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June 26, 2021

Magento product designer extension: Top 9 best ones to make your stores stand out from the competitors

As you know, if customers can take part in the designing process, they will surely be highly satisfied and it will be the foundation for you to easily boost sales and get higher profit effectively. Then, with Magento store owners who don’t have the product designer function, it will be a big mistake for you to achieve that goal. So, in order to do that, one of the most smart solutions they can apply is taking advantage of a suitable Magento product designer extension. For more detail, in this blog, Arrowtheme will deliver Top 10 astonishing ones for you to make your store outstanding among the crowd with ease. So, what are you waiting for without exploring them right now? 

1. Custom Product Designer for Magento 2

Magento product designer extension

If you’re running an online store yet aren’t satisfied with product designs, Custom Product Designer for Magento 2 is the ideal choice for you. In fact, this extension is really a great solution for you to improve customer’s experience and bring them the highest satisfaction whenever visiting your site. As a result, you will boost your sales effectively with ease in the shortest time. In particular, you can take advantage of this powerful tool to build products according to your own unique style that will impress your customers and encourage them to buy more things.

Highlight features:

  • Easily customize cliparts and images
  • Contain a variety of design elements.
  • Supported advanced Web-to-Print solution
  • Various product sides are simple to alter.

2. Product Designer by Appjetty

awesome Magento product designer extension

Coming to another solution in this topic that gains various compliments from hundreds of online retailers – Product Design by Appjetty. Simply speaking, this is always one of the most flawless extensions in the market where your customers can easily release their creativity as many designs on the product as they like. After that, they can examine the product designs and place an order after they’ve been created. Therefore, it is really a fantastic way for you to grab more and more potential clients as well as drive more sales for your store. 

Key elements:

  • Offer options for image filters.
  • Templates for product design are available.
  • Tool arrangement that can be customized
  • Text styles created by designers are included.

3. Magento Product Designer extension by Cmsmart

best Magento product designer extension

In case you’re seeking a method that can not only leave a big impression about your brand on your customer’s mind, but also enhance the user’s experience, you can’t ignore the extension from Cmsmart. First and foremost, customers are able to make changes to design to their liking. Best of all, it also allows them to see a preview of the design as soon as they finish. Not only that, it is extremely flexible because it can work well with any third-party extensions.

Notable features:

  • Allow for picture customization and addition.
  • Possibility of including a QR code function.
  • It’s simple to see how the design will look.
  • Customers should be able to design on their smartphones.

4. Product Designer by Iwdagency

perfect Magento product designer extension

Moving to another Magento product designer extension you should know to integrate for your ecommerce website is the extension by Iwdagency. There is no denying that this extension is one of the most worth-using ways in order to help your store have a leg up in the global market. For more detail, this robust extension enables your consumers to upload images, text, and their placement on the product. Not only that, they also have the ability to control the font, boldness, italicization, and so on. Best of all, they may readily export their designs after they finish.

Highlight features:

  • Uploading custom images, text, etc and positioning them on the product with ease
  • Let consumers choose their own font, alignment, bold/italicized, and other options.
  • Customers should be able to export their designs.
  • Color selections that are automatically generated.

5. Magento Product Designer extension by Magiecommerce

worth using Magento product designer extension

Let’s take a look at the Product Designer by Magiecommerce, then, the amazing outcome it brings for your store will never disappoint you. First of all, as soon as you apply this extension for your site, it will allow your customers to insert their own photographs, text, and cliparts to the product and customize it as they want with ease. Hence, there is no doubt that it will bring your clients the best shopping experience on your site and then encourage them to make buying decisions quickly. 

Outstanding elements:

  • Customers are allowed to quickly alter the product’s appearance.
  • Uploading the image is extremely simple.
  • Allow several design sections to be added to a single product design.
  • Ability to handle the design side of things

6. Milople Product Designer by Milople

excellent Magento product designer extension

Looking for a wonderful Magento product designer extension? Then, the extension from Milople will be the perfect option you should consider. In reality, it includes everything you need to make your business dream come true quickly. Simply speaking, your customers can use this extension to add their own images, words, or clipart to the product thanks to this awesome extension. What’s more, as an admin, you can also make changes to the raw files that their clients utilize for customisation. 

Remarkable features:

  • Firstly, it enables customers to upload their own photographs for product creation.
  • Text effects such as Curved Text, Arc, and others are simple to add.
  • Next, it allows administrators to download the raw files that consumers use to personalize the product.
  • Allow the administrator to change the fonts at any moment.

7. Magento product designer extension by Magetop


If you want your ecommerce store stand out compared to competitors and always is the first choice of customers, you should ask the extension by Magetop for help.  First of all, it contains everything a store owner could need to deliver a one-stop solution to their clients, with a long list of amazing capabilities. Moreover, it features a user-friendly design studio, supports all types of printing processes, has a collection of clipart and pre-made templates, and is compatible with all printable items.

Highlight features:

  • As similar as other previous extensions, this one also lets customers upload texts, images and so much more to product designs as they want.
  • Besides, it allows shopkeepers to add new functions or update current ones, the source code can be edited and modified.
  • It features built-in payment mechanisms and may be used in a variety of languages and currencies.

8. Product Designer Magento 2 Extension by SetuBridge


The next Magento product designer extension we highly recommend for you is this one by SetuBridge. In fact, if you can take advantage of it, your store will become outstanding from the rest easily. First of all, this flawless extension was created with the goal of supplying consumers with a user-friendly designer studio. In addition, it contains an Angular and HTML5-based editor. Best of all, it claims to be a lightweight solution that has no impact on the speed of a website.

Highlight features: 

  • Customers are able to insert codes to their designs and control their quotes.
  • It also allows customers to customize both the front and back of products such as t-shirts and cards.
  • Assist to place different pricing for each element. 

9. GoMage Product Designer for Magento 


Coming to the last solution that we can’t ignore in this topic is a Magento product designer extension from GoMage. Once you adapt this exceptional extension for your store, we believe you will surely achieve a lot of outstanding outcomes, especially attracting more customers. Thanks to this extension, both store owners and customers are able to make changes to product designs to meet their all demands and get the highest satisfaction.

Outstanding features:

  • Users can submit text and apply effects such as outline and shadow to it.
  • Custom pricing is available upon request.
  • Support to save reordering designs.
  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly

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