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January 7, 2022

Shopify color swatches app: Top 10 outstanding apps to increase conversions reduce return

If you want to develop your store, besides using a website, you can absolutely operate it by a shopify app. In this blog, Arrowtheme will review Top 10 outstanding Shopify color swatches app for you to easily increase conversions reduce return. Don’t miss this blog if you want to knock out any opponent in doing online business. Let’s explore with us right now! 

Top 10 perfect Shopify color swatches app 

1. Swatches by Webyze

Received 4,5/5 star rate and with about 160 reviews, Swatches by Webyze is really a Shopify color swatches app you must take a look at. Firstly, the Swatches app is very simple. However, it is an extremely essential app for any store that sells items in a variety of colors. Besides, this shopify color swatches app is the ideal choice in case you want to sell items such as: apparel, accessories, electronics, etc. What’s more, instead of using the regular drop-down menu of your color variants, this app will replace it with elegant swatches. Not only that, this app is your best assistant when you have no knowledge of coding. Best of all, you don’t need to update any of your theme liquid files to use the app because it will install itself. 

Shopify color swatches app

Highlight features of this app: 

  • Easy to use and the interface is very friendly to users
  • 7 days 100% free trial period, then, you can decide whether you should use it or not
  • Choose from a wide range of swatch themes
  • Make one-color, two-color, and even image-based swatches. 

2. Color Swatch Pug – Shopify color swatches app

Color Swatch Pug is one of the most famous Shopify color swatches apps in the market. On top of that, with its easy to use integration, there are a lot of brands that use it to add color and pattern variations to their products. Besides, with Color Swatch Pug, many things such as: color swatches, pattern image swatches, and variant image swatches can all be added to your collection page products with ease. Addition to, color swatch buttons can also be used to replace the current drop-down version selector on product pages in this app. Moreover, this app has various swatch themes that allows you to choose and change the size of the swatch buttons to fit your theme’s style. Best of all, it also offers 3+ types of swatch icons for you. 

best Shopify color swatches app

Highlight features of this app: 

  • Free of cost app setup
  • Add and adjust the pattern or color swatch options
  • Upgrade variant selector
  • Hassle free swatch settings. 

3. Easy Color Swatches

outstanding Shopify color swatches app

Right from its name, Easy Color Swatches is one of the most outstanding apps to increase conversions reduce return as effectively as possible. At first, this shopify color swatches app was created to turn product variant options into many types like: color, picture and text swatches. Besides, you can absolutely use different types of swatches at the same time if your product has multiple variant options. What’s more, this app lets you manage swatches per product individually. Of course, if you want to save time, you are able to manage globally for all products at once. Best of all, its configuration is very effortlessly: 

  • First step is selecting a product from the list you want to manage color swatches for.
  • Secondly, you have to choose the swatches shape among: Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Rounded.
  • Thirdly, choose the swatches size: Small, Medium, Large, or Custom.
  • Finally, select colors or upload images for option values.

4. Variants Options Swatch King – Shopify color Swatches app 

Variants Options Swatch King will bring your customers the best experience as well as help convert them into loyal customers thanks to a lot of advanced features. At first, this shopify app allows you to display product options as a color swatch or an image swatch with ease. Besides, receiving the 5 star rate on Shopify app store based on 453 reviews, it is deserved is the best shopify color swatches app you must consider. Furthemore, this app integrates the function of preview of variants as swatches. As a result, it will make your shoppers effortlessly find the right variant in the shortest time. 

Shopify color swatches app

Highlight features of this app: 

  • Firstly, collection page swatches
  • Next, prevent auto-selection (of size?) & stop wrong orders
  • Thirdly, migrate from old swatches
  • What’s more is Bulk import/export swatches. 

5. Storifi ‑ Mobile App Builder

Coming to Storify app and you will never be disappointed with the results it brings. Not only simply as an app, but Storify is also exactly a tool that helps you to maximize your mobile sales. Besides, this shopify color swatches app will support you to raise user retention as well as develop your customer base all with ease. What’s more, you can convert your store into Android and iOS mobile apps with Storifi’s drag-and-drop mobile app builder. Following that, it will bring the best mobile shopping experience for any client visiting your store. 


