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July 5, 2021

Magento facebook shop extension: Top 8 best ones to synchronize the products of your Magento 2 stores with the Facebook shop with ease

Nowadays, social media is the major draw for individuals, and Facebook is a great instance for the most popular and biggest social media in the world. Simply speaking, Facebook allows you to build a free page and store where you can sell products and services. All store owners want to grow their sales and attract more customers, so if your Magento 2 online store doesn’t link with Facebook, it will be a big mistake for you. In order to help you solve this problem, Arrowtheme will deliver you one of the most effective ways that is using a suitable Magento facebook shop extension. This blog is the Top 8 outstanding ones for you to easily synchronize the products of your Magento 2 stores with the Facebook shop. Then, let’s explore them right now! 

1. Facebook Store Integration by Meetanshi

Magento facebook shop extension

In case you’re seeking a solution that’s useful for you to synchronize the products of your Magento 2 stores with the Facebook shop effectively, you should take a look at the extension from Meetanshi. Simply speaking, as soon as you integrate this extension, your Magento 2 store’s products will be available in your Facebook shop. As a result, your visitors will be able to examine product details on Facebook and then proceed to the store to add the items to their cart.  

Highlight features:

  • The admin can make all products generate CSVs and ignore product attribute choices.
  • On the basis of store views, the admin can generate a CSV.
  • Allow you to set a frequency and a start time in order to plan periodic CSV production. 

2. Magento facebook shop extension by Sparsh Technologies

best Magento facebook shop extension

Coming to the second Magento facebook shop extension in our list you can’t miss is the one from Sparsh Technologies. First of all, with this extension, by synchronizing your online store products with the Facebook Store, you can easily showcase your products on Facebook Shop to boost sales on both two platforms. Not only that, you can also specify which products should be displayed in the Facebook shop and which should not.

Key elements:

  • On the Facebook store page, it’s simple to promote products.
  • Connect your items to Facebook.
  • Upload many products in bulk by using a CSV file.
  • Remove products that are out of stock with ease. 

3. Facebook Shop Product Integration by Cirkle Studio

awesome Magento facebook shop extension

Facebook Shop Product Integration by Cirkle Studio is the ideal choice if you expect your ecommerce store will have a leg up in the market with ease. In fact, this extension is always considered as one of the most robust and must-have ones any store owner should know in order to develop their stores. For more detail, once you add this extension for your Magento store, your product’s information will instantly synchronize with your Facebook store. This brings a lot of benefits, but the most great one is building customer’s trustworthiness as well as driving more sales. 

Notable features:

  • It’s simple to set up and configure.
  • Include no additional fees.
  • Product display in a Facebook Store is an option.
  • Option to create a CSV generation schedule.

4. Product Feed Generator by MageBees

Top best Magento facebook shop extension in the market

Let’s have a glance at Product Feed Generator by MageBees and we are sure you will be surprised with its amazing outcomes. First and foremost, this extension takes data from your store’s items and uploads it to a variety of comparative product engines that are popular for finding products quickly, for instance Facebook. What’s more, it allows you to export product data in CSV and XML formats in an unlimited number of ways. 

Outstanding features:

  • Provide more than 35 pre-made templates
  • Different file types are supported, including XML and CSV.
  • Feed templates can be easily customized to meet your needs.
  • Generate a dynamic property that is based on a condition.

5. Facebook Pixel by UdeyTech – Magento facebook shop extension

worth using Magento facebook shop extension

Facebook Pixel by UdeyTech was created with the goal of supporting shopkeepers to synchronize the products of their Magento 2 stores with the Facebook shop with ease. So, if your store doesn’t have this extension, this is the right time for you to take advantage of it. Using this extension also means that Facebook will be able to collect data on user interactions with your Magento store. Best of all, this detailed data allows you to track Facebook ad conversions, improve advertisements, create targeted audiences and so many other useful things. 

Highlight elements:

  • Allow admin to enable or disable the Facebook Pixel code.
  • Various stores can utilize different Facebook Pixel IDs.
  • Product attributes in the Magento store are mapped to those in the Facebook store.

6. Facebook Shop Integration by MageDelight 

excellent Magento facebook shop extension

The next Magento facebook shop extension we highly recommend for you to enhance your ecommerce business is Facebook Shop Integration by MageDelight. In reality, this awesome extension is one of the most worth-using ones you should apply for your store. Firstly, this extension plays a role to connect your Magento store to Facebook in just a few simple steps. Besides, it works by importing a Magento product feed into the Facebook Shop. Not only that, it also includes built-in Facebook Attribute Mapping to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Highlight features:

  • The products are synced with the Facebook store.
  • Provides mapping based on CSV files.
  • CRON task allows for flexible import job scheduling.
  • Feed generation can also be done manually.

7. Social Media Promotions by MageDelight

Social Media Promotions by MageDelight

Moving to another Magento facebook shop extension you should consider to integrate to your ecommerce store is Social Media Promotions by MageDelight. First of all, thanks to this powerful extension, you are able to do just that by allowing your consumers to share your items on WhatsApp, Twitter, and Pinterest with a single click. In particular, it also allows you to connect your Magento 2 store to your Facebook page to display your product’s information on both two platforms. In addition, it will aid in the engagement and conversion of your Facebook audience.

Highlight features:

  • Pinterest, Twitter, and WhatsApp all have one-click share buttons.
  • Magento store to Facebook integration using iFrame
  • On the Facebook store, make a personalised home page.
  • While sharing on Twitter, dynamically retrieve the product name and description.

8. Magento facebook shop extension by Mageplaza


Last but not least is the extension from Mageplaza – one of the most exceptional ones that any store owner must adapt for your ecommerce business. First and foremost, this extension has three options for adding to a Facebook page: Event, Timeline, and Messages. Besides, store owners can easily keep their Facebook feeds updated with these popular tabs whenever customers visit their sites. Best of all, each tab has its own set of functions. For more detail, the Timeline tab displays all recent product and historical news, while the Event tab displays upcoming events.

Remarkable elements:

  • On the Product page, you’ll be able to make Facebook comments.
  • Include a Call to Action button, a video to view, a share button, and a contact form.
  • Mageplaza Social Login is quite compatible with it.

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