help of them, you can build your own special online store in order to approach online buyers. Before deciding to use any platform, you should make sure it includes the following features. 

Admin Dashboard

The first feature your ecommerce platform must have is a perfect Admin Dashboard. To put it plainly, this is where you can keep track of all of your website’s activity. As a result, it should be capable of handling various aspects of your online store, such as product administration, client management and so on. 

Friendly SEO optimization and User-friendly

The main purpose of building any website is to ensure the friendliness for customers that brings them the highest satisfaction whenever visiting your site. Hence, you should choose the platform that is user-friendly and meets all consumer expectations. For instance, customization possibilities, a brief instruction to use the website, an easy contact method, etc. 

In terms of SEO optimization, if your ecommerce platform you choose has friendly SEO, your website will have many great opportunities to rank better in search results. As a result, you will be able to attract larger clients to your online store, then boosting sales will become easier than ever. 

Come with Multiple Features

If you want to access more customers from all around the world to drive more sales, your website must provide them with multilingual options. What’s more, your business is online so that many of your consumers will pay you online, even if you offer an offline payment alternative. As a result, your website must incorporate the best payment processing methods, such as PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, etc into your business so that your consumers can make secure payments.

How to sell pets online with ease

Step 4. Build your brand 

The next step in the topic of how to sell pets online effectively is building brand identity for your business. Once you’ve chosen the right platform, you’ve finished part of making your dream online store into reality. Then, you should create the brand identity for your business in customers’ minds. The following are some things to think about when constructing the store:

Website Design

When people come to your online store to shop, the first thing they notice is your website design. If you can make your website design eye-catching, this will leave a big impression on clients, draw in visitors and convert them into customers. For more details, the features related with the website appearance are UI and UX. When buyers visit your website, all they wish is to have the best experience, and this is accomplished by proper UI/UX design. In addition, you also pay attention to the website’s loading speed to make sure it is faster than any competitors’ website. In order to achieve this goal, you need to avoid utilizing extremely high-resolution photographs or videos on your website.

Utilize appealing and colorful ecommerce templates

Ecommerce templates play a significantly important role in the success of any ecommerce website, so you should use templates to get the finest design possible. Besides, you can design your website using one of the many preset templates available online. However, this hardly creates the uniqueness for your brand, instead, you can pay to use the premium templates to give excellent appearance for your site. 

Categorize Products

If you’re selling many pets and pet products, you should keep in mind to categorize them. As a result, clearly categorize it so that customers perceive the website as straightforward and clean. Additionally, the category also aids users in rapidly locating a specific product. 

Furthermore, in case you’re offering a variety of pets, you need to break them into categories such as dogs, cats, birds and so much more. And then, give appropriate pet products for each group under this primary category. For instance, you should provide dog food products under the dog’s primary category as well as bird food under the bird’s category. Best of all, this customisation will be quite appealing, and make the user feel easier when using your site. 

Shipping Process

After that, you must consider the shipping process to deliver your items to clients in the best status. In order to do that, you must locate dependable delivery personnel that will deliver the goods on schedule. Besides, the timely delivery of merchandise will assist you in increasing consumer trust in your business and then, encouraging them to return to your store many times in the future. 

How to sell pets online

Step 5. Create appealing and useful contents

The more impressive and helpful contents you provide, the more customers’ attention you can grab. If you want to achieve this goal, you need to create contents with the help of the sorts of material below.

#1. Images

As you can see, images are more frequently utilized than text because they look excellent and make clients simple to understand what your business wants to convey. Following that, you need to create a lot of photographs for pets you’re selling and share them on social media or any selling channels to capture customers’ interest. 

#2. Videos 

Videos are also the ideal choice if you want to create more fascinating contents. Simply speaking, you can create colorful, engaging, and useful videos about pets as well as pet items to provide customers with the most realistic things. Overall, videos are the most effective way for visitors to understand your brand, and if it is appealing, you may attract more potential clients.

#3. Articles

Aside from images and videos, you are able to take advantage of articles to share interesting information about your pets or pet products. Despite the fact that images and videos are popular, a lot of people still prefer to read articles and blogs because they believe articles can offer more useful information than videos or images. When it comes to this topic, of course, your blog should contain informative information about your pets. Then, you can refer to the following examples to get more ideas to develop blogs. 

  • Way to take care of pets
  • What are suitable foods for each pet: dog, cat, bird, etc?
  • How to play/ interact with the pets?
  • What kind of toys are right for the pets?

Step 6. Promote and marketing for your brand

As soon as you have a top-notch online pet store that comes with plenty of useful things for clients, the next crucial step of how to sell pets online you must do is promote your brand to make it approach more and more customers. With selling pet ecommerce online, advertising is considered as one of the most effective strategies to build your brand successfully and reach your target audience. Then, you can promote your business through the following channels. 

#1. Facebook

Not only is social media but Facebook is also an effective channel for pet store owners to draw customers’ attention as well as drive higher profits. So, don’t hesitate to share images and videos about your pets and items frequently on Facebook to increase engagement. 

