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June 3, 2021

Magento multi vendor marketplace extension: Top 10 best ones to convert your site to the online marketplace like Ebay, Amazon

You’re looking for a technique to boost your sales. You found the right place here. Turning a multi vendor into a potential marketplace is a common strategy to increase your online sales. Therefore, you should consider the Magento multi vendor marketplace extension for your online business. 

Why should you choose Magento multi vendor marketplace extension for your online business? 

  • Perfect customer-vendor relationship: this kind of extension can help you maintain a well-organized vendor-customer relationship. Besides that, it has excellent communication services. Thus, it allows customers to quickly contact vendors. Moreover, users will have access to advanced features such as live chat, a help-desk ticket system, and more.
  • Global visibility: By using this extension any vendor will have the opportunity to distribute their items to all areas. Thus, they can reach customers from all over the world. That is the reason why you can have a global presence and increase your visibility.
  • Time and cost of development: each vendor can have their own online store with a separate admin panel. Hence, it may lower both the cost and time of development.
  • Business expansion: The Magento 2 marketplace extension is very flexible. So each vendor can add a large number of new items and catalogs on a regular basis

So now let’s take a look at the Top best Magento multi vendor marketplace extensions to convert your site to the online marketplace like Ebay, Amazon

Marketplace Extension by Landofcoder ($399)

Magento 2 extension

Installing a Magento multi vendor marketplace extension for your ecommerce business is very essential. Because of its various functions, this extension may be used to turn any store into a multi-vendor marketplace. Furthermore, Vendors can now showcase and sell their products. Additionally, the store owner may easily control all of the vendor’s products and sales.

mobile optimized
Mobile optimized
support multiple payment
Support Multiple payment

Highlight features:

  • Firstly, allow vendors to add their own names, logos, banners, phone numbers, and social network links to their store page.
  • Secondly, multiple currencies .
  • Allow to create and manage vendor groups.
  • Cross Sell, Up Sell, Related Items, and Custom Options support all types of products
  • Ability to calculate the price 
  • Finally, support email notification

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Marketplace Extension by Magebay ($299)

This extension is a tool to assist your ecommerce business. Thus, your store can increases the number of suppliers .

stunning interface
Stunning marketplace script for site owner

Highlight features:

  • By using the Seller Dashboard, you can manage all of your money, recent orders, best sales, reviews, messages, and more.
  • Show a  graph of total sales with a time filter.
  • Admins have the ability to handle orders and develop new goods.
  • In the Withdrawals page, you may view or export your withdrawal history.
  • Customers’ latest comments and reviews should be sent to vendors via email.
  • Allow customers to send messages to the service.

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Marketplace Extension by Vnecoms ($399)

multi vendor marketplace extension Magento

This extension is a powerful tool for converting any store into a marketplace with many vendors. Besides that, the seller can use the seller panel to manage their own products, sales, invoicing, shipping, and so on. And this extension is very simple. Hence, you can make the interface of your store look more stunning. Furthermore, buyers can leave the feedbacks and rating on your site.

Magento extension
Customer Services

Highlight features:

  • Setting commissions depending on a variety of rates, seller groups, and products.
  • The profile form can be managed 
  • All payment methods are supported.
  • Allow to create the seller groups.
  • From the Magento backend, it’s simple to manage all vendors.

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Marketplace Extension by Webkul ($349)

Magento 2 store

Your store may become an online marketplace shop with the Marketplace Extension by Webkul. Installing this extension allows users to properly manage stock, shipments, and profile pages. Furthermore, it allows vendors to add several types of items, such as Simple, Configurable, Virtual, and Downloadable. Besides that, this extension still work well on all types of device.

multi vendor marketplace
Magento Top Selling Extension Award Winner

Highlight features:

  • Firstly, offer attractive designs to draw customers attention
  • Secondly, identified sellers by their logos and banners.
  • Support a variety of product kinds, including simple, downloadable, virtual, and configurable products.
  • Admins can customize and create unique email templates.
  • Allow any seller to assign items and categories.
  • Finally, on the seller dashboard, you may manage your products.

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Multi vendor marketplace extension: Bigziel

Magento multi vendor marketplace extensions

The next Magento multi vendor marketplace extension in this list is Bigziel. Let’s explore its cool features as the following

Highlight features:

  • Easy to reduce cart abandonment
  • It accepts a variety of payment ways.
  • The buying process is sped up with a layered navigation extension.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • More filtering options to improve the user’s experience.
  • Orders can be easily exported with any shipping and payment methods.

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Multi vendor marketplace extension: Apptha

Magento 2 multi vendor marketplace extension

Apptha is the most suitable Magento multi vendor marketplace extension to grow your business. Besides that, Apptha also offers high performance for your store. This extension has a number of features. Therefore, you can have a successful ecommerce website. In addition, this extension allows users to turn their store into a multi vendor marketplace. So vendors may maintain their inventory, choose delivery options. And sell their products directly from the website.

Highlight features:

  • Multiple filters are simple to apply.
  • Quickly the page loads.
  • Use a vendor-specific URL.
  • YouTube videos can be imported by sellers.
  • Sending mass emails has been activated.
  • Show the number of products sold 

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Multi vendor marketplace extension: Module Bazaar

Magento extension  multi vendor marketplace

Vendors and sellers can interact on this platform. Module Bazaar extension allows you to show off your products to buyers. But also allowing them to contact the appropriate seller. Besides that, all necessary information, such as pricing, shipment details, and more, will be stored in the seller dashboard. Additionally, owners of marketplaces can add vendors. And keep track of transactions, set commission rates for each group.

multi vendor marketplace extension Magento 2
Promotion program

Highlight features:

  • Separate interface for the seller
  • Types of products are simple and configurable
  • Vendor vacation mode allows sellers to go on vacation for a set period of time.
  • Multiple products can be uploaded in bulk.
  • More than ten payment gateways are supported.

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Multi vendor marketplace extension: CMSmart

store magento 2

CMSmart will provide a complete ecommerce solution. Additionally, this extension has received a 5-star rating for quality. And it has been ranked as the top seller in the world. Moreover, vendors can customize their profiles with banners and logos to stand out among competitors. And this extension also brings product listing options, . Furthermore, you are able to set different commission prices for different marketplace vendors.

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Multi vendor marketplace extension: Webnex

Magento multi vendor extension

Webnex is simple to install and configure. The flexible web design will allow us to use any smart device to view the multi vendor marketplace. Moreover, it comes with all of the necessary features for setting up a marketplace. And then it might assist you in keeping track of each vendor’s transaction.

Magento marketplace extension

Highlight features:

  • Different commission rates for various merchants
  • Vendors have the ability to enable or disable their products.
  • SKU checks in real time while developing and editing goods.
  • All logistic integrations are compatible.
  • The product comparison feature allows shoppers to compare products across the marketplace.

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