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July 5, 2021

Magento speed optimization extension: Top 10 best ones to speed up your ecommerce website effectively

In case you expect your ecommerce will have a leg up in the global market on the nearest day, one of the most important things you must focus on is optimizing your website’s loading speed to the maximum rate. As you may know, the faster your site shows, the more satisfied your visitors feel. Then, increasing customer’s shopping experience as well as boosting sales is a great result. With these reasons, Arrowtheme will review for you Top 10 exceptional Magento speed optimization extension to boost your ecommerce store’s speed effectively. Then, let’s explore them right now!

1. Performance and Speed Optimization Analysis Service for Magento 1 and 2

Magento speed optimization extension

The first Magento speed optimization extension we highly recommend for you to increase your ecommerce website’s speed up effectively is the one from Cminds. In fact, this extension is a perfect solution for you if your website is slow to load pages. Because as you know, the slower your site has, the more potential customers you will lose. As a result, it will lead to less orders and store sales. So, this is the reason why this extension was created. Simply speaking, with the help of this robust extension, you will avoid this issue and easily boost revenue for your online store. 

Highlight features:

  • Increase the store’s speed by enabling this option.
  • Assist in the analysis of database queries in order to ensure the site’s integrity.
  • It’s simple to locate huge images and files in order to shrink the page’s size.
  • To increase page speed, you can search for Javascript faults.

2. Magento speed optimization extension by Fmeextensions

best Magento speed optimization extension

If your website’s loading speed is quite slow and you are looking for a solution to solve it effectively, Magento speed optimization extension by Fmeextensions will be the ideal choice for you. First and foremost, this extension will bring store owners a lot of significant benefits. For instance, it will undoubtedly satisfy you because it aids in the improvement of website speed, client confidence, and a positive purchasing experience on your website. Not only that, it also runs as a smart tool for supporting you in increasing sales and improving the store’s branding. 

Key elements:

  • It assists you to examine and adjust the customer’s server environment settings.
  • Check for issues in the customer’s settings and make any necessary changes.
  • Allow some statistics to be used to optimize data performance.
  • It’s simple to improve the page’s speed by optimizing the features.
  • Resolve conflicts from third-party modules to optimize code.

3. Magento speed optimization extension by Amasty

Top best Magento speed optimization extension in the market

Magento speed optimization extension by Amasty is always considered as one of the most appealing and worth-using ones about this topic in the global market. Firstly, you have to remember that the customer’s purchase experience is a critical aspect in determining whether or not they will acquire their product. Especially, they will rapidly add items to the cart to purchase if the website load speed is fast. In addition, customers will not return to the website if the load time is too long. As a result, optimizing the speed at which a web page loads is critical for store owners.

Notable elements:

  • Assist in improving the store’s performance.
  • Allow for simple installation and configuration.
  • In a lightning flash, I was able to boost the page’s speed.
  • Support you to improve the user’s experience.

4. Magento Speed Optimization Service by Plumrocket

awesome Magento speed optimization extension

The Magento speed optimization extension by Plumrocket is the perfect choice for any store owner who expects to boost customer’s shopping experience on their site through the fast loading page speed. Simply speaking, this solution can assist business owners in considerably increasing website speed, as well as increasing conversion rates and Google search results. Besides, it also aids in the improvement of store efficiency and customer happiness.

Notable features:

  • Allow users to select the best plan for optimizing the page’s performance.
  • Assemble a skilled team to assist you with your project.
  • Allow minifying HTML to shrink the size of the page.
  • Configuration is simple.

5. Magento speed optimization extension by Potatocommerce

outstanding Magento speed optimization extension

If you’re seeking a powerful extension to meet the purpose of driving your ecommerce store’s speed, why don’t you take a look at the one from Potatocommerce. As you probably know, customers will become irritated if your page takes too long to load, and you will lose an order as a result. So, this is the reason why improving your website speed from now on will provide your clients with a wonderful and quick purchasing experience. Now, let’s refer to what makes this extension stand out from the rest! 

Awesome features:

  • Assist with the optimization of photos on the site.
  • Contain a module that caches the entire page.
  • Assist in improving the performance of your website.
  • Resolve compatibility difficulties caused by third-party extensions.
  • Add qualified configuration to the mix.

6. Page Speed extension for Magento by Templates-master

wonderful Magento speed optimization extension

The next Magento speed optimization extension you should know to add to your ecommerce store in order to make it stand out among the crowd is the one by Templates-master. Firstly, the speed of a page can be seen as a significant element in search page rankings, and Google favors fast-loading pages. As a result, your website will now have the fastest load speed possible, which will improve the user experience. Furthermore, it contributes to the store’s overall income growth and allows clients to shop online more quickly.

Highlight features:

  • Allows you to open a page without having to load all of the images by utilizing an image filter.
  • HTML content can be compressed easily to shrink the size of a page.
  • Images that have been optimized to make them smaller.
  • To lower the file’s size and the number of HTTP requests, enable minifying IS and CSS files.

7. Website Optimization Service by Webkul

exceptional Magento speed optimization extension

Can’t help but mention Website Optimization Service by Webkul in our list and we believe this is really the ideal choice for any ecommerce shopkeeper wanting to speed up their stores. When your site reaches the fastest speed up, your visitors will surely feel satisfied and then, they will become the direct source to help you boost sales effectively. In terms of this wonderful extension, it will make your website load faster and give your clients a better purchasing experience as soon as you download it. In addition, this module will undoubtedly satisfy shop owners due to the integration of many tools.

Outstanding elements:

  • Increase the page’s loading time.
  • Integration of flexible server tools
  • Allow for simple management and control.
  • Installation and configuration are simple.

8. Magento 2 Page Speed by Swissuplabs


Magento 2 Page Speed by Swissuplabs is always considered as one of the most appealing and worth-using Magento speed optimization extensions of this topic in the global market. Amazingly, this awesome extension will immediately repair any issues that are causing the slowness for your ecommerce site. Moreover, it includes practically everything you need to speed up your website for a fair price. Hence, you are able to retain clients in your online store with ease. 

Highlight elements:

  • Gzip compression
  • JavaScript files minimization
  • Compatible with many Magento versions such as: Magento 2.1.x – 2.2.x – 2.3.x
  • CSS files minimization
  • Essential CSS prioritization
  • Image optimization.

9. Google Page Speed Optimizer

Google Page Speed Optimizer by Amasty

The last Magento speed optimization extension in our list you can’t ignore is the extension named Google Page Speed Optimizer by Amasty. Firstly, this flawless extension includes all of the capabilities required for a fast-loading web page. Besides, it will aid in the resolution of slow-loading issues using three major methods: code structure optimization, picture compression, and loading speed. 

Highlight features:

  • Advanced JavaScript optimization
  • CSS & JavaScript merging
  • Defer CSS files loading
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript minimizing
  • Allow to move JavaScript to the footer.

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