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August 26, 2021

How To Start A Jewelry Business Online And Sell Successfully

For any newbies entering any business, especially the jewelry business, they have to go through a lot of difficulties to stand out from other companies.

With the goal of assisting you not to be surprised, Arrowtheme will give you a detailed tutorial on how to start a jewelry business online and sell successfully. What are you waiting for without exploring this article right now! 

Why is the jewelry business so potential?

Amazingly, the jewelry business has overtaken other industries and become one of the most promising businesses with a multibillion-dollar internet marketplace. As you know, jewelry has no bounds because it is a consumer product.

Regardless of age, gender, income, jewelry items are always attractive to anyone. Moreover, jewelry has a very big customer base as well as a large consumer market.

Hence, you will surely achieve success if you know how to take advantage of it and do it well. 

How to start a jewelry business online

How to start a jewelry business online successfully?

First steps to start a jewelry business online

Determine the suitable jewelry category to sell 

When it comes to the jewelry business, we believe the first thing you will consider is if you want to be fine or fashionable. Or perhaps your passion lies somewhere in the middle.

Each category has its own set of materials, manufacturing process, price point, and target market. Now, we will show you each one in detail.

How to start a jewelry business online and sell effective in 2021

#1. Fine jewelry

  • Precious and semi-precious metals, as well as stones, were used to create this piece.
  • Come with more expensive pricing 
  • For the luxury, wedding or any special occasion of the consumers, they are made with great craftsmanship and rarely mass produced.

#2. Fashion jewelry

  • Firstly, they are usually fashionable
  • Secondly, metals and materials that are inexpensive or less expensive are used, such as: beads, plated metal, plastic, synthetic gems and so much more.
  • Besides, they have a reasonable priced compared to the fine jewelry
  • Use for everyday purposes and suitable with any customer segment.

#3. Other/ in the middle

  • Not covering the same items as the two jewelry above, this category includes everything else. For instance, jewelry manufactured with mid-range materials, jewelry made with high-end materials (such as: textile, metals, semi-precious gems, wood, etc), jewelry that is considered art and high-end craftsmanship.
  • Design and individuality are emphasized.
  • The price range varies, but it is normally towards the middle.
  • Design-savvy/collector/gift-giving client, special occasion or statement

As soon as you determine the suitable items you will sell by cutting down broad categories, this is the right time for you to create a specialization for your jewelry business.

Following that, let’s start to identify your potential customer by researching traditional, fashionable, socially conscious consumers, etc. The better you research the target market, the better this will influence how you promote your items to them. 

how to sell jewelry online

Research the Jewelry trends

Research trends is one of the most important parts that can be indispensable before you make a decision to sell any product, especially jewelry. To remain on top of trends for each forthcoming season, don’t forget to read a lot of fashion and jewelry blogs and publications and follow influencers in the field.

What’s more, you can also examine the overall global search volume for a term thanks to using Google Trends. In addition, you may look at related consumer trends or habits. For example, the need for personalized experiences or ethically sourced materials to always keep up to date trends. 

Getting ideas for jewelry designs

Of course, if you can come up with a strong aesthetic, unique design, and consistent branding, even if you are a newbie in this business, you will surely defeat any competitor to have a leg up in the global market. Furthermore, don’t forget to run through a few tasks to identify your overall signature style before working with a designer to develop your branding and before producing specific pieces.

Best of all, there are various methods that you can apply to get inspiration. For instance, set up Pinterest boards, create your own digital mood boards, utilize a jewelry design mobile app. Also, even physically collect ideas on a bulletin board or in a sketchbook. 

jewelry online

Creating your own jewelry brand

In fact, a brand is made up of your voice, mission, vision, and story. It also expresses how your customers feel about your items. Therefore, it’s extremely necessary for you to build your own unique brand and put it into your potential customers’ mind. Besides, emerging businesses may win customers by connecting on a personal level, as fashion purchases are frequently emotive.

Moreover, in order to make the birth of your brand clearer with customers, let’s tell your story on your About page, including yourself in your social media posts, and explain how you came up with your designs.

Branding: Designing your jewelry brand’s packaging, logo, and website

With anyone who doesn’t know, the more tactical parts of your brand including logo, packaging, and website are referred to as branding.

Additionally, it should be easy to identify an overall appearance that will distinguish your business once you’ve established the aesthetic of your products and nailed down your customer profile. Above all, don’t take this step lightly because it is extremely important.

What’s more, if you have a limited budget, you can take advantage of the free and create your own logo using a free online logo builder to create your store.

In reality, there are a huge number of excellent free themes that are not inferior to any premium themes. Then, you can refer to our Free themes.