Outstanding functions of Storifi:

  • Customer Management System
  • Real-Time Preview & Auto-Sync
  • Intuitive Drag & Drop Builder
  • Professionally Managed Deployments. 

6. Variant Custom Product Options 

Variant - Shopify color swatches app

This shopify color swatches app is known as one of the most flexible and highly helpful for any store. At first, it has some great features and the best one is conditional logic. Following that, the website will only showcase options that are relevant to what customer has already selected. Besides, in case your products are out of stock, this app will hide them. Additionally, this shopify app includes a wide range of variations, however, you can only pick three options. Best of all, it allows you to customize products as you want by uploading files or customizing text areas as well as product text boxes. 

Highlight functions of Variant:

  • Add extra prices for all your product variants with “Price Add-ons”
  • No coding required
  • Simple Duplication Tool
  • Set global choice settings for all of your items in Global Settings. 

7. Swatchy – Shopify color swatches app

Swatchy is really a simple yet smart shopify app you can’t miss. Firstly, this shopify app is free. However, it stills extremely perfect with three styles of swatches supported. Besides, just only with a few clicks, you can completely add color options to your products. Moreover, you can adapt Swatchy with all off-the-shelf themes. Best of all, if your theme can be customized, the app development team can install it for you. Hence, it will run smoothly on your website. 


Outstanding features of Swatchy:

  • Automatic Swatch Installation & Clean remove
  • Swatch on product page as well as on collection pages
  • Linked Product Options to Product Images
  • Create image swatch and color swatch for color variants. 

8. Infinite Product Options – Shopify color swatches app

In case you’re looking for a shopify app that can help you to increase conversions reduce return, let’s have a glance at Infinite. At first, it enables you to personalize product options with a variety of variations. Besides, this shopify app is the ideal choice for shop owners who sell products like: fabrics, textures, hardware, enhancements, etc. This is because it will make your products become more and more appealing and then, draw customer’s attention at the first glance. Not only that, Infinite provides the “multi- language” feature in order to help you to communicate with customers from all over the world. 


Highlight features of Infinite:

  • Clean and friendly- user interface
  • Edit Options in Cart
  • Price adjustment
  • Control the Inventory
  • Styling & Display Customization allows you to make changes to the customizable look. 

9. Smart Search & Instant Search

If you want to distinguish your business store from the rest, you should take a look at Smart Search & Instant Search. With 1085 reviews and the average rating is 4.8, then, you can acquire how this shopify color swatches app is famous and worth using. On top of that, this app has affirmed its position thanks to the trust of big brands like: Philips, Boeing, Levi’s, Durex, Mediamarkt and so much more. Besides, with the smart feature “Instant and Relevant Search”, your customers will receive the necessary results they want in some seconds. Hence, it can increase customer experience and make them come back many times in the future. 

Shopify color swatches app

Outstanding features of this app:

  • Filters on Collections helps to improve navigation experience
  • Spell-check and Typo Autocorrect
  • Search across product and content
  • Support multi language that includes over 6000 languages
  • Advanced Search Autocomplete. 

10. Product Colors – Shopify color swatches app

Product Colors will gain a high score in customer’s eyes with the user-friendly interface. The first outstanding thing of this app is no coding required. Therefore, even if you aren’t a coding developer, you still install and activate it with no hard effort. Besides, with this app, colors can be created as individual items, and the app will blend them within the swatches instead of using variants to create color choices like before. 

Product Colors - Shopify color swatches app

Highlight functions of Product Colors:

  • Unlimited Color Swatches
  • Break the 100 variants/product cap by adding as many product colors as you like.
  • Install instantly, the App installs and integrates seamlessly with your theme
  • Trial period is 100% free within 7 days.

In conclusion

Arrowtheme hopes this blog is useful for you and it will help you succeed in launching an effective online store. Addition to, if you want to take advantage of its function well, you can refer to our product – Lusion Shopify theme to get more ideas to develop your store. It is one of the best shopify themes from ArrowTheme with many unique layouts and a bunch of powerful features. Explore it now! 

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