#2. Instagram

Instagram is one of the most common image-sharing networks where you may share pictures of your colorful pets. Also, this social media is the best method for you to boost sales.

#3. Twitter

Aside from these channels above, you can use Twitter to promote your brand. However, Twitter focuses more on articles, so this is the ideal place to share links to your blog posts.

#4. Quora

Coming to the next channel you can utilize to share your business to more potential clients – Quora. In fact, Quora is a fantastic platform where you can answer your customers’ questions regarding pets and related items while also promoting your website or article. 

#5. Pinterest

Can’t help but mention Pinterest when it comes to the best methods to attract pet owners’ attention to your business. For more details, Pinterest is a popular image-sharing platform that allows you to freely share enormous beautiful photographs about your pets and products. 

dog pinterest
#6. YouTube

There is no denying YouTube if you are seeking the wonderful solution to increase customers’ recognition of your brand. Thanks to YouTube, you are able to distribute your videos about your pets and items to a large audience. Because it is the second most used search engine behind Google.

Furthermore, these are some of the free and natural strategies to market your site if you have a limited budget. On the other hand, in case you have the abundance budget, you can push online ads on many platforms such as Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google ads, Search Engine Marketing ads and so much more. 

Step 7. Examine your Site Performance

The final step in this topic to help you know how to sell pets online effectively to reach more customers is analyzing your site performance. Although website performance analysis is the last phrase, this is the most critical procedure in your ecommerce business. In order to keep track of it, you need to integrate your online pet store with Google Analytics and Webmaster tools, with the analytics tool providing customer data and the webmaster tool providing website data. Thanks to these tools, you can easily determine which web page is doing poorly so that you can come up with suitable solutions to solve it instantly. In particular, website performance analysis must be completed at least four times per week in order to notice a progressive increase in your business. In addition to that, you should often provide a discount on pet products to attract a huge number of potential visitors.

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Smart tips you should know to how to sell pets online to drive more sales

#1. Start local

Beginning with the domestic online business is especially critical if you’re providing in-person services like grooming or dog walking. Because as you probably know, in order to get success in your business, coming up with a way to build positive and long-term relationships with pet owners is extremely necessary and must-have. Don’t take lightly joining Facebook groups and online communities in your area since here are where a wide range of pet lovers join. As soon as you join these groups, first and foremost, you should share your skills and everything you know about pets and pet products, but don’t be overly pushy with sales. What’s more, you should know that every pet owner is fiercely protective of their animals. Hence, they will not trust you if they perceive your interaction as a deceptive attempt to promote your business. 

#2. Consistently utilize social media

You should take advantage of social media if you want to know how to sell pets online. Following that, if you wish to keep high levels of interaction, the contents you share on social media must be frequently and as interestingly as possible. Luckily, pets, especially cats and dogs are natural providers of interesting content, which is why pet businesses are so popular and appear a lot on social media. Best of all, if you are feeding your own pets, you can create the most in-depth and useful content for pet lovers. As a result, you will increase customers’ trust in your brand with ease. 

How to sell pets online by social media

#3. Learn as much as you can about blogging and SEO

You may construct a blogging strategy through researching keywords or questions from pet owners that can be answered with your services. In fact, this is especially useful for specialist pet retailers. Besides, although building competitive blog content will be more difficult than creating social media content, this will bring you a lot of great benefits, especially increasing traffic for your website. Moreover, an article that can meet customers’ needs and answer all their inquiries, also, checks all of the boxes on the SEO checklist can be a powerful tool for directing traffic for a long time. Best of all, you are able to supply an endless amount of information and anything you want. And once this useful information is delivered to customers, it might be the first step toward building a long-term trustworthy relationship with them. 

#4. Actively attend events and exhibitions of pet industry

In any field, not just the pet industry, networking and professional development are essential. If you want to know How to sell pets online effectively and then, quickly have a leg up in the pet industry’s market, you should actively attend workshops, conventions, trade exhibits, and other pet industry events. Hence, you can easily gain new skills or expand their network within the business. 

In addition, a trade fair is especially beneficial if you’re selling one-of-a-kind or handmade pet products. In particular, you need to know that an efficient trade show strategy can help you develop business ties and expand your product categories to bring multiple choices for your customers. 

pet industry events

#5. Create lasting customer relationships

When it comes to pet goods, trust plays the most vital role that any store owner should know. Then, building solid client relationships with groomers, dog walkers, etc is a must thing you need to do. Because customers who are loyal will surely make more purchases and is a free but extremely effective advertising method for your business. Furthermore, a network of local, dependable consumers will not only supply you with repeat business, but will also assist in spreading the word about your company to other possible customers. 

To sum up

Wrapping up, the pet business will certainly never be wiped out by the great love that people have for them. Not only that, they are willing to pay a lot of money and effort to ensure their pet always has the best health. Hence, if you intend to trade pet and pet items, never give up and try your best hard. And then, you will surely achieve the desired outcomes. All in all, Arrowtheme hopes this article delivers you as much useful information as you wish about the topic of how to sell pets online successfully. In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to CONTACT US for more details. 

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