On the other hand, in case you have a bigger budget, don’t hesitate to hire a professional designer or developer to turn your ideas into a whole branding package for your business.

And, you can consider – ArrowTheme the holding company of Arrowtheme and also one of the leading companies providing Ecommerce development services, especially the jewelry business. 

Make a meticulous business plan for your jewelry line

If you don’t intend to sell your idea to investors or seek other types of outside funding right away, a formal business plan may not be required.

However, you should still make your careful business plan and consider it as a useful exercise in determining your target client, goals, business model and so much more.

Selling jewelry online

How to make jewelry products perfectly?

To make your own jewelry, you will need to pay attention to many things. For instance, the complexity of the design, pricing point, materials, and required skill level all influence how you develop your products, etc. In this following section, we will look at four different ways to produce jewelry. Let’s explore each one.

Handcrafted jewelry production

The first great method to produce appealing jewelry items is handcrafted fine and one-of-a-kind (OOAK) jewelry production. Although this way is one of the most time-consuming and effortful, the items it creates are personal and versatile.

In addition, some methods of fine and OOAK jewelry creation, depending on materials and design, necessitate specific training or certification and costly equipment. These are some of the methods:

  • Soldering
  • Silver/goldsmithing
  • 3D printing
  • Leather tooling
  • Weaving
  • Laser cutting
  • Gemstone setting
  • Casting.

Let’s consider starting with free online tutorials if you’re not sure which path you want to take. As soon as you decide the field you want to pursue, you can either pay for classes or work as an apprentice under an experienced craftsperson to broaden your knowledge.

Handmade jewelry production

In fact, handmade costume jewelry frequently consists of the assembly of pre-existing pieces such as chain, wire, cast pendants, etc. And, best of all, this method only necessitates basic hand tools yet don’t require any additional training or equipment. Because you can buy components in bulk and design templates for assembly by hired production employees, this type of business is easy to scale. 

Outsource factory to produce jewelry

You can have your designs made by someone else rather than producing the jewelry yourself. Although this isn’t great for exquisite, custom, or one-of-a-kind jewelry, it can be cost-effective for mass-produced fashion jewelry. Outsourcing is divided into two categories: Local manufacturing vs Overseas manufacturing. We will deliver you both the pros and cons of each category.

#1. Local manufacturing


  • Firstly, the appeal of “made in the USA”
  • Secondly, shipping may be faster and more reliable.
  • Besides, it’s a lot easier to check a person’s reputation and form relationships.
  • More opportunities for supervision.


  • Expensive cost
  • There are fewer options
  • Volumes of production may be limited.

#2. Overseas manufacturing


  • Reasonably price
  • Moreover, it comes with more options regarding materials and process
  • Scalability to bigger volumes


  • Face the barriers to communication about cultural, language, time zones
  • There is less supervision and control.
  • Minimums could be rather high.
  • Country-specific manufacturing and ethical requirements may exist.

On-demand printing

Last but not least, uploading your drawings to a print-on-demand program is the most hands-off approach of production. From that, your unique ideas are 3D printed or replicated in stainless steel, wood, gold, etc and supplied to your consumers directly.

How to start a jewelry business online: Getting your jewelry studio or workshop up and running

You will need a workshop space for you and your team if you decide to produce the jewelry in-house. Then, please consider the following when designing this area: 

#1. Maneuverability

First and foremost, you should consider the flow of the area, especially if there are numerous steps to the assembly. Then, do you walk from one station to the next in a sensible order?

#2. Safety

In fact, some of the chemicals or tools used in the jewelry-making process necessitate adequate ventilation and safety precautions. Hence, you need to check the legislation in your area regarding the use of these substances and processes.

#3. Storage

For small parts, well-organized multi-compartment storage is critical.

On the other hand, you should consider renting commercial space outside of your house in case your production team is larger or your needs are more complex, such as with metal work or silversmithing operations. Besides, let’s look into co-op studio space or sharing the price of space and equipment with other creatives if it’s out of your budget at the start.

Jewelry product photography

Jewelry product photography

You can get amazing DIY images of your products with a very simple lighting setup in many circumstances, even with your smartphone. Due to the little intricacies and reflective surfaces, jewelry, on the other hand, can be a little more difficult to work with.

This is the reason why you should spend money to hire a professional photographer. Because an experienced photographer will know how to make models feel at ease and how to set up sophisticated lighting. Also, stylists, makeup artists, and helpers are other members of your photoshoot crew. 

In addition, it’s also crucial to present numerous distinct views and angles of your merchandise while shooting your photos within these two categories below:

  • Detail product shots taken against a white background: reduce distractions and highlight the piece’s intricacies and various angles. On collection pages, these photographs can help create a clutter-free, consistent design.
  • Lifestyle photos shot on a model: Consumers can be nudged to combine several pieces into one outfit by using lifestyle images filmed on a model to illustrate size on the body and provide styling options. Best of all, these images are better for social media postings and can be used on product pages or in a lookbook.

Furthermore, in order to save money on photography, the better way is to collaborate with related garment manufacturers or lend your pieces to fashion editors for photoshoots in exchange for product images and visibility.

How to sell jewelry online by building a website?

You can start developing your store with one of the following tools after you have a product and a supplier. All of these technologies enable you to create an online jewelry store from the ground up or add eCommerce functionality to an existing website. Now, let’s explore three popular ecommerce platforms below.

#1. Shopify

Shopify is a full-featured ecommerce platform that allows you to quickly set up your online store with all of the functionality you need.

#2. Woocommerce

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that lets you add ecommerce features and functions to your own website.

#3. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a hosted shopping cart software that allows you to add products, upload photographs, process orders, create pages, create discount coupons, and more.

Then, you should select a theme that goes well with the jewelry and emphasizes the photography. Below are a couple of jewelry-related themes to consider:

  • Debut (Free)
  • Handy ($$)
  • Editions ($)
  • Showcase ($$$).

Best of all, most options allow you to quickly personalize the experience, even if you’re not a designer or developer. Also, this also comes with a wide range of clean yet modern and eye-catching themes to make your brand stand out among the crowd.

What’s more, you should keep in mind that your website’s copy should be detailed and helpful, while also reflecting your brand voice and inspiring emotion.

In addition, sizing, materials, and, if applicable, material origins should all be contained in product descriptions to reflect your brand’s story. In particular, your About page is a designated space where you can share your brand story and discuss your process, so, let’s take advantage of it. 

How to start a jewelry business online successfully with pro tips?

#1. Don’t import fake products

The first and also the most important smart tip you should pay attention to is avoid fake jewelry items. Only providing materials from BBB (Better Business Bureau) -accredited vendors is one sure-fire strategy to prevent selling fake jewelry. 

Luckily, fake jewelry is easy to recognize. After a while, most fake products will turn your skin green, especially, even if it can cause rashes in some serious cases. 

Besides, always keep in mind that if you’re detected selling counterfeit goods, your website could be shut down. Seriously, you can even face legal action from the brand’s original owner. And surely, if you get caught up in these things, customers will definitely turn away and boycott your brand.

#2. Make your brand outstanding from the rest and provide a compelling reason for buyers to choose you over your competitors

In the online jewelry market, there are a lot of competitions. So, it requires you to come up with a special way to set yourself apart from the hundreds of other dealers.

Then, selling fair trade products is an excellent way to accomplish this. Let’s find artisans who operate under safe and humane working conditions because they create fair trade jewelry. Alternatively, these employees are also compensated fairly for their efforts. Fair trade jewelry is also manufactured without the use of child labor and with ecologically friendly methods.

Then, customers will be surely interested if you labeled your jewelry as “Fair Trade” and explained what that meant to them. Because they will take delight in knowing that they are purchasing jewelry from a respected provider.

ecommerce business

#3. Execute strategic Facebook ad campaigns

Facebook ads are one of the greatest methods if you wish to get success in boosting jewelry items sales. Because Facebook ads allow you to target consumers based on their age, gender, geography and so much more. Also, you can reach a wide range of people, whether or not they’re currently associated with your company. Best of all, Facebook ads let you freely specify a strict daily budget and the duration of your advertising campaign as you want. 

#4. Maintain Consistency

Sharing things on a daily basis on social media is essential for keeping your business up to date. Following that, your duty is to continuously update Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest with photos, blog posts, and basic status updates.

Besides, don’t forget to gather some images, quotes, or product shots at the start of the week and plan them for different times during the week. As soon as you’ve mastered this, try scheduling for two weeks at a time to save time. 

#5. Provide a thorough description of the product

Necessarily, you will need to provide short and descriptive information for each jewelry product. Thanks to these, customers will know exactly what to expect if you provide the materials utilized in designs up front.

Not only that, more information also involves ensuring sure your policies are easily accessible. So, there are no misunderstandings about refunds, exchanges, and other issues in the future. Furthermore, good product descriptions might also improve your store rank higher on search results.

Wrapping up with How to start a jewelry business online

In conclusion, our article is a step-by-step guide of how to start a jewelry business online for anyone who wants to get into this potential and challenging jewelry business.

Arrowtheme hopes this will bring a lot of helpful information for you to start a successful business. If you have any question about this topic, don’t hesitate to CONTACT US to have the best advice.

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